[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Interestingly the difference between a small shop and a billion dollar shop like Apple is that Apple spends $100’s of millions on focusgroups and surveys and market research to build them devices/apps - we just tap into our community for ideas and hope to give back to people what they want and in return we expected to be compensated for the time and effort.
On the flip side there are lots of really nice “abandoned” apps floating around because the authors no longer the “time” to maintain them. So us asking for a few bucks of the 100’s of hours of effort we put into building, fixing and enhancing apps. Hmm…

I just hope you don’t take offense when I give for free what you are essentially selling. It was always my intention to do so, and I’ve made that clear before I knew (or you announced) that you intended to post the same thing as a “required donation” item.

Here lies the essence of the problem with required “donations”. If you aren’t providing me with a service/product that I can’t get for free or is something WAY better then what is out there for free i’m not going to “donate”. I respect what you are trying to do, but you need to provide a actual service not just host currently free stuff and call it yours.

Also, please be very forthcoming with your "requirments. the sentence “If you like the Apps consider supporting our development efforts.” Is very misleading. It should say, “for access to our server please provide a required $10 payment to support the maintanence of the server”.

Using words like “consider” makes it seems not required when it completely and obviously is.

I have no problem with charging for a service, but please don’t be misleading. Be honest and forthcoming.

P.S. @rboy You are in violation of Pay Pals terms of service to call payment for services “donations” unless you are a certified not-for-profit company. I’d be careful because if Pay Pal finds out they will withold all “donations” permanantly and can require you to payback those “donations” to people who “donated”

This is something that i would pay money for. Something that I, or a lot of people on this forum could not create, that adds value to my life.

I don’t have much free time anymore but if you need help Gary let me know :smile:

@garyd9 I also am low on time right now (and skills) but am more than happy to help out where I can. I am a great tester :smile:

@garyd9 and @tslagle13 thanks for all you guys do for this community, you are a couple of cool cats… (get it? Cats?)

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@garyd9 no offense at all and I applaude your efforts. It forces us to think harder and innovate more. We all, like you, love to contribute back to the community and that’s why platforms like ST/Linux and works exist (othewise we’d charge 50 bucks an app and patent the heck out of it :smile: . I completely understand and our goal is to fill the gaps if and where they exist.

@tslagle13 thanks for pointing it out, I’ll have it corrected. The contribution is for our time, the server and like I said many users have come back with requests, bugs and suggestions all of which take more effort to implement and maintain. But like I said no one is forced to sign up, we try to price is fairly and there are always other options available. You guys play a key role in the community and I completely support it.

The freebie version. ;):


@RBoy - a nice addition to your existing PIN management tools would be to hit configuration parameter 0x10. It allows reading/writing the PIN length.

I’ll be adding an attribute called “pinLength” and command “setPinLength()” to my device type to support that. (It’d be nice if everything worked together.)

Unless you already have an attribute/command for that, in which case I’d be happy to use what you have already (again, so things work together.)

Take care

yes I thought about that and a few other features which I’ve disabled on purpose for now (pin length, auto lock, local mode etc) since they have potential disastrous effects if the user isn’t careful about how they’re using it.
Pin length esp since when you change the pin length it wipes out ALL existing codes. So anyone “playing with it” have serious issues.

I guess I could include the code to change pin length but in terms of adding the feature to the code mgmt app I need to think about how to manage the consequences (ST doesn’t allow pop up’s).

Agreed. I wrote the code for the pin length stuff, but then commented out the line for setting it, as it can be very destructive. Perhaps some things should difficult to use to protect the user.

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I need my Schlage Camelot lock to report the Code # that was used for entry. I would also like to be able to restrict specific codes to specific times of day.

We use a cleaning service and I would like to know when the code is used (logged and an alert sent to my phone). I want to also restrict access so someone cannot attempt to use the code outside of the hours that I have posted. Does your custom code support any of this capability?

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Schlage doesn’t support time of day operations yet (AFAIK). As for reporting the code yes there’s an app on the server “Notify and Change Mode on Door Lock-Unlock” which can do what you’re looking for.
What you can do is use the app to try to relock the door when the code is used outside the hours but there’s no guarantee it’ll work if the ST platform has delays in comm, so e.g. when someone uses a code and you don’t want them to use it, you can configure the app to relock the door, but the delay between the lock reporting to ST and ST sending a command back to lock it may not be enough.

@RBoy, have you considered extending your app to provide scheduled lock codes? It seems that this should be doable using ST’s own scheduling. As well, you can use param 6 from the configuration report to determine if a set/delete worked (which would be a way to validate beyond the device type’s internal state cache/variables.)

So, if someone said they wanted a code active from 6am to 9am, I guess you’d schedule something at 6am to turn on the code, and then query for configuration parameter 6. If the config report wasn’t returned (or returned unexpected results) within a few minutes, just send the code set again. Then do the reverse at 9am.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing with this lock’s device type, it’s that it’s a Good Thing to expect commands to (or from) the lock to get lost in the ether. I try to Validate EVERYTHING. :smile:

EXACTLY! It’s easy to implement but the reason I’ve refrained from putting the code in the device type is exactly that, ST won’t retry (see my thread on it it and response from ST team, it’s due in 2015) and won’t inform you that it failed. It is potentially dangerous given the ST platform instability that this feature is included and that it doesn’t work there by letting someone into the house.

But it’s worth a shot if the users are okay taking a chance that it “may” not work.

I think the reality is that we are talking about someone who is authorized to have the pin code and we just want to know if they use it outside of the hours we authorize them to. Certainly once ST adds retry/validation that would be the best. But in the mean time I think a valid work around is to set a mode called House cleaner mode to run during the times you want them to have access. And then use “home on unlock too” to change to home mode if the code is used but only if you are in cleaner mode. Yes I’m aware that the pin would still work if they tried it outside of cleaner mode, but my away mode would still be active and I would be more than aware that someone entered when they shouldn’t. Just my thought

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@greg since the idea is only to be notified the “better” and more reliable way is to get a notification using the app (there are 2 apps, one for notifying and changing mode and another one that just notifies). Then you can take “action” call them or lock door etc.

I’ll experiment with the schedule and post back if I’m able to see it work atleast reasonably reliably.

Is it possible to have this integration trigger the alarm on the door, like a panic button?

Unfortunately no, that was one of my initial thoughts but the way the current lock specifications are designed you can’t manually set off the alarm, only set the sensitivity and use the notification to trigger other alarms (which can be done).

This alarm is LOUD so my first thought was to use this as the alarm for the setup, but can’t find a way to trigger it yet. Am talking to Schlage if they plan to incorporate this in future designs.

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Update device app to add 2 features on user request - please use with caution:

  1. Enable/disable the unlock keypad (outside)
  2. Auto lock

Am looking for some feedback on the icons and visual aspect of these 2 buttons. Please feel free to ping me with your thoughts. For now they are color coded when auto lock is enabled or the keypad unlock is disabled since they have a significant impact on the operation of the lock. So please use with caution again.