[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

It’s a lock limitation. It doesn’t report RFID transactions to the zwave

@RBoy I purchased the smart app, but am having some issues with getting to work. It seems like I did everything and the app shows up in my list of smart apps, but when I try to add a user and code combination, the code never updates to the lock even though ST says that it was installed and running successfully.

Also - I installed your code as a smart app, but do I also need to install something as a device handler? I admit to being a bit new to this, so it is entirely possible that I have done something wrong.

I have a Yale T1L deadbolt.


This you should be installing the Universal Z wave device handler (this thread for for the DH and not the SmartApp) for an optimal experience.
If the lock isn’t updating the codes then it’s likely the lock isn’t able to communicate with the hub properly. Try rebooting the hub and repairing the zwave network.
See the trouble shooting steps in the first post for the SmartApp thread.

I guessed that was the case. Thanks for the quick response!

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@RBoy was your post in response to mine? If so, the base ST functions work fine (lock unlock, triggers, etc.) but just the functions specific to your app don’t work. I have both the smart app and the device handler installed.

If the base ST Z-Wave triggers are working, so you still recommend rebooting the hub and repairing the network?

Yes. See the FAQ’s in the first post as well

Do you know if the IDlock works in US? It seems to have a Z wave module that is purchased separately…


###Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock and Schlage Lock, Yale Lock, Kwikset Lock and IDLock Device Handler - Version 3.0.5

  • < no change >

###Schlage Lock Alarm Mode and Sensitivity Change and Monitor - Version 1.1.2

  • Patch for ST’s “ghost” routines causing some users to get an error while trying to configure actions

I have autolock enabled and yaleRelockTime set to 240 (allowing time for multiple trips bringing groceries in the house).
The lock still relocks after 30 seconds even with the 240 relock time.
Is there something additional I need to do to make the change effective i.e. reboot, re-pair etc?
This is with a Yale YRL210, device handler 3.0.4 and app version 5.1.3.
Apologies if this has been covered previously…

No just hit refresh and it should reprogram the lock. Couple of things to check:

  1. You haven’t enabled autorelock in the SmartApp, making sure that app isn’t relocking
  2. Open IDE Live Logging, hit refresh on your phone device page and see what value shows up for the autoRelock time

Thanks the live logging helped! Also realized I had a range issue as the lock was only responding to some commands. Once I put the hub on a higher shelf things worked much better.

So if I set it to 240 in the device handler, I saw “yaleRelockTime:240” but then later “‘descriptionText’:Auto relock time 180 seconds” in the log, and it relocked in a little over 3 mins. Looks like that is the max for this lock.

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Why is my lock keep polling for battery status and is grayed out.

No idea, ask ST support looks like a phone app bug.

I want to use the rboy app which does notifications, sets routines, etc, but does not manage lock entry codes. I see I should use this handler for maximum compatibility, but I really do not want the 2 extra buttons in the app for the device that prevent codes from being used for entry, and the auto-relock button. I have been using a ST built-in app for auto relock, which checks that the door sensor reports closed before re-locking. This handler’s auto-lock does not seem to check, and locks it while the door is open. I also locked everyone out today because I inadvertently tapped the button preventing code entry. Is it possible to easily remove these buttons but still use this handler?

Yeah sure that’s easy, just edit line no 273:

details([“toggle”, “lock”, “unlock”, “codeunlock”, “alarm”, “sensitive”, “autolock”, “beeper”, “battery”, “refresh”])

And remove whatever you don’t want to see on your phone, in your case codeunlock and autolock. So it’ll look this this:

details([“toggle”, “lock”, “unlock”, “alarm”, “sensitive”, “beeper”, “battery”, “refresh”])

Fantastic! I was hoping it would be that easy!

Edit: Worked like a champ.

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Hi RBoy, Great work on your DH and apps. I have an issue with an FE469 lock, and your DH, even though I have an FE469 I keep getting error "front door lock contact developer is unsupported lock quote MSR 003B-6341-5044. so it seems it’s not detecting my lock correctly? Thanks.

EDIT : in addition thought I would provide all info on the tag on the plate, FE469NX, 5857340-153 part number, FW Version MAIN_6.8, Model 23685159

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The DH will work fine with all your functionality working because it uses the event response based discovery mechanism to discover what features the lock support and then enable those features, hence the future proof description. However since we haven’t explicitly added this newer model in the database it is asking you to contact us. Please PM me your device fingerprint (IDE -> My Devices -> Select this lock) and we will update our database. But like I said it shouldn’t take away from any functionality.

Hi Rboy, when I was getting the errors I was also having a lot of problems with ST loading on my cell phone any properties or saving the smartapp settings… going back to the default DH fixed this. at any rate, I believe what you are asking for is the raw description field? this is

zw:Fs type:4003 mfr:003B prod:6341 model:5044 ver:104.21 zwv:3.42 lib:06 cc:22,72,7A,98,86 sec:5D,85,20,80,70,62,71,63

thanks for your reply RBoy.

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Yes that’s it, thanks. And yes since custom code runs on the cloud and stock code on the hub it’s possible of the platform is running slow you’ll see all sorts of random errors trying to save/modify etc. Usually it’ll fix itself in a few hours, this week the platform has been having quite a few issues.