[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

First there is nothing wrong in commenting or uncommenting it. Infact this
is the exact poll I’ve setup in my previous post. Since ST does not allow
dynamic enabling and disabling of capabilities what’s the best way to
handle some capabilities like Smoke and Motion Detection and Door position
sensors which some locks support but others don’t.
It just a visual discomfort if these are enabled but not supported by the
lock. Should the users have to comment or uncomment the capabilities?

Do vote on the previous post.

poll completed.

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Could you perhaps use a CASE statement to have the user select the kind of lock and thus have the features enabled off of that? I am wondering about whether commenting or uncommenting code will need to be repeated by the user on every code update?

ST doesn’t allow for dynamic enabling/disabling of capabilites otherwise this wouldn’t be an issue. We can identify the lock model and features in the code without any user intervention.

Yes for every code update

Do vote!

Hi everybody.

I am about to head home and connect my brand new Samsung ST to my network and start experimenting. I have spent the last few days reading this and other forums and I must say I am eager to start my project.

One of the device I am about to connect is the Id-lock door lock. I expect it to work and maybe even better with your custom application @rboy but I do have a question:

The ID-lock is limited to two access codes: one master and one user. Does your software - in one way or another - support creation and programming of temp codes on this lock? (Maybe utilizing the slot for the user code) If so - can these codes be enabled/disabled based up on time and date?

I have asked the manufacturer if they plan to extend this functionality but I have not yet gotten an answer.

Thank you kindly.


@rboy I have

IDLock RFID interface requires a special programming interface which currently isn’t supported by this DH yet. It can report on usage etc but can’t program just yet. If there is enough demand we may consider making a new DH which allows it to remotely program the codes (which isnt’ as straight forward as a standard Z-Wave lock and is far more complicated).
Meanwhile you can program the codes in locally and then use the DH to configure the lock and report on the usage, and then use the User Management App to execute events etc based on those notifications.

If folks haven’t voted for the default functionality please do VOTE here.

Have just subscribed, and have to say that I love your work… I’d love to see more around universal camera support, if you’re looking for a next project :slight_smile: I can’t believe all this functionality is lacking in SmartThings.

I have a few queries:

I have a Yale Keyfree (Gen6 UK)

Firstly, my Code Entry icon is missing from the tiles… I would have expected to see it for this model.

Secondly, I tried switching off the auto lock, thinking that it would allow me to set when and how I want to manually lock the door… but as soon as I manually locked the door again, the AutoLock was re-enabled. Is this a Yale thing, or is this a Device Handler thing?

Thirdly, when I did that (even though she’s in Silent Mode) she Shouted “PASSAGE MODE ENABLED”… that was a surprise, and probably woke up the wife. lol

I also have the User Manager installed, but in the logs, it still identifies the code as User 1, rather than by the name defined in the manager… expected behaviour?

EDIT: Regarding the speaking it need to be configured on the lock and
can’t be done remotely (it only be turned on / off remotely and the language can be changed remotely (why??)).

As for the name I think you’re confusing the SmartApp and the DH. The DH
has no idea about names that’s defined in the SmartApp. The DH only goes by
users. The SA maps it to names and when the SA notifies you it will map the
user to the name.

Adam I’m in the UK with the same lock. I also thought the design of the auto lock was rather stupid. If you don’t want auto lock on then every time you unlock the door you have to remove the plastic cover and press the button for passage mode. So I have a piston in core running that switches passage mode on every time it sees the door unlocked. Also all the speech drives you mad so the same piston enables silent mode.

Also what seems wrong is if you go to silent mode it turns off the key pad beeps so I have another person which disables silent mode when the door is locked.

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I have just made my vote and I appreciate the work put into both the app and DH. I have now gotten as far as using the master slot for my family access code and the other slot can be used as a temporary - timed - code for service personell etc. Love it. (But I do hope Idlock implements the positiblity for more codes to be added making the lock more personal)

Another question has popped up: Is it possible to trigger the “enable/disable autolock” in events? Right now it seems to be a manual operation that has to be executed from the device itself.


Hi @RBoy, not sure what you mean by configuring the speaking on the lock… isn’t that just what silent mode does?

I’m using Stringify to run most of my rules, So I noticed that the auto lock and audio off didn’t pass through as a switch capability. I guess for that I’ll have to create a virtual button? Could the DH be configured to present those as switch capabilities so that they can be configured by Stringify?


@NOITAIDAR I’m going to request @eskdale to share a screenshot of his CoRE rule for his Yale Keyfree speaking setup :slight_smile:

Yes you can use the enableAutolock and disableAutolock commands through a SmartApp or a rule engine like CoRE

Sorry for all the questions… just trying to get the setup right.

I’ve got the auto lock time on my Yale KeyFree set to 60 seconds in the app, and if I manually unlock the door, it does that.

If I unlock it via ST, or Stringify, it only stays unlocked for 10 seconds! I remember seeing something in the manual about a separate settings for HA timeout, but I was surprised that the ST DH doesn’t modify that setting too?

The log for these HA unlocks states ‘unlocked with timeout’ rather than just ‘unlocked’ that I get manually or with the key code.

@eskdale, with your piston, does it say “Passage Mode” every time the piston switches it on? It sounds like what you’re saying is that setting silent mode will negate the “Passage Mode” alerts… but I already have mine in silent mode.

Did you open the device settings page and try to change it?

Hi - For my 2 core pistons all I’ve done is created 2 simple pistons see photos.
Core screen shots for 2 pistons
When the lock changes to unlocked it disables Autolock and disables audio. So when you unlock you get a voice saying that the lock is unlocked and passage mode is enabled but no other voices every time you go through the door.
When the lock changes to locked I re-enable the audio so that the buttons beep when you press them. It’s much easier for users that are keying in codes if they beep. When you lock you don’t get any audio so it doesn’t wake anyone but if you want confirmation if you lift the handle a second time then it does say Securely locked.

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Had previously changed the timeout from 30 to 60 on the settings page, but it only updated the keypad unlock timeout, not the remote timeout setting

@eskdale, thanks. That most likely won’t be Wife Approved. Lol. I’ll have to stick to the standard 60 second timeout. I wonder how high I can push that…strong text

So what do you need to get Wife approval? My Partner didn’t like it speaking all the time (But neither did I). Now it only speaks the first time you unlock it. So as there is usually someone at home this is only once a day - there is no speech normally when you open the door when its not locked. If you don’t want the buttons to beep then don’t have the second piston and you shouldn’t get any speech - but I find the occasional speech reassuring. Jon

To those having issues with lock communicating with the hub, be advised that SmartThings will not support anyone using custom DTH’s. Two of my 4 locks are experiencing the inability to lock/unlock via ST, both of which are Schlage Touch Screen Deadbolts and both are farthest from the hub and likely relying on a repeater to communicate.

I switched back to the normal DTH at the request of support and the issue largely cleared up, although there’s a significant lag which never used to exist. Also at the request of support, unpaired and repaired one of the locks, and it took 2 hours and over a dozen attempts to successfully re-connect. Z-Wave secure inclusion kept failing, despite the lock being moved within 3 feet of the hub. Eventually it decided to connect.

I definitely think something was broken by the last hub update as these issues didn’t start until after it was pushed.

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