[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

The idea behind this update was to show unsupported for locks when some feature aren’t supported by the lock. E.g with a Yale lock or a Schlage FE599 it doesn’t support Alarms, so those features will show the icon as unsupported.

With the BE469 everything should show up normally. Are you using version 2.4.4?
We tested the BE469 in the lab here, maybe a bug in there I need to replicate. Can you PM me what you see on live logging when you hit the alarm or sensitivity buttons.

Hey all… I’ve been watching this thread for a while and thought I’d share with you my experience.

Quick Background: In December, I purchased the SmartThings basic kit. I first concentrated on integrating SmartThings with my pre-existing Honeywell Vista 20p hardwired alarm system. That project completed successfully yet I felt I sill needed to automate and integrate my door locks with the security system an SmartThings.

After extensive reading of these community forums, which I think is essential step for anyone stepping into the Home Automation experience, decided I needed to replace my “dumb”, ugly and old lock on my front door. After some consideration, I decided to go with a Schlage FE469NX LAT 619 CEN. This is the Century touchscreen deadbolt w/alarm model and it also comes with the handset grip. I needed to replace everything as the lock and doorknob on my entry door was downright hideous. I ordered the unit from Amazon.

I needed to prep the door for the deadbolt because my door did not have one. Fortunately, I already had all of the tools I needed to complete the job… hole saws, tape measures, chisels, etc. Because of my uncanny ability to measure twice, cut once and realize 1000 times later that my cut was still off target, the fear factor was high with me as I started to drill into my door. This time, I somehow got it right and the door was properly prepped. The physical install went fairly well, although I needed to make minor adjustments to the strike plate in the jam to ensure the deadbolt opened and closed without obstruction.

Installing the Schlage went incident free as well. The instructions were clear. I even studied several YouTube videos before hand so I could better visualize the steps written on the paper. The test of the unit went flawlessly and it worked! The problem? I installed and tested the deadbolt’s electronics, true. However, the basic setup does not include instructions on pairing with Z-Wave devices nor SmartThings. To include the lock on SmartThings, the lock must be within 10 feet of the SmartThings hub. I already knew this, but wanted to install the lock and test it first in door before I tried to pair it with my hub. So, after my successful test it wasn’t that difficult to remove the lock, take it downstairs to where my V2 hub was and successfully pair it with SmartThings.

The final step was to install the Device Handler and SmartApps from @RBoy. I picked up the Lock Multi User Management with Unlock Notifications, Advanced Scheduling and Automatic Lock/Unlock, the Schlage Lock Alarm Mode and Sensitivity Change and Monitor as well as the Schlage Z-Wave Lock with Alarm device handler. I willingly paid the lifetime access fee to download the code. Installation was easy (now that I’ve figured out IDE) and my locks are working perfectly!

Now, I always know the state of my front door (open/close) because of my alarm system notifications as well as I always know the state of my lock (armed/disarmed) because of RBoy’s apps. Next steps: assignment of user codes to the lock. My family uses codes for my Vista20p, so I may simply marry the codes to make it a bit easier for them to memorize all of the different codes they need to use if they were to not use their smart phones and manually input them into the keypads.

Anyway, my experience so far with SmartThings so far has been positive. My expectation going in was this was a technology not yet as simple as pressing the Staples Easy Button. The overall system design, configuration and installation needs to be carefully planning to make it useful and, more importantly, add the level of safety and security I am looking for in a Home Automation system. It’s one thing to have a light turn on and off via an iPhone and impress your friends at a party. It is quite another to know that as you are away from home on a business trip, that your system is helping to keep your family safe and secure.


Version 2.5.1
This release makes this device handler “future proof” in many respects. It allows for newer model of locks to work automatically without having to be hard coded. It now tries to discover and learn if the lock supports certain features and if so it’ll use them. If not it’ll prompt the user to contact the dev to add explicit support for it.

It also fixed an issue with keypad code enable/disable not working for the BE369

@Derrek113116 - this will fix your new model issue as well

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Version 2.6.2
Added support for Yale Lock features (Enabling/Disabling Keypad) and Auto ReLock.
Plug and play, configuration required, the code detects the type and model of the lock and automatically configures the feature available.

Just set up my lock with the app and handler today. After multiple tries, the app only seems to successfully program my first two user codes, and afterward will see “Code 3 is not set” (twice). I don’t even get any messages related to my 4th or 5th codes.
I see this error in the logs:
java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @ line 462

Looks like its related to unschedule()

This is an issue some users are facing due to the recent platfom update (I had it too) which breaks scheduling functions

. Fortunately there is a fix however you need to contact ST support. The engineers have a tool to fix the scheduling issue at the backend your instance is facing.

I installed your Universal Enchanced Z-Wave Lock for my Yale YRL-220-ZW-619 along with the Multi User Management smart app. I keep getting log entry that my lock is unknown with MSR 0129-0001-0000.

Thanks for reporting it, fixed with version 2.6.3
Try it out, hit refresh after updating the code.

Is there a way to adjust Jam sensitivity? Ever since I started using this device type, i keep getting Lock Jammed messages, even though the lock locks fine

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No it’s controlled by the lock. I do find that if I close the lock a little slow it sets off the jam signal.

When entering the code, I can’t control how fast it locks/unlocks…

Hmm, never seen that. Just thinking out alond, possible the batteries are weak causing the mechanism to turn slower. Possible the alignment is slight off (I’ve seen this happen) causing the lock to “stick” while closing which causes the jam (this is actually more likely, it should be silky smooth operations with no resistance at all ideally). On our test lock I noticed that after trying to open the door a couple of times while it was locked caused the "alignment’ to get slight off due to the bolt hitting the slot. If nothing else maybe a faulty servo. Schlage is very good at replacing defective pieces.

Batteries are still 100%. Could be slight alignment issue, it may have started when it got colder here

Mine says jammed when in fact it closed just fine. Often I worry when the dog walker or in laws stop by and leave, the lock says jammed. Fortunately I think 1 out of a dozen times it was actually jammed. May just be any sort of resistance causes this to trip.

Yes the jam sensor on the lock is very sensitive, if you close the door too hard and it bounced back a bit or didn’t close enough can set off the jam sensor on the lock. I would take a look a look at the door alignment one more time. On my door I put some extra weather striping on the sides to help hold the door in place (no bounce back) and after adjusting the slot I haven’t seen the issue crop up again

It is extremely sensitive, even when I manually lock my schlage connect if the lock doesn’t turn all the way (even that little bit where the deadbolt doesn’t extend anymore) you get a jammed notification. There appears to be about 5-10 degrees of wiggle room where the deadbolt doesn’t extend/retract. At least for me lol.

No I think you’re right, the BE469 demands a lot of precision, even for me. So I had to get the setup just right for it work without any jam notifications.

I jsut installed this device handler for my Schlage BE469. Getting unsupported for all the advanced buttons. Hit refresh with livelog running and am getting the MSR null error

b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:37 PM: debug "zw device: 03, command: 9881, payload: 00 80 03 61 " parsed to [‘name’:‘battery’, ‘unit’:’%’, ‘value’:97, ‘isStateChange’:false, ‘displayed’:false, ‘linkText’:‘Front Door Lock’, ‘descriptionText’:Front Door Lock battery is 97%]
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:37 PM: trace Battery 97%
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:11 PM: debug "zw device: 03, command: 9881, payload: 00 62 03 FF 00 00 FE FE " parsed to [‘name’:‘lock’, ‘value’:‘locked’, ‘isStateChange’:false, ‘displayed’:false, ‘linkText’:‘Front Door Lock’, ‘descriptionText’:Front Door Lock lock is locked]
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:11 PM: trace Battery 97%
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:11 PM: debug DoorLockOperationReport DoorLockOperationReport(doorCondition: 0, doorLockMode: 255, insideDoorHandlesMode: 0, lockTimeoutMinutes: 254, lockTimeoutSeconds: 254, outsideDoorHandlesMode: 0)
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: trace refresh sending [‘7204’, ‘delay 5000’, ‘9881006202’, ‘delay 5000’, ‘988100700507’, ‘delay 5000’, null, ‘delay 5000’, null, ‘delay 5000’, null, ‘delay 5000’, ‘9881008002’, ‘delay 6000’, ‘85010201’, ‘98810085010101’, ‘850202’, ‘988100850201’, ‘delay 5000’]
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: debug setting association
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: debug Lock Alarm mode not configured or not supported, deferring getting Alarm sensitivity level.
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: debug Unsupported device with MSR null, Alarm Sensitivity feature may not be available
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: debug Getting Sensitivity Level
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: warn Unknown device with MSR null, report it to developer
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: debug Getting auto lock state
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: warn Unknown device with MSR null, report it to developer
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: debug Getting keypad code unlock state
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: debug Unsupported device with MSR null, Alarm feature may not be available
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: debug Getting Alarm Level
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: debug Getting Device MSR
b6bdd815-33f8-4563-a439-00e781d1d651 2:07:03 PM: debug Refresh called, Device MSR is null

Getting the MSR is important to identify the lock model. Your lock isn’t responding to the MSR request. Try rebooting it and hit refresh a few more times. As soon as the MSR comes from the lock everything else will sart working. Move your hub closer to the lock and try it

I moved the hub to within 6 ft line of site, disconnected power to the lock for a couple minutes, connected power back and clicked refresh for the device in the app and still no luck. I’ll play more with it next week.