[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

That worked. Thanks

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Just got New Hub (v3 wifi). I know the new app doesn’t support the customization yet, but wanted to double check if the Rboy apps and devices types work well with the new hub. I was planning on migrating but on the fence if it’s worth it. Plume Wifi is nice but seems to lack Parenting or user configuration which is standard on most new Mesh networks setups. Let me know what you think…

Hey @RBoy / @maddie! Just purchased the lifetime user membership for the August Lock Pro Doorsense capabilities through SmartThings. I followed all the directions and got the status to show under the lock’s tile but can’t figure out how to have a separate “sensor” show up for it or just in general utilize that open/close status to be used in automation formulas, either to trigger something or to be used as a variable to a trigger. I’m hoping this is possible as I had understood that it was and was ultimately the only reason for the purchase. Can you assist me in making this work? And if it’s not possible am I able to receive a refund (only purchased a couple hours ago)? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your efforts!

The lock device handler is a multi function device. To explain how it works:

  1. Displaying Capabilities - As you seen it shows all the supported capabilities of the lock on a single page (lock state, door state, alarms, tampering etc, unsupported capabilities are shown as blank tiles).
  2. Using Capabilities - The same device can be used in SmartApps for different capabilities. For example, in your case since you’re using the door status feature (in addition to the basic lock feature), you can select your lock with any SmartApp or Automation that supports the “Contact Sensor” capability to use your door open / close status as reported by your lock. The same device can be used with a SmartApp or Automation that supports the “Lock” capability to use the lock / unlock state as reported by the lock. It reports multiple capabilities to SmartThings so it can be used in many different ways simultaneously

Feel free to contact our support desk

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Is there a way to:

  1. Alert each time an incorrect door code is entered?
  2. Log an entry each time an incorrect door code is entered?


The incorrect code event is sent by the lock. How often it’s sent depends on the lock make/model.
For examples Schlage has it fixed once every 4-5 incorrect codes (depending on the model). For Yale you can configure it in the device preference page (gear icon).
The events are displayed on the Recently tab of the device page on your ST mobile app. If you’re using the Lock User Management SmartApp then the app will also notify you when the event is received from the lock.

Thanks for the quick reply! Is this the setting you’re referring to for Yale locks? If so, I appear to be stuck between a rock and a hard place, as I would like to be alerted to every incorrect attempt, but I would prefer to avoid shutting down the lock each time it occurs. :scream:

You can request Yale to provide an option to disable shutdown for the lock firmware.
For now you can adjust the settings as you find appropriate, the minimum shutdown period as per the specifications provided to us by Yale is 10 seconds.

Wow, that was fast — he responded in less than an hour.

I installed the Schlage Lock Alarm Mode and Sensitivity Change and Monitor app and associated device handler. When I select my lock to monitor, the line above says “Front Door Lock is not using the universal enhanced z-wave lock with alarms device handler, please remove the lock from the monitor list or updated the device handler”.

Lock is a Schlage BE469.

That means your lock isn’t using the custom device handler. You need to edit your device and assign it to use the custom device handler after installing it. You can find step by step instructions on installing the device handler on our website. http://www.rboyapps.com/InstallDH.htm

Does the device handler and and smart app work with the new Smarthings app or we have to keep sticking with the classic app for now?

The device handler and apps work with all versions of the hubs and mobile apps.

Right now you need to use the ST Classic app for installing custom apps and if you need access to the custom UI tiles (auto lock, audio, alarms, one touch, keypad etc) as the new ST app doesn’t support these features as yet.

The new ST app can be used to configure the SmartApps once installed and access the basic DTH UI controls; the internal features of the DTH (additional features, firmware patches, support for new locks etc) will work 100% even if the Enhanced UI tiles are not displayed.

EDIT: dumping cache (incognito) fixed this, never mind. Thanks

@RBoy I just purchased your $38 package and I am trying to install the Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms DH for my Schlage deadbolt. When I click “Update” I get a blank page that does not refresh.


When I log back into my IDE the device has not changed. I have tried rebooting my hub, and unplugin/pulling the batteries. No matter what I do it will not accept the changed DH.

FYI it will not change to ANY DH, so I do not think the problem is related to your DH, just hoping you might have some insight. Thank for any help you can provide.

EDIT: dumping cache (incognito) fixed this, never mind. Thanks

I just buy the Danalock V3 what features will have if your buy your device handler/smart app on Danalock v3?

I have read some of your post but write for some features on specific device etc so please tell for my device thank you…

It supports DanaLock v2 and v3, the v2 has a many more options available through Z-Wave like audio controls, one touch locking etc. The V3 supports, Auto relock, Brake n Go and Turn n Go configuration. It also adds support for reporting custom events like reporting Bluetooth locks, auto lock and jammed locks. There are a few more features related to bluetooth control which are supported may be enabled in future as ST introduces new capabilities.

Is there a way to turn off the external alarm from sounding if someone doesn’t enter their code correctly, but particularly if a "visitor switch (virtual) is turned on?

If you’re referring to the alarm built into the BE469, that cannot be turned on/off externally. It can only be configured (sensitivity and mode) through the Schlage Alarm Monitor SmartApp.

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After countless reminders and follow-ups, I finally got a response from Yale:

We don’t think this approach is the best idea. The wrong code entry shutdown is a security feature that prevents people from guessing codes.

We think if something like this were to be implemented it should be its own feature. A new configuration parameter that enables alarms for any invalid code entered. This way the wrong code entry limit can be maintained to prevent code guessing.

To implement this will require both lock and Z-Wave RF Module firmware changes. Based on the required changes we are proposing that we will add this feature to our next generation lock platform and Z-Wave 700 series RF Module. The planned release will be in Q4 2019.

Thank you for following up on this request.

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Would it be possible to add the possibility for the user to set or disable the ping/polling time. Would be nice to be able to optimize battery life.