[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

I know how to assign the DH to the lock. But at first I need to pair my lock with St right.
How shall I do that ?
when I try to add a new thing, St can’t find anything new.

edit: ok. I found how to activate zwave on lock

How are we supposed to know that you can’t pair your lock? Your posts don’t say a single thing specific to pairing the lock with SmartThings. All you reference is creating a dummy lock and that you can only see lock and unlock which is because you selected the out of the box Device Handler from SmartThings.

Pairing your Lock initially with SmartThings has absolutely nothing to do with creating Device Handlers from @RBoy. After you successfully pair your lock with SmartThings and it selects the default SmartThings Device Handler then you can go down the route of adding / creating the Device Handler and SmartApp. :slight_smile:

FYI from other Danalock v3 users (quick search in community posts) - Key when pairing “one meter away from hub”.

ok. here’s the full story:

I had installed the DH from RBoy before my lock arrived. And I had created a dummy lock with it to see what is available on UI.
Now I installed the real lock and paired with my ST. it automatically mapped to the DH from RBoy.
I changed the DH name to “Z-Wave Lock” and I can see the realtime updates under smart locks.

However, all I can see on the lock UI on ST is “lock” and “unlock” buttons. The screenshots in above posts are not available in my lock’s UI. Keypad etc…

Is the Danalock missing those features ? If not, what am I doing wrong ?

Also, shall I have to install a smart app besides the DH ?


I don’t know anyone who is using the Device Handler without the SmartApp.

Try this. Go into Things in the Mobile App, open the lock, press the Gear icon and then press Save.

what do you mean ?
so if everyone is using any smart app, I should install it. ?
if yes, which smart app ?

Along with a ton of Device Handlers available, @RBoy has a ton of SmartApps available. The Universal Device Handler is intended to be used with the SmartApp shown in the screenshot below:

And there are two separate threads, this one for the device handler and then there is the other thread for the SmartApp (I wish both of these were consolidated into one). Here’s the other thread for the SmartApp itself:

thanks. I installed the app but I still see nothing more than “lock”, “unlock” , “autolock” buttons and battery information on the lock UI on ST.
how can I use user keys, keypad etc. ?

Can you show a screenshot of the functions that are there for your lock? This is for my Yale T1L.

this is it…

Hmmmm. The fact that the AutoLock feature is showing up (enhanced feature), it’s definitely seeing the Enhanced DH.

It’s possible that there is a compatibility issue with this version of the lock and the DH.

Have to confirm this with other Danalock v3 customers.

@RBoy or @maddie might be able to answer the question around what features are visible/accessible for this lock.

While waiting for a reply, I would post your screenshot in that other thread I posted above to that v3 customer that said everything is working in ST and see if they can tell you what features their lock shows under Things.

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thanks , I’ll do that. But which user is that Danalock v3 customer ?


In looking thru community posts, we see that you have the Danalock v3 and are using it with the rboy Lock SmartApp and Enhanced Universal DH.

The customer above @mrmrmrmr recently purchased this same lock and has installed / configured everything but only sees Lock / Unlock / AutoLock as features when looking at the device in Things (see screenshot above). Do you have additional features of the lock that show up or is that how your lock looks as well?

Hey @mrmrmrmr open the device in Things and scroll all the way to the bottom and hit Refresh several times. Do the additional features start showing?

I forgot about this little trick.

For my Yale set up with Rboy’s DH and App, whenever I do an Rboy lock software update, it usually just takes a while for that UI screen to “re-populate” with all of the various options & goodies. It’s definitely not instantaneous for me, nor does it happen within just a few minutes.

It’s always been that way, and is no big deal to me… If I just let it settle in for a bit, the UI stuff always populates eventually. Perhaps it just takes time to ripple down? Dunno.

But I’m really pleased with Rboy’s stuff, so it’s a minor inconvenience that I’m more than happy to deal with.


Yep. That’s why I posted that little tip/trick above for @mrmrmrmr to try. That forces the additional blank items in the tiles to show up when hitting the refresh button from inside the device. It dawned on me after I looked at the screenshot again and one of the additional features showed and the rest were blank. :slight_smile:


ok. I’m trying it. It has been 20 times now but still no change.
@Hydro how long does it take for you ? I have no problem with waiting, but it has been already more than 1 hour. I bet it is not more than that for you ?

If that didn’t work, open the device again and select the Gear Icon and Save again.

nope , that did not do it…

Open the SmartApp up from Automations/SmartApps and validate that the lock is in there and then Save all the way through until it exits you out of the SmartApp and then go back to the device and if the features are still blank do the Gear Icon and Save again.

Honestly, I can’t say how long it takes. Everytime it happens, I remember yet again what the deal is, and then I just frankly end up forgetting about it until sometime much later (usually at least a day or so). I don’t have any need reference that screen on a regular basis, so it’s just simply not something that’s high on my radar.