[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

ok. I got it now. so it seems my lock can only support locking and unlocking. and because it doesn’t have a keypad, keypad feature is irrelevant for this lock. correct ?

but then you wrote :
Last I heard V3 was not yet reporting user codes over z-wave but as soon as they update the firmware to start doing that the DH will process it.

what do you mean by this ? if the lock does not have a keypad, what code can it send over zwave ?

apart from that; I have a question:
my lock turns about 4 full 360 degrees to lock, and to unlcock , it turns back all those 4 full 360 degrees and an other half turn. This last half turn is for opening the lever and the door gets opened. I want that last turn to be an option. Could we arrange the DH to turn only 4 x 360 degrees for unlocking and have another button for that last turn ?


You can do that (recomended) from danalock app when setting up the lock, calibrating manually how much do you want to turn. You should recalibrate the lock after you add it to ST.

I’m not sure if that’s possible. Because the calibration goes to the end of the lock. (turns as much as it can) , there’s no way to say “stop after 4th turn”
am I wrong ?
actually it asks 2 questions which I could not understand while setting up :

  1. does the lock have a lever
  2. double cylinder
    are these related ?

Besides, even if I can calibrate and make the lock stop after 4th turn, I would not like to lose the ability to full open the door. if that’s possible to stop after 4th turn, will there be a method to continue for the next half turn ?


Some locks support external keypad or even controlling through external/proprietary apps or external cards, e.g. Yale supports RFID cards, Danalock v3 has an upcoming keypad, other do through their own apps. If that information is also transmitted over Z-Wave it can be processed by this device handler and reported to ST so that you can take actions based on who locked/unlocked the door.

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thanks. is there a way to add a code to ST , so that only with a code we could unlock through ST ?

There is no universal answer, it depends on the lock and how it interfaces via ST.

Some locks only report codes used to lock/unlock to ST (e.g. Yale RFID or Danalock V2), for those lock you can use this SmartApp to interface and take actions when the codes are used (no programming):

Other locks which support programming over Z-Wave can use this comprehensive app for programming and taking actions:

You can do a manual calibration and set unlocked and locked positions.
The question if you have a lever ask if you need to open lock beyond max and hold there to open the door. If you select that, you will have to run again Setup to change it. You will not need this opțional unless you do Not have a lever on your door.

I’m sorry but I really did not understand both options.

the first one uses existing codes. But where are the existing codes ? On Danalock V3 , I could not find anything to have an existing code. Am I looking at a wrong place ?

The latter one , I already installed but when I try to create a code, it fails.

what can I do ?

Also , What I really want is, prevent usage of unlock button on DH accidentally.

Not sure why you want to do this, but you can edit the Device Handler and change the inactiveLabel from false to true. This will then disable to “Unlock” button from doing anything.

However, if you press Locked/Unlocked from the main screen of the device or the large tile inside, it is still going to Unlock and Lock as this is a toggle function with several states and transitions, so disabling the Unlock button doesn’t really gain you anything.

When a new update is released, you will have to edit again after pasting updated code.

sure, I know how to modify the DH to disable a button.
but this is not what I want to do. I still want to have unlock feature but with a code so that it does not get accidentally unlocked.
for example, the button can be disabled by default, but can be enabled after we enter a code.

that’s something I can handle through DH settings. for now , I just modified the DH to have a mid state:

attributeState "locked", label:'locked', action:"lock.unlocknot", icon:"st.locks.lock.locked", backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", nextState:"unlockingnot"
attributeState "unlockingnot", label:'press again to unlock', action:"lock.unlock", icon:"st.locks.lock.locked", backgroundColor:"#ff0000", nextState:"unlocking"
attributeState "unlocked", label:'unlocked', action:"lock.lock", icon:"st.locks.lock.unlocked", backgroundColor:"#ffffff", nextState:"locking"
attributeState "unlocked with timeout", label:'unlocked', action:"lock.lock", icon:"st.locks.lock.unlocked", backgroundColor:"#ffffff", nextState:"locking"
attributeState "unknown", label:"jammed", action:"lock.lock", icon:"st.locks.lock.unknown", backgroundColor:"#e86d13", nextState:"locking"
attributeState "locking", label:'locking', icon:"st.locks.lock.locked", backgroundColor:"#00a0dc"
attributeState "unlocking", label:'unlocking', icon:"st.locks.lock.unlocked", backgroundColor:"#ffffff"

for the other “code” usage, I really could not understand. is it possible to use codes without a keypad of the lock ? if yes, how ?
I installed the smart app from RBoy, and created a test user with a code. Now , how shall I use that code ?

in the native Smartthings “smart lock” UI, on “lock codes” tab I tried to create a code, but that fails. I don’t understand why.

it says “something’s wrong. the lock code couldn’t be created. please try again.”

any idea on this ?

I understand that there are 2 smart apps to use with your Universal Enhanced Zwave Lock device handler.
One is just for notifications and actions for use of codes on the lock. The other one adds management of codes (create, delete, schedule)
That’s good. Since my lock does not accept programming of codes through zwave (that’s what I understood from what you wrote. Please correct me if that’s wrong) , I can only use the smart app for notifications and actions.

if this is all correct that I get, then I wonder if it is possible to use codes within ST app while unlocking the lock ?

Btw, I assume the smart app should be configured with matching username on the Danalock app. For example if the key is assigned to a user named testuser1 , I should configure the username for the first key bank with same name (testuser1)
I tried this on my Danalock V3 but I got no notification when the user unlocked with her Danalock app.
what may be the reason ?

separate question:

my danalock v3 has a “break and hold” feature which holds the latch for 5 seconds (configured ).
and on the native application of Danalock, there is an additional button to hold the latch when required.
If I use this feature, most of the time device handler reports “jammed” state.
I think that’s because the device handler does not support that state in addition to locked and unlocked.
Can we make anything to support that state ? (and possibly add a button to hold the latch ?)


If your lock doesn’t support programming through ST but supports notifying to ST which user was used to lock/unlock (e.g. Yale RFID, August, Danalock etc), you can use the following app to be notified and also take actions based on those notifications:

Danalock has a Turn n Go feature and Brake n Go feature, both of which can be configured through the device configuration page (gear icon).
If your device is showing a “jammed” then it’s because your lock is reporting the event as “unknown”, the DTH is just showing what’s being sent by the lock (it could be a lock firmware issue or an alignment issue etc). You can always capture the logs from your DTH and send them to our support team to take a look.

my lock is Danalock V3 , so I assume it supports which user was used to unlock.
That’s why I use the “user unlock/lock door notifications and actions” app.
I configured the exact user name that I have on my door lock. But I get no notifications including the user name.
How can I test if it is working or not ?
I try unlocking the door with Danalock app using the same user that I configured on the smart app.

It isn’t by name but by “slot” number. Danalock’s current firmware doesn’t provide that information over z wave as yet so you won’t see any notifications for user slots.

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what do you mean ?
how shall I configure the smart app to see notifications ?
currently I have the user “testuser1” on danalock app and I configured user name “testuser1” on smart app.
But I don’t see any notifications from the app when lock is unlocked with that user through danalock app.
what am I missing ?

any ideas ?

What maddie is saying is that Danalock doesn’t tell ST which user unlocked or locked the door.

ok. so does that mean I can’t use both smart apps ?
because I had though that second smart app (only notifications & actions) is suitable for Danalock. It says Danalock V2 is supported, so why not V3 ?

Speaking out of turn here but just because the app/DTH “support” your lock and (it appears that they do) doesn’t mean the app/DTH can provide any features that the lock or its current firmware is incapable of providing.

I have this app/DTH and they provide more features than my current lock/firmware has the ability to provide. This app/DTH automatically determine the supported features of your lock/firmware and then they go from there.

@RBoy and @Maddie, let me know if I’ve spoken out of turn.