[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Actually, I am very happy with the DTH. I’d also like to see notifications with user info but that is not a “must”
I just want to know why it doesn’t work with my lock. And if I’m missing something, I’d like to correct…

That’s good because it appears to me, Danalock locks aren’t capable of notifications with user info.

I think the point of the conversations you’ve had with @RBoy and @maddie so far is that the DTH IS working as well as it can with the capabilities of the lock you have.

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Just tried installing version 4.00.07. When I try to publish I’m receiving this message:

a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session: [physicalgraph.device.CapabilityDeviceType#physicalgraph.device.CapabilityDeviceType : (unsaved)]; nested exception is org.hibernate.NonUniqueObjectException: a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session: [physicalgraph.device.CapabilityDeviceType#physicalgraph.device.CapabilityDeviceType : (unsaved)]

Any guidance on how to proceed?


Updated SmartApps associated with the device and then tried to update the device handler again and it took.

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That’s just a way of the platform’s database saying it’s doing something else and try to publish again after a few seconds :wink:

A quick note while saving and publishing, the publish will throw a random error if the save process is still in progress. Depending on the platform server/db load the saving process can take from 1 to 10 seconds. After hitting save, wait until the save is completed and then publish it to avoid these errors. I wish ST wasn’t so cryptic in it’s IDE sometimes.

Many folks have been asking how to use the DTH’s extended information in CoRE and WebCoRE. Here’s the short answer (this is not a complete guide to CoRE or WebCoRE pistons, just a tip).

Basic structure of the event:

  1. name parameter will be lock or invalidCode
  2. value parameter will be locked, unlocked, unknown etc
  3. There will be a data parameter which contains extended information like:
    • A field called method contains the source of the lock or unlock event. This could be manual, auto, command, keypad, bluetooth, rfid etc
    • A field called usedCode which represents which user slot (code) was used to lock/unlock

To use the extended information from the data parameter in WebCoRE/CoRE:

Use the $args variable in WebCoRE e.g. [$args.usedCode] or [$args.method]

Use the data variable in CoRE (enable Expert mode) [data.usedCode] or [data.method]

usedCode contains the user slot number that was used for the lock or unlocked event (if present)
method contains the source of the events (e.g. keypad, manual, command, rfid, bluetooth etc)

Feel free to bookmark this post for future reference and continue the discussion here



can you clarify this for me and the others please ?
is there a specific reason why the following is not valid for my Danalock V3:

Some locks only report codes used to lock/unlock to ST (e.g. Yale RFID or Danalock V2), for those lock you >>can use this SmartApp to interface and take actions when the codes are used (no programming)

if we agree that smartapp is useless for my model, I will remove it.

The firmwares are different for the lock models (V2 vs V3). You should ideally open a ticket with Danalock so they can send the information over Z-Wave for the newer models. The newer V3 has fewer features exposed through Z-Wave compared to the V2 (e.g. audio controls). As soon as they patch up the firmware it should start working. This should be a simple update for Danalock to process.

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I am also a new owner of Danalock V3.
Is it possible to adjust lock turning count through Zwave ?

If not, can we set an additional command to just unlock the door and not unlatch ?
This is possible through bluetooth app (there are 2 separate commands for unlock and unlatch) but how can we do on zwave ?

adding @mrmrmrmr

thanks. I asked to Danalock.

Btw, what is “audio controls” ?

Drop our support team an eMail and we’ll look into it

EDIT: Currently you can configure Twist Assist (Turn n Go), Brake n Go Back and Auto Lock timeout through the device settings page for Danalock V3

Audio notifications (beep sounds) can only be enabled/disabled for V2

I’m an RBoy customer, and love all the custom handlers/smart apps. (and got my brother and brother-in-law to buy as well) :slight_smile:

I’ve had this recurring issue for a while know, and I’m hoping someone might be able to help me.

I have the Schlage FE469NX (Camelot).

The issue is that after about 2-3 months, the batteries die, but the lock never notifies me. The battery percentage stays at 97% for the entire 2-3 months, until it’s 0%. And the only way I know it’s at 0% is that I can’t get into my house all of the sudden (and I get the red X’s whenever trying to enter a code).

Is there a way to get actual battery readings? Or at a minimum, some kind of notification as soon as the batteries are depleted? If I look at the device now, it says unavailable and “Battery 0%”.

Did I configure something wrong? Or is this the normal operation?

Thanks in advance!

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The battery % is reported by the lock directly so there’s no way to adjust that.m, it could be a firmware issue or just a defective lock.
One thing you can try to reset the lock and exclude and pair it again with the hub. Sometimes that helps it reset its battery reporting.
Also are you using alkaline batteries, lithium or rechargeable batteries?

Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

I’m just using standard Rayovac AA batteries.

I spoke with my brother who has 3 Schlage locks (slightly newer model) using your device handler and smart app. All 3 of his locks also report 97% battery, and they were just installed in December 2017. I’m thinking this might not be just a glitch specific to my lock. :frowning:

what is the email for your support team ?

and what is “audio controls” which is only valid for Danalock V2 ?

Possible, it may be new firmware that’s got an issue. The DH only reports what the lock tells it. We’ve got a few BE469 and 468 samples from Schalge and they all seem to report the battery levels fine all the down to 50% before the lock dies (see this topic for recommend battery replacement levels).

You may want to report it to Schlage if after resetting the lock it still doesn’t report the levels properly. I would also try a different battery brand just in case (make sure it’s alkaline and not manganese). This is a known issue with some Yale models but the first time I’m hearing it for Schlage. Check your firmware version under my devices for your lock. All our sample locks have this version

ver:104.21 zwv:3.42

@RBoy I use your DTH for the Danalock V3 and it works very well - thanks.
Howecer I have one question: the manual lock/unlock is not always reported on the “recent” tab in the app.
any suggestions what I could do to resolve that?

The display messages in the recently tab depends on a couple of things like:

  • Did the lock report the event to the hub
  • Did the event reach the hub or was it lost in the mesh
  • Did the state change (ST only displays events if the state has changed)

and a few more but these are the critical ones. When you say it doesn’t always report, I’m guessing it’s one of the conditions above, likely the event didn’t reach the hub. Always helps to have a few repeaters around the home and close to the lock to make for a strong mesh.

How to get this DH?

RBoy, I have a question for you. I’ve been using this DH for a while and wanted to know if the below is possible.

I have a Conexis L1 on my porch door and my front door. I use the same fob to gain entry to the house.

Is it possible rather than me touching the fob on both door panels, when I unlock the door of the porch, the front door unlocks too. BUT this only happens when I unlock the door with a fob, rather than doing a manual unlock by twisting the inside knob and releasing the lock?