[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Thanks for that. Both seem to be working now. Just a little slow. Will give it time to settle down and do all its syncing.


Total newbie at this, so please bear with me. :slight_smile:

I have an Idlock 150. Installed the device handler (and the app) yesterday following the installation guide at the RBOY side, but I am having a struggle making it work. After enabling the code in IDE, the door locked by itself, and several sounds came from the lock. But, from the classic ST app, the only thing that actually works, is toggling audio. Battery status is also null.

What have I tried:

  1. Moving the ST hub practically next to the door.
  2. Z-wave repair
  3. Changing batteries.

I would really appreciate any assistance.


Hi there. If your lock is having trouble with the mesh, this may not help. On the contrary you will need to move the hub away and add a buffering device (like a repeater) close to your lock. See this topic for more details.

Suggestion for new feature… when I am modifying a user I would be interested to see a button that generates a new random code, with a desired number of digits, that I haven’t already used.

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Unable to update the first post, so folks who’re looking for the app to configure the built in Schlage Alarm/Siren, see this topic:

RBoy Apps is now an officially approved partner for IDLock

Universal Enhanced Z-Wave/Plus Lock/Keypad Device Handler - Version 04.05.00

  • Updated to support IDLock z-wave firmware 1.6

It helps to add a buffering device/repeater within 20ft of your lock for best performance

You need a SmartApp like Lock User Management (LUM) , Rental Lock Automater (RLA) or SmartLocks to program user codes, create actions for locking/unlocking/user codes and notify you.

Refer to the first post for more details and on how to enable Real Time Dashboard with SmartLocks

We have compiled a comparison of different lock model features on this link to get started with buying locks

NOTE: You should be on DTH version 04.03.00 or newer to be compatible with the new 25.x firmware for V2 and V3 hubs

Just purchased. I have Schlage touchscreen. When using Lock User Management and trying to add a user, I type a name , a code and done, it blanks out. I can’t create a user in any of the slots.
If I change a setting such as notify on use it blanks out what i typed. example logging after trying to add user 1.

4cca91b5-fa38-4066-b49a-6ceddb03699c 12:51:51 PM: debug Front Door Lock user 3 is empty, code already deleted

4cca91b5-fa38-4066-b49a-6ceddb03699c 12:51:51 PM: debug Front Door Lock user 2 is empty, code already deleted

4cca91b5-fa38-4066-b49a-6ceddb03699c 12:51:51 PM: debug Front Door Lock user 1 is empty, code already deleted

4cca91b5-fa38-4066-b49a-6ceddb03699c 12:51:51 PM: trace The date/time on the hub now is Sat Oct 19 2019 12:51 EDT


4cca91b5-fa38-4066-b49a-6ceddb03699c 12:51:12 PM: trace Configured lock fixed code length: 4, max code length: null, min code length: null

4cca91b5-fa38-4066-b49a-6ceddb03699c 12:51:12 PM: trace Initial 1 Name: null, Code: null, Notify: null, NotifyModes: null, ExpireDate: null, ExpireTime: null, StartDate: null, StartTime: null, UserType: null

4cca91b5-fa38-4066-b49a-6ceddb03699c 12:51:12 PM: trace User Codes Page, user:1, name:null, passed params: [nextPage:userConfigPage, settings:[userType1:[name:userType1, value:Permanent, type:enum], userNames1:[name:userNames1, value:Rich, type:text], userCodes1:[name:userCodes1, value:9246, type:text], userNotifyModes1:[name:userNotifyModes1, value:, type:mode], userXNotifyPresence1:[name:userXNotifyPresence1, value:, type:capability.presenceSensor], userNotifyUseCount1:[name:userNotifyUseCount1, value:, type:number], userNotify1:[name:userNotify1, value:true, type:bool]], modes:, label:Lock User Management, params:[:]], saved params:[id:4cca91b5-fa38-4066-b49a-6ceddb03699c, name:userConfigPage, passed:true, user:1]

4cca91b5-fa38-4066-b49a-6ceddb03699c 12:51:12 PM: trace Passed from submitOnChange, atomicState lookup for user:1

Wrong topic but anyways it looks like an issue with the ST mobile app/platform (the smartapp takes what is passed to it by the ST mobile app). Basically the ST mobile app isn’t saving your inputs and your smartapp logs are showing the same, the user details are all empty.
Wait for a few hours and try again (ST was doing some maintenance this morning/most weekends) otherwise uninstall and reinstall the ST mobile app or try using the different version of the ST mobile app (Classic or new).

Uninstalled LUM and re-installed . All is well now. Thanks

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Hey there! I was directed here from an old post that mentioned a $10 contribution. I’ve looked around the RBOY site, but wanted to double check - is the contribution to use the app now $39? Or am I not seeing another option?

I have an August lock and was just hoping to get the doorsense sensor integrated into my security home monitor. If the app is $39 now though, it seems more feasible to just buy another door sensor? Or is there another alternative?

Hi there,
I have a Danalock Zwave v3, does this DH have the possibility to change the timeout value on the autolock feature? Thanks

Yes you can adjust it from the device preferences page under t he Danalock section settings. See the first post for a full list of available features for different lock brand/models.

Sorry what i wanted to say was the AutoUnlock timeout value, that its impossible to change in the DanaLock app or the ST app. Thanks

Hi! Is august lock pro door open/close/ajar sensor working properly in the new app?

Universal Enhanced Z-Wave/Plus Lock/Keypad Device Handler - Version 04.06.00

  • Updated device handler to display more capabilities in new ST app
  • Locks with a built-in door open/close sensor (August Pro, Yale DPS, IDLock, KeyWe, Philia etc) is now a separate contact sensor device
  • Improved support for IDLock

NOTE: For the new ST app to display the additional capabilities you will need to delete the device handler and reinstall it

by deleting, this means from the IDE side? and as opposed to just copying and pasting over the old device handler version?

RE: deleting the device handler -

In order to preserve any routines, automations, etc. connected with a lock, is it okay to assign a different device handler temporarily while deleting the RBoy one and saving the new v04.06.00 one?

thats the point on my above question. since i would think we will have to reprogram the device handler again i.e. user codes and could a pain. . .

i tried to delete the device handlers earlier and i could not because my door locks are attached to it.

So if i understand correctly, this device handler has to be deleted first. It can not be updated like previous software updates @RBoy. If so any special instructions or just delete the dth & install as new?

Yes, because of the way ST caches DTH’s and devices, it’s best to exclude your lock, delete the DTH and start afresh to see the new UI. You can update directly but you may see some artifacts left over from the platform cache in the UI.
If you have codes and a setup that’s too cumbersome to delete and start over, don’t worry just update the code (it’s not required, this is an optional update) but keep in mind the UI may have some artifacts left over. It won’t impact the functionality of the DTH or the door sensor (if applicable).

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