[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Initially I wanted to try the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock because the stock ST DH went from Lock status to Unknown status almost immediately.

Now with the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave it goes from Lock status to Jammed status within a second, so any ideas as to what is causing this behavior? Might need a new z-wave lock or door lock installation/adjustments??

That means your lock is sending a “Jammed” signal to the hub. If you’re using the Schlage deadbolt lock, that signal sent typically if the deadbolt is either getting stuck or you’re closing it too slowly (yeah that’s a bug in the schlage firmware, if you close it too slowly it reports a jammed status). Try adjusting your mounting, it should be a “smooth” and quick close.

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Thank you sir!

Problem has been corrected by Rboy! Apparently the code was written with a duplicate line added to it, so I added the newer Handler and we are all set. THANKS so much!

Justin Shobe

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Per suggestion looked at the mounting of my schlage lock, noticed that the deadbolt barely grazed the deadbolt hole but that was enough to send ‘jammed’ signal. Shaved about 1-2mm ~1/16" of the deadbolt hole where it was barely touching and ever since no ‘Jammed’ false positive signals. Smooth as hot butter deadbolt operation.

This device handler is great! :dart:

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Log out and log back in again. Hopefully that will clear the session data at their end.

It has all been taken care of, apparently the device handler code had a duplicate line in it so Rboy rewrote a new version and it took care of this issue! Thanks for your help though! :slight_smile:

I have updated the code to the lastest versions for the lock and the App…using a Yale smart living lock. The push notification does not indicate which code was used - it always says code 99…additionally using core, it does not seem to recognize the user codes - it acts on any code - I think it believes they are all the same 99…


PM me your IDE Live Logs showing the messages from your lock when unlocked using the code. This was a bug with Yale firmware for which a patch had been put in the latest release. Also send a screenshot of the device handler version from the device preferences screen.

EDIT: You’ve on the old version of the DH, update to the latest version 03.02.01 and it should work fine.

I’ve been able to get everything working correctly just took some resetting the locks and the right version of the code. Thank you

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@RBoy thanks for the awesome development work.

I’m using this DTH with a schlage BE469 lock, working fine with autolock. But I want my door to be locked as soon as it is closed, thus I turned off auto lock in the DTH and tried the setting to re-lock after door close (smartapp: lock multi user) using the schlage as the door open/close sensor, but this does not lock the door when closed. I could also not see any log on the IDE when the door is closed, but the lock beeps on door open as well as close. Any guidance to the right direction will be greatly appreciated. - thanks.

That’s likely due to a weak mesh. You should add a few active repeaters around the house. Reboot the hub and then repair the network. This will improve the mesh quality and make it more reliable. The hub unfortunately doesn’t report if a command executed successfully or was lost and doesn’t retry (yet).

thanks for the reply,

I’m getting all the logs from the lock except door close alarm.

I’ve PM’ed you the log.

If you see the log, it captures when I disabled autolock, but it did not capture when I turned the option to immediately lock when close. It also captured only one alarm when the door was open, the second alarm when the door got closed is missing but the lock beeped.

Now that it is in unlocked state, whenever I open or close the door manually without locking or unlocking, it beeps but nothing on the log.

Are you using a separate Schlage door open/close sensor?
I also have the BE469 and I don’t believe the lock itself comes with ability to detect if door is open/close.

The Universal z-wave device handler has DPS (door positioning sensor) but this is for other Yale brand locks. Unless the Universal DT automatically detects which door sensor is closest to the schlage lock and determines by distance which door sensor to associate the DPS triggers too.
Other wise you have to use your own open/close door/window sensor from Smartthings or Iris etc. . In my case using a Iris open/close door/window sensor tied with the ‘Enhanced Auto Lock Door’ app.

Also getting immediate lockdown after door close even with all sensors firing, there’s a built in delay for Schlage locks. Seems to be about 15 seconds per what this guys discovered https://community.smartthings.com/t/schlage-z-wave-lock-command-works-occasionally/30047

It would be cool but not sure if possible if the DPS option of the Universal DT would list open/close sensor :cherries: for non Yale lock users.


Currently only Yale and IDLock support DPS. As other locks in future start supporting DPS we will add support for it. The Z-Wave specs allow for DPS and IDLock implements it correctly as per the spec. Yale does a custom implementation. So it’s very lock dependent.

I have the door lock around 20 ft with the smartthings and signal should not be an issue as i’m not missing any other logs.

@smartphi Thanks for the heads up, have you put the alarm mode to alert ? in alert mode, it beeps every time the door is open and when it is closed, I guess it senses motion. The door logs lock open and close, but does not log alarms. So I guess I’ve to put a separate door close sensor and try it the way you have suggested.

Here’s a screenshot a few days back when I activated alarm mode after we came back home : .

That’s a BIG distance and if you don’t have any repeaters then you’re probably losing some commands.

wait… what? he said 20ft… not 20m.

The real-world range of z-wave is around 30m /100ft, and each mains powered z-wave device repeats, up to 4 hops for a total of 500ft

Also, surely it’s a digital signal? If the signal is strong enough to send one command, it should be able to receive ALL commands?

ST recommends a distance of about 10-15 ft. 30m is like the maximum distance and may work for like a basic command like turning on a switch in a clear line of sight setup. When dealing with multiple communications messages that distance comes down significantly in real life esp with walls, reflections and other interference. Basic point add more active repeaters around the house to make for a strong mesh. Just one hub will likely create communications issues.