[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

That’s a bug in the August firmware, it’s scheduled to be fixed in the future firmware updates but thanks for reminding us, we’ve put a patch for it to ignore it with the older firmware. You can try 03.04.01 and it should fix this.

For this feature to work you need two things:

  1. Your lock must have the DoorSense feature
  2. Your lock must report it’s MSR to the ST hub, open your IDE Live Logs, click on Refresh on your phone and see the logs and make sure that your MSR is not null and it’s reporting the correct MSR it will look like 03FF-001-001. If it’s null you will need to exclude and re pair your lock. Make sure you lock is within 5ft of the hub when pairing it for a more reliable pairing and MSR reporting.

Once you have the above two, it will automatically show up.

What was the issue with Schlage master code reporting if I may ask?

It was a compatibility issue with the User Code Management SmartApp where it was incorrectly reporting a user code as a master code. Just a cosmetic issue but it was fixed never the less.

What firmware are you on? firmware 1.4.41 has a bug where it sends a z-wave message for door state change, but doesn’t actually update the bit for the door position.

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can you add contact door sensor to your code if it on auto mode and contact sensor open door does not close in auto mode thank you

Device handlers can only control hardware functionality from the single device. What you’re asking has been implemented using a SmartApp here.

I re-paired my August Pro Locks within 5 ft of the hub and MSR is still null. Any thoughts?

Try to hit refresh a couple of times. If it still doesn’t show up do report
it to ST support. What hub firmware version are you on?

@RBoy Still nothing. Firmware is 000.018.00022. Lock complains about S0 security vs. S2 security when adding the device.

Support said it’s not supported so that’s a dead end.

The August Pro lock firmware has some issues to iron out, in the meanwhile try version 03.04.02 of DH which should patch the MSR reporting for the August Pro.

I also wonder this…

RBOY does this support the YRD226?

Yes it’s does

I have home phrases tied to different users, however they never trigger when the pin is entered on my Yale 210. Any ideas?

I don’t think that has any connection with the device handler. I’m assuming you’re referring to some SmartApp. If it isn’t running there are one of two things happening:

  1. The signal from your lock isn’t reaching the hub so there is no event being triggered. You can verify this easily from your locks recently tab. Do you see the unlock event ? If not your lock isn’t communicating with the hub. Bring it closer or add a z wave repeater between the lock and hub
  2. If you see the event then the platform is timing out. No much you can do. Just wait until the platform performance restores.

99% of the time it’s point 1

I am using Lock manager smart app. The hub and the lock are 6ft away. I am able to lock/unlock the door from the smartthings app with no issues outside of the state change taking a bit.

None of those guarantee that there isn’t a communication/mesh issue. The lock can be 4 ft and below the lock and people find it isn’t sending events because that’s how z wave meshes work.

The key question is did you find the code/pin unlock event in your recently tab?

No code/pin unlock even. It does register the lock was unlocked, but not a pin was entered. Do I need to reinstall the app and the handlers?

Right, then it doesn’t appear to be using this device handler. Go into the IDE and set it to use this device handler. You should see a message like “Door was unlocked using code X” in the recently tab once that happens.