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[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Lock Device Handler: Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, DanaLock, August Pro, Samsung, Locstar, Delaney, KeyWe, Philia Locks and Popp Z-Wave Keypad with Alarm Control, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor

I did download this smartapp, but don’t have a lock yet to test that feature. I assume it lives in the “Click here to define actions and notifications when doors are opened/closed” as nothing is visible in that tab.

Once I do get the lock, is it also possible for the one touch locking feature to run a routine? Thanks

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No that’s for door open/close actions (like relocking etc, they will show up once you select a lock)

The user lock and unlock routines are on the users page and for each user

You can define it per user or globally by default, when you’ve enabled the one touch locking it will use the global settings (since there isn’t a specific user when using one touch locking)

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I have 2 yale locks and since i installed this app my batteries drain pretty fast… In notifications every minute i keep getting…

Requesting lock to add permanent code xxx to user 1 code xxx

I think this is my issue… Any thoughts?

Did you run the Clear Codes procedure on the website after installing the DH/App? If not do that first.

Second the lock should be no more than 10-15 ft from the nearest active z wave repeater device or hub.
Basically your lock isn’t confirming back to the hub that the codes were added which is why it’s requesting the lock to add the codes.
That is either a corrupt database (which clear codes will clear up) or a communication issues which means you need a stronger z wave mesh.

If you do not want the verification feature you can turn it off. Open the SmartApp and on the first page at the bottom under code programming advanced settings enable the option to ‘Enable incremental updates only and disable code verification’

After installing this, I noticed my device’s execution location switched from Local to Cloud. Can this device handler not run in with execution location of local?

All custom Device Handlers run in the cloud. Only SmartThings Device Handlers specifically added to firmware run locally.


So I had the MSR is null error others have had, but I fixed it in a relatively unique manner. I noticed my lock began reporting a valid MSR later on in the day, so I just changed the lock’s device to the generic Z-Wave lock device handler and then switched back to the Enhanced Z-Wave lock device handler and it picked everything up without error. Didn’t have to remove/re-add the device or anything.

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Any idea why my Kwikset 914 is showing MSR: 0063-4944-3034?

I’d hate to have to exclude/pair and loose all my app associations…

Pairing issues, the hub firmware has some bugs, it happens sometimes. I’ve seen this reported 2 times in the past week with Kiwkset locks, don’t know if it’s related to the Schlage MSR firmware bug (@nastevens ), exclude and repair is the best fix for correct the MSR.

If you’re on the latest code, try this, it will force the lock to resend the MSR. Click on the gear icon on the top right to get to the device configuration page. Then click on Done. Now click on Refresh (watch your Live Logs), it will force a MSR request from the lock. If that fixes it great, otherwise you’ll have to exclude and re pair it.

As suspected, an exclude and re-pair was required to correct the MSR. All is well now. Thanks sir.

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@Duncan FYI - seen a few reports of kwikset lock having reported the wrong MSR

Schlage lock is showing locked but it isn’t. Also no smartthings lock commands are working. Pressing ‘schlage’ on the outside is working to lock.


Is there a recommended way to remove lock then add without losing all the associated webcore/routines/smart lighting automation?

Your lock has lost it’s connection with the hub, reboot the hub, exclude and repair or add some Z-Wave repeaters between the lock and the hub.

Unfortunately there’s no way to remove locks in ST without losing the SmartApps, it’s a real pain I know. You can only replace a lock with another lock.

One trick is to reset the device so it resets it’s connection also (i.e. forgets the pairing), then click on Replace in the device removal page and then pair the device. SmartThings will think it’s a new replacement for the existing devices and pair it and move all the SmartApps to the new device.

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As Requested by Rboy i moved my conversation to this one.

Now my Kwikset lock is showing as online and health is showing healthy but the app is showing the door as unlocked but its not. no response to any controls(unlock or lock) but the hub is recognizing and logging the lock activity when manually unlocked/locked.

I have tried to run a zwave repair and get the following:
Network repair for Front Door Lock [03]: Failed to update route

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

@RBoy I removed the lock from my hub…i tried to remove it from the app but it failed. so i deleted it from my devices on the web but first removed it from the Lock multi user code management application . Now I cant add the lock back. my codes programmed are still working. any ideas on how to reset the lock or am i missing a step. I appreciate your help or anyone elses. thanks. My model is a kwikset 910. I may add an extender but not sure this is my issue.

Where are you seeing this? This DH doesn’t have the health feature enabled yet because it’s buggy. If you’re seeing the health feature then you’re likely using the stock DH and not the custom DH.

This would mean a z-wave failure and would require a repairing.

By this do you mean you can’t pair it again? Likely because you deleted the device without excluding it. First you need to exclude the lock (see the manual for instructions on how to exclude the lock, put the hub into exclusion mode). Only after you successfully exclude the lock will you be able to pair it back with the hub.

Thanks @rboy I was able to figure out how to exclude it and re-add it back. so far it looks good took a bit to get the codes to retake but its operational. kind of odd this time im getting more data being displayed then was before. now im getting readings for disabling the beep and auto 30 sec lock even though its not applicable on my model. ive noticed that sometimes when the door is unlocked whether manually or by code the door will auto lock 30 seconds later as normal but ST will still register it as unlocked. i have to reunlock it and then push to lock in the app and the lock will lock and then it will register as locked.

I think i isolated to the plastic cover. when i remove the cover i can see the light come on as it tries to talk to ST and responses are being received better and sent better. When the cover is in place the registering of the actions is not being received or sent very well i guess.

— Do I need a repeater or what does everyone think? ST is a little over 15 FT off to the side up about 8 feet high.

Definitely a repeater will help, especially if you don’t have a repeater, see this conversation for reference:

As for the autolock, Kwikset does report the autoLock and audio settings but you can only change them physically on the lock, so yes those are probably valid messages reporting the state to the DH/ST when queried by the DH.

Hi all. I currently have a uk Yale lock and have paid for the enhanced z-wave lock dth from @RBoy, after setting it all up I decided it would be a great idea to use the disableCodeEntry option so when no one is home the keypad won’t work so I don’t get the neighbours kids or postman fiddling.
When I pressed the keypad code on/off icon it disappeared and a message was created in the logs saying unsupported lock.

Any idea if this function can be implemented with my lock?

Which Yale lock do you have They currently have 3
I have all three models at present. Although I think the Conexis is going
back as its on its third set of batteries in 2 weeks

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