[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Hello, I’m using the Lock multi user code management ver 5.05. Under lock/unlock actions I am trying to setup a scenario where SHM is automatically disarmed when the door is unlocked. Right now I have “Disarm Smart Home Monitor” enabled, I also have a routine which deactivates SHM running when the door is unlocked. However, my SHM keeps detecting intrusions after unlocking the door. Any suggestions?

Sounds like you have a timing issue there. When the Door is Unlocked, the SHM is still Armed and when the Routine executes, it disarms the system after the door is unlocked. The way I am running my inside garage door lock that is being monitored by SHM as well is the following.

I have my Disarm Routine that when my GPS (Geofence) is within the perimeter, automatically open my Garage Door (MyQ) and when my Garage door opens, Disarm system and set Mode to Home, and when my Garage Door Sensor is Open and my Mode is Home, Unlock Garage Door. That’s using just standard ST routines.

Although I don’t have Core or WebCore setup, that may have different timing parameters to bypass the timing issues you have, but if you have another way as I described above to trigger routines and something not monitored by SHM you can do it the way I am doing.

Just some thoughts.

Yes, geofencing works well for disarming SHM. However, that requires the smartthings app installed. For example, if I have a babysitter that comes every so often but doesn’t have the smartthings app, (and don’t want to give out access to all of my smartdevices on smartthings), disarming using geofencing can’t work. I would probably have to get one of those arrival sensors no? Or, tell whoever is opening the door to wait a few seconds after keying in code before opening the door.

That’s definitely one way. Giving her an Arrival Sensor would work, but you still have the timing issue if you are going to try and Disarm and Unlock the Door using a single Routine.

Without getting overly complex if you were to go that route and give her a Physical Arrival Sensor, I would create two routines.

  1. When her Arrival Sensor is Present and system is in whatever Armed State, Disarm SHM, and set the Mode (create a custom mode called her name or something) and set the system to that.

  2. 2nd routine, when her Arrival Sensor is Present and the Mode is “her name”, unlock the door.

Just a thought. You can also do something like this without giving her an Arrival Sensor. The Echosistant @SBDOBRESCU @bamarayne App has a Device Handler that allows you to add a Virtual Presence Device that you can within ST set to Present or Not Present simply by clicking on it so you can still keep control of your system without giving her anything. You would have the same routines above and when she says she is at your place, you can click on the virtual device to Present and the routines will fire. I’m only giving you some very basic ideas without having to put a whole lot of time and energy in, because there are more complex and powerful ways to execute some of these things with some other SmartApps that are available.

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Also for that Device Handler I mentioned, I don’t believe you have to setup everything for Echosistant. You can just create the new Device Handler in your IDE and then create the Device in IDE with that Device Type Handler and that will target what I described in my previous post.

However, mentioning Echosistant, if you don’t already have this App and you have an Echo, I strongly recommend you take a look at the whole SmartApp. Having two way intercom conversations with your babysitter while you are away (with all the new features of the latest Alexa release). Sending Notifications, alerting your Babysitter with predefined voice notifications at a specific time while she is there. You can have a field day.

Actually, would a smartbutton work like a the xiaomi smart button? I guess the question is, if i’ve already triggered an “intrusion” which i’ve set a delay before the siren goes off, and I run a routine that disarms the alarm, does that disarm the alarm that has been set off?

Unless she has a smart button in her car, you aren’t going to get around the intrusion message. If you setup two routines that fire one after another based on different criteria you can eliminate the intrusion detection altogether.

Short summary for the two routines I detailed above

  1. Disarm ST Status based on Presence sensor (whether or not is a physical Arrival Sensor or the Virtual that I mentioned) being Present and SHM Status is Armed (Away). Also set mode to “Babysitter”. You can add custom modes via IDE. It comes with Home, Away, Night.

  2. Unlock doors automatically when Presence Sensor is Present, Status of SHM is Disarmed and Mode is Babysitter

That does everything you want it to in a very simple way.

Goto your Locations in IDE and create New Mode here:

Modes (create new)

5 second addition

If you want to keep control of everything and have her rely on you to kick off the Automations via her presence, create a New Device Type Handler with the code below and then add a Device called Babysitter using this DTH, otherwise get her an Arrival Sensor.

DTH from Echosistant:

I know this started out as a question pertaining to the Lock and SHM, but it’s really about automation of your system, including disarming and unlocking a lock. I might suggest starting a new post specific to automations, routines, capabilities so as to not hijack this thread for your particular ask :slight_smile:

Agreed. Thanks for the help and suggestions. Will certainly try them out. Wish there was a way to make it work With the lock keypad alone, but unfortunately it looks like we’re not quite there yet. Saw some threads about trying to disarm using 3rd party keypad, and that this app on combination with the schlage connect would be a good solution…

I have Yale YRD120s with keyless electronic touchpad and I love them. Using with the RBoy App and Universal DTH. The only way you are going to get around this without some other SmartApp like Core or WebCore that might allow the timing aspects you are looking for, if you are monitoring the locks via SHM in order for you to not have an intruder alert, then you first have to have the Status set to Disarmed via Action A) before you attempt to have the door unlock with Action B). Either remove the Lock from SHM and then you avoid that issue, or perform two routines that disarming the system first and then the 2nd routine that follows by unlocking the lock. To do it the way I gave in my example that will take no more than 15 minutes to setup and test (and will cost 0 $ if you use the Virtual Person). If you like how that works with the virtual presence device and you want to give the babysitter a way to have this automatically work without your control, spend the $29.99 at Best Buy and get her an Arrival Sensor, then simply modify the two routines from the virtual sensor to the physical Arrival Sensor.

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I just wanted to say that I am also seeing the “mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:000” issue with my two Schlage locks. I have tried repeatedly to repair them, even taking them as close as one inch from the hub and it still takes many attempts and quite a bit longer to get them to even be seen in the app. I have also tried removing them, then I did a general device exclusion, and then just for good measure I factory reset them by pulling the battery, pushing the schlage button and then pushing it again after reinserting the battery. Even after all that and rebooting the hub I am still seeing the mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:000 every time I try to pair.

I can also confirm that pairing the locks to an iris hub is significantly faster and while paired to the iris hub I am able to see the successful code entries on the locks. I am unable to see any info relating to keypad entry or unlocking via the keypad in the recently tab in the smarttings app.

I am seeing the following error in the Recently tab though:
Basement Door contact developer is unkn own lock. Contact developer quote MSR null

I have been noticing something strange recently, codes are not being removed from the lock when using the app (for me anyway).

I thought it was an anomaly, but i just verified it is happening, i had six codes set, i went in the smart tings app and changed the count to 5, making sure that the 6th user was in fact gone.
Much to my surprise, i can go out and use the 6th code without any problems, and it also text messages me the old name it was set to.

i decided to remove the app and then reinstall it in the Smarthings app, but the result was the same.
It is as though the codes arent getting purged.

And for some reason text messaging has stopped working. i put in one number and it doesnt send the alert anymore.
I tried putting in two, but the keyboard doesnt change so that i can use a ; in the field.

This is an issue likely related to the new firmware as it started happening a few months ago after a firmware release, it’s also happening with the stock ST DH, please contact ST support and report it to them to investigate it @nastevens FYI as requested

The solution that folks have found after experimenting is:

  1. REBOOT the HUB - Do not skip this step, it’s critical and wait for it to reboot (about a minute)
  2. Exclude the lock from the hub
  3. Bring the device close the hub within 2-3 feet
  4. REBOOT the HUB - Do not skip this step, it’s critical and wait for it to reboot (about a minute)
  5. Pair the lock

Most likely your z-wave network has degraded, try to reboot the hub and do a z-wave repair. As for notifications suddently stopped folks are reporting that randomly across the forum in most cases it just fixes itself after a few days. Platform is probably having Monday blues :wink:

I have tried that 3 times and am still seeing the same behavior. My original post may not have been completely clear but I did say that “Even after all that and rebooting the hub I am still seeing the mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:000 every time I try to pair.”

I understand that this is an issue with the hub firmware and not your app. And I have posted this same info to the firmware release thread. I will also be contacting smartthings support directly about this issue. I just wanted to add my voice and experience to the discussion.

Thanks for all the time and effort you have put in to these great add-ons. I just hope that this firmware regression is resolved quickly so that I can use them to their full potential.

I hope so too :slight_smile: Try one more thing, reboot the hub first and then exclude the device, then reboot the hub and pair it again. One user mentioned the trick for him was to reboot the hub before excluding the device.

Is it possible to have a schedule that’s only active when specific users aren’t present? We’d like to have a code for the cleaner, but have it only work on Fridays between 12-4 AND only work if we’re out.