[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung


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2.18.1 most certainly does NOT fix the icon bugs.


Can anyone help answer this question? Thanks in advance.

is it possible to see the tiles from custom device handler under the new Smartthings App, or is it just available in ST Classic App? I am unable to find way to access the Enhanced Z-Wave device handler under the new Smartthings App (i.e. can’t find the tiles that I see in the Classic App).

Autolocking too soon — is there a way to change this?

I have the Schlage BE469 and have installed this custom handler in my V3. Autolocking is happening within 30s and would like to change this to 300s (5min).

I tried changing this in settings but that looks to be for Yale. Anyway to do that for Schlage in the code?

Thanks in advance!!

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I was having the same problem and seemed to have fixed it. Get out your original Schlage instructions and DISABLE auto lock… it is the very last instruction on my instruction sheet. Don’t confuse locking by pushing the word Schlage on the keypad with autolocking after 30 seconds.

Hi there. Schlage locks have a fixed auto lock interval of 30 seconds. Yale and other locks have the ability to adjust this timeout which is what you’re setting in the settings page. You can find details about lock specific features in this post.

If you would like to use a custom interval you can disable the auto lock feature on your lock with this device handler using the Classic app and clicking on the auto lock tile and then use a SmartApp like LUM or RLA to set the auto relock option with a custom timeout in minutes (from the Door Open/Close settings page).

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I noticed that this lock handler, and some of the built-in Z-Wave ones, appear as running in Cloud in the IDE. Is that used only for some of the functions? I plan on using codes it to disable intruder alerts (with actions controlled by a virtual switch that runs Local), and wouldn’t like alarms sounding when internet is down (not that uncommon here).

All custom DTH’s (including this one) run in the cloud.

I understand that. So a lock won’t work at all without internet? There must be some level of local ZWave features/communication going on?

I guess my main doubt is if the codes I configured in Lock User Management app will be saved into the lock and work locally, and if custom actions will still trigger local switches.

The codes get saved to the lock and they work even with internet down… So you can unlock and lock and get in. That’s a function of the lock itself.

That said, custom actions wouldn’t trigger without internet.


As @nathancu says, the codes are stored in the lock. So the locking and unlocking of the door directly works without the internet. Other than that, no.

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Fair enough, looks like I’d still want to get some sort of local-running keyfob or keypad as a backup to disable alarms.

I think you’re referring to this topic about zigkee keypads DTH, this topic for the z-wave locks DTH. We can continue the conversation there.

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Sorry about that, I’m subscribed to both threads and replied to the wrong one. Thanks!

Why don’t you include the Danalock V3 in your list? I’ve been using it paired with ST on Z-wave for almost two years now and never had any problems with it.

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Are all the options from the Classic app available to the new app? I have just purchased and installed the V3 hub and I do not see any options. Thank you.

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@RBoy I’m using this device handler and trying to use WebCore if the door is unlocked using specific codes to execute web hook for WyzeCam video capture. I have it working for code #2 properly but when I use code #1 it captures for automated/manual unlocks??? I sent an email for support last week and haven’t heard back.

In my experience with my Schlage BE469 I had similar problems when trying to do things with code#1…it seems the lock and/or smartthings and/or webcore assume that code#1 is one of the DEFAULT codes and then does “funky” unexpected things. I had tried another DTH before I went back to the ST z-wave DTH for my lock and was too lazy to factory reset the lock so I just added one of the default codes in first so it is now #1. As long as I stayed away from code #1, everything else worked fine. I was originally using an array based on someone else’s example to pull the code names and slots from the lock and figure out who unlocked the door but I ended up simplifying it and just pulling the codeUsed and codeName from the $args. This way I have no problems at all and I can reliably know if the door was unlocked manually, or using default code#1 or any of the other codes and based on who came in, I can activate certain lights to their room. (we run a small B&B so this was great for guests coming back after we locked up for the night.)

It’s a bug in the webcore “piston” smartapp. If you select User 1 or 0 in the UI rule, when the piston executes, it seems to treat users 0 and 1 as a boolean instead of a user number (1 as any unlock event and 0 ignores all unlock events). Would recommend reporting it on the WebCoRE forum.

LUM, RLA and other ST apps don’t have an issue handling code 1 reports and creating custom actions.


Can someone post a piston code, and logs for this?