[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

I just started with STH and added recently the Schlage ZWave. The same I installed I loaded the Device Handler Done by Ethayer and the Lock Manager Smartapp; unfortunately they done allow me to use the Schlage key Keypad to disarm the alarm. Does your app, allow me to do that?

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Is your Schlage lock paired with the proper mfr listed in the device in the API? I believe what you want should be possible if the lock is paired correctly but there is currently an issue with the secure pairing which causes the lock to show mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 in the Raw Description in the API. If you see that in your device page then the smartapp doesn’t know what the device is or its capabilities so it defaults to the smallest feature set and so the app doesn’t allow the lock to be used for all features.

I have been in contact with SmartThings support and they are aware of the issue and have said that the dev team is working on a fix. But as of yet there is no info on an expected date of completion of the fix.

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Cam1126 I was trying to solve an unrelated issue. I reset my lock today and reinstalled the Smartapp and DH. I’d just been trying to troubleshoot notifications when you posted as they worked until the reset.

mccord42, I have the condition you describe. In fact, I excluded and re-included the lock as part of my “bare earth” rebuild of the setup. Likely it would have been fine until I went through that process. After excluding the lock, I had a devil of a time adding it back via standard protocol. I ended up having to do a Manual install as it was not detected.

I’ll send ST support a ticket request and encourage anyone else with the issue to do so as well… the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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@RBoy If I exclude and re-Pair as described, will I lose the codes and configuration changes I’ve made in your SmartApp?

Try to exclude your lock and re pair it, sounds like it has trouble communicating with the hub. Also reboot your hub. Assuming the lock is no more than 10-15 ft from the nearest active z-wave device/hub.

Yes it does, you will need this Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler for that functionality and this SmartApp:

You don’t “lose” the codes since they’re in the SmartApp but when you reinstall the lock you will need to run the clear codes procedure on our website as the lock database will be junk/corrupted and needs to cleared/initialized. To do that you will need to clear all the codes from SmartApp and re enter them.

Rboy, I had to remove this DH from my Yale Conexis L1 lock as it was draining the battery super-fast.
In one day, the battery dropped from 82% to 69% with very little usage. Had to switch back to a custom Yale DH instead for now.

DH’s don’t drain battery. Something else is going on with your lock. They are only an interface between the lock and the platform to allow the apps and platform to access their features.
In fact if anything this DH has an option in the settings to improve battery life by reducing the polling from the platform. Try enabling it.

Try resetting your lock.

Most likely a SmartApp that’s polling or constantly communicating with the lock causing it to drain. Open your IDE Live Logs and see what’s going on.

If you’re using the User Management SmartApp make sure you’ve run the clear codes procedure after installing the DH and it needs to clear the lock database otherwise it goes into a loop of programming the lock and lock won’t respond because of a corrupt/invalid database. Again the IDE will show you which app is communicating with the lock of the platform is calling the lock’s poll function too often.

Also are you using rechargeable batteries or regular alkaline ones? Rechargeables have lower voltages 1.2v vs 1.5v for alkaline and can play havoc with the battery reporting.


I have 5 yale ydr446 (bluetooth and zwave) and when i click on each of the locks where it shows the status of various items, all of them show that my Audio is On but all the units have the audio disabled (from the lock setup). I have one older qwikset lock that displays the audio as disabled correctly. Anything I should do?

Is this an universal setting? Cant find it

Depends on your individual needs…however I’ve found it worth it. The apps and device handlers are well designed, frequently updated, and pretty stable so far (going on 4 months since we signed up). I haven’t been able to take advantage of the thermostat ones, our HVAC is multizone and so far none of the smart thermostats support that, but we use their apps and device handlers for our locks and to link in our Foscam cameras which I had almost given up on integrating. It’s enabled me to manage an AirBnB apartment next to our own all through the app… we can pre-schedule in the codes for the next 5 guests all in one sitting rather than having to add and delete each time someone comes. When our daughter confessed that she had accidentally given a friend her personal door code (which shuts down alarms) rather than our guest code and we were on our way to visit family I was able to reprogram all 4 doors from the car in under 2 minutes.


You’re right, a few releases a ago we made this battery save feature permanent since all known locks run on batteries. Only the Z-Wave thermostat has this feature as optional on/off because they have a C-Wire option to run on mains.

Good morning! Been really enjoying your handler and app @RBoy. Thanks again for making automation a bit easier in regards to entry locks. Quick question and this may have been covered…if so, please disregard. I have my Schlage set to turn on my porch light and sconces upon arrival and successful entry of code. Is there a way to have them shut off say 5 minutes or so after the door has been closed? Pretty new to this so any help is more than appreciated!!

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When you say on arrival do you mean turn on the light when a presence sensor arrives? If so you may want to use SmartLighing here, turn on Light when someone arrives and then turn off after 5 minutes.

You can also use SmartLighting to define rules like when a door is unlocked then turn on the light and after X minutes turn off the lights. It’s like a light weight version of CoRE and super easy to use

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Ah yes, it would be more of a presence situation and definitely makes more sense now. Thank you for your help!!

On side note, have a few Blinks coming in… looking forward to diving in with your SA/DH and get the full potential of them going. Been reading through that thread as well.

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Just a tip for folks who’re facing the 0000 MSR issue while trying to pair the lock (and other Z-Wave devices) with the ST hub. This issue started after the October hub firmware update. This process seems to work in resolving the issue:

  1. Reboot Hub
  2. Exclude device
  3. Reboot Hub
  4. Wait for 5 minutes
  5. Start “Add a Thing” on ST app and ST App will say “Looking for devices”
  6. Wait for 5-10 seconds and then starting the pairing process on the device

Ok, how often do you let the lock get polled. I see it tries to poll it about very 5-6 minutes, but dont how many it skipps. Does the lock need to be polled at all?

Over the course of three calls in one day about a week ago, Smartthings Support had me do this same procedure, but additionally, a) move the lock WITHIN ONE FOOT of the hub, and b) repeat the exclusion of the lock three times in a row, and c) unplug the hub and remove the batteries.

The result - I was able to add the lock back in to the hub, but I was NOT able to resolve the 0000 MSR issue. ST support insisted that the MSR issue is irrelevant. They went so far as to question whether my lock had ever registered anything more (during the ~18 months that it functioned flawlessly).

I know we’re all focused on MSR detection being “the issue” in these forums, but can we articulate WHY/WHAT function is dependent on that populating other than 0000? My lock now works, but I’ve lost the notifications that worked prior to my update to the 5.05.0x version of RBoy’s Smartapp. This happened roughly at the same time as the ST firmware and app updates in my case, so it is murder for someone like me to parse out. Does the problem lie in hardware or software? ST hub firmware vs. ST app vs. RBoy DH vs. Rboy Smartapp? I’m logical and scientific, but not a coder. Nor did I get in this game to become one. I’d prefer this to make my life easier not harder (grin).

@RBoy I finally ran through these steps last night and got the MSR issue resolved. Thank you for the instructions. I had asked before why my two different locks show differently in the iOS app:
[RELEASE] Door lock code/lock user management (create, delete and schedule codes) with automatic lock/unlock, custom user actions and SHM integration

Even after resolving the MSR problem, this universal DH appears differently for my two locks. Any ideas?

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