[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Likely due to the hub firmware update, getting reports of all kinds of issues with existing devices that have stopped working. The typical symptom is communication from device -> hub works but hub -> device does not work. Also a Z-Wave network repair would fail on such devices.

Try these 2 options (your choice):

  1. Cold reboot - unplug and remove batteries from hub for 30 minutes
  2. Exclude and repair the device

anyone able to see the website to download the handler?

You need to subscribe to RBOYAPPS to download the device handler. I did and have installed the handler, it works well and there is nothing else similar. It’s not cheap but it does work and if you compare the time to write it yourself it is very cheap.

The website is back up now, had an ISP issue. Thanks for your patience.

I unplugged my hub for an hour, and still the same issue…
I guess I should unpair / pair like I did last week .

Even my thermostat is not responding anymore… great… so fed up with Smartthing at the moment… between the routines not triggering and my devices working half way… it’s really annoying.
I guess this is down to the update they did.

Frustrating! Please report it to ST support. Until enough folks report it
they won’t accept the firmware has an issue. Right now they are treating it
like independent anomalies

Also if you have a v2 hub you need to remove the batteries also in addition
to unplugging it.

Sorry for the basic question but I am new to Smarthome and I am not a developer. This is all very interesting to me and I would like to start learning and setting my home up. Do any of the Smart locks work by detecting you phone and opening automatically when you get near the lock?

The only two I know of right now is the Yale Assure lock line and Danalock BTZU (Bluetooth w/Z-Wave). For the Yale lock there is a Z-Wave or ZigBee module you can buy to integrate with SmartThings.

Though it is pricy, I’d recommend the Yale over Danalock.


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You can do that if you’re using a short distance presence sensor like the
SmartThings presence sensor.

Francky: Any update to your lock?

I’m seeing the same symptoms. I’ll report to SmartThings as well.

Tagging @Aaron. Finding this hard to be a coincidence that so many users
with beaming devices are finding the same issue with devices that were
working earlier but suddenly stopped working. May be worth investigating so
it doesn’t happen again in future updates.

I didn’t spent much more time on that issue, I spent enough time on ST recently.
And if I call they will ask to change the battery, unpair, pair… and it might work but that’s what I did last week and the issue came back anyways.

Lock is reporting its unlock or lock status but cannot be controled.

Yes that’s the issue I’m seeing with the new hub firmware update which seem
to be affecting beaming devices. It has one way control. Device can update
hub but hub can’t update (control) device. The only reliable solution is to
exclude the device and pair it again. But do report to ST support otherwise
they won’t investigate / fix it. You don’t need to follow up with them.
Just report it.

Thanks - I reported earlier today.

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This is the exact same issue I am having with the BE369. I added it, can control it, but it won’t assign codes. It acts like it’s working every time but none of the codes function at the lock. I’ve done everything possible (exclude, include, cold cycle hub, etc) to no avail. Anyone have this issue and solve it? This lock worked perfectly on Vera and Nexia in the past.

I put in a support ticket with SmartThings and they had me jump through all the hoops - resetting, unpair/pair, exclusion, etc. I finally got it working - but as Francky reported, it only worked for a few days and is no longer working.

I am noticing similar issues with random devices not working - it’s really getting frustrating now.

Macvangelist - I’d suggest submitting a ticket with SmartThings support and reference this thread.

I’m now seeing the same sort of things with locks not behaving properly, status wrong, etc. A few times I’ve been able to use the app to trigger the lock to change state but the app doesn’t refresh to show it. You have to physically look at the door to know if it is locked or not. I was initially thinking it was a signal problem somehow. I moved a wi-fi repeater that was near the locks (and has been for many months with no problems) and then did a z-wave repair. That seemed to help a bit but it is still not working properly.

Are others still having this issue, too?


Yes, I’m still having issues. In fact, it’s not responding at all and I’ve given up trying to get it working for now.

SmartThings support has been helpful, but they say it’s not due to the firmware update and it’s more of a mesh issue on my system.

Going to just wait it out for a bit and see if there’s an actual fix.

A question to the community/users for some feedback, there are some capabilities which are unique to some locks e.g.:

  • Fire alerts for IDLock
  • Door open/closed state for IDLock
  • Motion tamper alerts for Schlage

If we enable all these capabilities by default the lock Device Handler will report itself as a Smoke detector, Motion sensor and Door Open/Close sensor. Obviously, for locks which don’t support reporting these states they will show by default as “clear”, “no motion” and “closed” respectively.

The question is, what should be the default (out of the box) capability state of the Device Handler w.r.t these lock specific capabilities (vote below):

  • The device handler enables these capabilities by default, it reports the default states if the lock doesn’t support them
  • Users have to enable these capabilities in the code (uncomment the respective capability lines) if their lock supports reporting them

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UPDATE: After re-reading your previous post, I agree with the poll. Most of us should have the know-how to edit code if we are at this level of using custom DHL’s. There is always the risk of a typo (PEBKAC error), but still think it is worth it to make the devices not pop up additional capabilities that it can’t use/support.

I have a Schlage Touchscreen Handle Lock Set.
I am using your DHL for this, which works amazing! However was curious about the “Smoke Sensor” that shows up when connecting via HomeBridge.

It threw me off for a bit… I looked up on the internet about this lock and couldn’t find anything in regards to the Smoke Sensor so guessing this is not applicable to this lock? Or is there a bonus feature I wasn’t aware of?

For the meantime, I commented out the capability for Smoke Detection, which made the sensor no longer show up in HomeBridge. The lock appears to be function fine. I did want to run this past you to see if there are any ill/side effects of doing this?