[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

This is a device handler and handles the device interface, this functionality is handled at upper layers, there’s no way to interface with other devices (e.g. presence sensors) from within a device handler. Hence Rule Machine instead of having a separate SmartApp for just this functionality

Right right… I was thinking about the SmartApp i use that was created by you.
. Lock Multi User Management with Unlock Notifications, Advanced Scheduling and Automatic Lock/Unlock

Okay, this functionality would complicate that app. That app focusses on programming the lock and taking actions when folks use those codes. While I see your ask, I think it’ll cause confusion as there’s no corelation between the requested feature and app functionality.
I was thinking about including it in the other app, Schlage Alarm Mode Change, but then again the same issue of relevance. Hence my conclusion given the unique need for this it would easiest to handle this through a simple Rule in Rule Machine.

Yes! that one makes even more sense. Basically enable or disable autolock while in these modes.

okay =(

My wife isn’t thrilled with the look of the sensors either. But she loves that the door stays unlocked when open, and locks immediately upon being closed… so she has learned to accept the sensor at the top of the door.

The solution to your problem might be a hinge. Can’t remember who, but some company will soon be marketing a hinge that has a sensor built in.

Just installed this over the weekend, works really well on my UK Yale Keyfree lock. The disable/enable Autolock command is a killer feature!

Just a few questions, I couldn’t find it in the thread.

Is it possible to activate or deactivate the speech from the lock using the app? Or turn off certain sayings? Or even replace the speech with something else? Can I change the volume of the speaking?

Possibly, the code for handling the volume is built into the code but hasn’t been exposed to the user and need some more coding to program it (right now it can only report it). If you look through your device recent events tab you should see the audio level show up when you hit refresh.

It also has the ability to change language (English, Spanish or French) but not replace the speech. This feature hasn’t been enabled yet.

###Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock and Schlage Lock, Yale Lock and Kwikset Lock Device Handler - Version 2.8.0

  • Added support for Enabling/Disabling Audio/Speech/Beeper for Schlage and Yale locks and report the Auto Buzzer state for Kwikset including commands enableAudio and disableAudio to control them from Rule Machine

You asked @Andrew_Taylor and here it is

Just updated the new code. I’m at work so can’t test it fully, but the new Audio on/off button in the ST application seems to work, I’ll let you know tonight once I get home. Thanks for such a speedy implementation!

Also what do the icons with “Unsupported” next to them do? The first one looks like keypad activation and the shield an alarm? My Yale Keyfree should support both of those. It definitely mentions a tamper proof alarm in the manual.

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When we say “Enabling/Disabling Audio/Speech/Beeper” is it:

  1. enabling / disabling native lock sound notifications?

  2. when we say enabling / disabling speech do we mean through a integrated system like ST and Sonos?

Drewbert34 - My lock (Yale Keyfree) and a few other ones have built in speech & or sounds. For instance, when I lock the door, it says “Lock Engaged”, when I turn off auto-lock it says “Passage Mode Enabled” etc.
The latest fix turns these native device sounds on/off.

Hope that explains it OK?


Yes, the code for enabling/disabling the keypad for Yale locks is included, your lock isn’t responding to it so it shows up a unsupported. Open IDE Live Logging, click on refresh on your phone and send me what you see (it’ll take about 20 seconds to complete the query cycle)

As for alarm, I don’t see any way to control the alarm in the yale specs documents, if you have it send it across and will look into it.

Here’s the log:

Please PM it to me. Too much information for the community/possibly a security risk for you.

Quick poll:
What do everyone think about this icon for the sensitivity (v/s the current muscular arm):


That icon would be better. I was wondering what the muscular arms was.

  • 2016-3-21 - Added support for Enabling/Disabling Audio/Beeper for Schlage and Yale locks including commands enableAudio and disableAudio

Where is that? or its through Rule Machine commands?

Both as it says in the description in the first post, in the UI using the Audio tile and also through Rule Machine using the commands mentioned

I have a Schlege BE469 it has the function to enable beep (when keys are pressed) or disable. Is this what you are referring to by enableAudio, disableAudio?

enableKeypad, disableKeypad would literally disable the ability to press any keys, thus only using the physical key?

Edit I get an Unsupported for what looks like the audio icon.