[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Thanks @RBoy

Another question. The Away mode on the ID Lock is linked to the “Code entry” in the app. And when the toggle switch is off, away mode is on, its very confusing. And its difficult for the users to actually know that the “code entry” means Away mode on the ID Lock since it has nothing to do with codes or keypad.

Is it possible to change the label to something like “Code entry / Away Mode” and also reverse the logic for the ID Lock. So when the toggle switch is on, away mode is on.

And if we can get the custom capabilities available in automations, away mode is a great way to enable and disable STHM directly from the lock. Would be a great add on to an already great integration.

When adding the IDLOCK 150 with this device handler an LUM setup.
The device shows up in app with an child sensor and I selected that specific the lock in LUM.
The lock & sensor however is offline in app, status from lock is shown in device list in smartthings api.

Also I had an issue when adding the Z-wave with IDLOCK150, in samsung smartthings it said that the device should be excluded proparly and that it was unsecure. Is this supposed to show up?
I am getting this: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY
Also the doorlock was goint nuts with sounds for some time.

It’s a platform outage causing devices to show offline in the mobile app, ST is aware of it.

The IDLock lock always beeps whenever it’s accessed. It’s a firmware design issue. The only way to partially disable it is to turn off the Audio on the lock (it will still beep when changing settings and programming users - you’ll have to contact IDLock to update the firmware if you want to completely disable it). As for the security level, that’s can happen when there’s packet loss while communicating and doesn’t affect its operation.

Thanks, yes it works now!

I have two IDLock 150 and I use zwave and zigbee module.

Do you have a device handler for the Zigbee module also?

I’m having a problem with the rBoy LUM, (using this Universal Enhanced DTH).

The problem I have is when doing the Add User routine in the LUM app, I add a user to one of my three locks, with only one lock selected, but
the user ends up on all three locks. When I delete the user from one lock, it deletes that user from all three. It doesn’t seem to matter which lock I select, it adds or removes the code on all three.

I had two different versions of this rBoy DTH installed in my Device Handlers: I used an earlier version of the rBoy DTH with two of my locks, and the latest version with the third lock.

I just today changed these locks to all use the latest version of the DTH (05.02.03), I first cleared the cache by temporarily selecting the DTH to be “Z-Wave Device”, killed and restarted the mobile app, and then reselected this latest rBoy DTH, but the problem persists.

Should I give it 24 hours to correct itself?

I have a guest/tenant that I don’t want to disturb if I can help it, with the “excluding and including the locks” fix… Only as a last resort, I hope.

Also, with LUM, how much time should I wait between changing settings, for example after adding a user (perhaps with the wrong lock selected by mistake), how quickly could I go back in and tell LUM to set the user to a different specific lock? (I do have a good repeater near the locks).

Thanks for any help!

Do not change the lock selection from the main page as that applies to all users, select ALL locks on the main page and it should not change thereafter. Select the locks on the individual user pages. For rental properties you may want to look at using Rental Lock Automater

Excellent, thank you. I’ll try that. That had stumped me, two ways to what seemed to be the same end.

I appreciate your help.


Hi, I have a Schlage Connect BE469ZP connected to a Smartthings Hub v3. I had it set up so what when I am close to home, I think within ~250 ft, the door unlocks using the automation feature of the Smartthings app. Sometimes when I’m already home… either a few minutes after already arriving home and the door automatically unlocking, or having been home for hours already… the door automatically unlocks again. It would never unlock randomly when I was not home. On rare occasions it would not unlock when I just arrive home.

Is this an issue of the device handler? Would using your device handler solve this issue, or is this more a Smartthings hub issue?

it’s almost certainly an issue with location detection and / or automation that manages the lock, not the lock or DTH code. The lock is only doing what it’s being told. Start your troubleshooting from that perspective.

Also for many location detection in ST is flaky at best.


Thanks, I figured something like that but I also knew that the default device handler was buggy with the Schlage Connect so I wanted to rule that out since there were known issues.

I did look at the event history and compared them to the notification timestamps, and I did see that my phone had “Occupied” events that lined up with when the unlock events occurred. So there is something weird with my phone having additional “arriving” events. My location is pretty precise when I check google maps. Would moving to a new hub be the best solution? (Especially since Samsung is no longer supporting the Smartthings hub?).

look at teh automation - I use Location mode as a precondition for both arrival and departure events, I also use the 'must be this way for XXX option of at least 1 minute to help smooth out the times when my GPS suddenly decides I’m in Iceland for no reason.

Okay, I’ll increase the radius and put in a timer for duration in the location. If I have any future issues I’ll make a new thread since I’m now off topic of this one.

Thank you for your help!

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Try expanding your geofence. 250 ft may be too small to be reliable given GPS drift, multipath, or possibly your phone switching cell towers. My geofence behavior got dramatically better when I increased it to 500m. This particularly helped with false departures and arrivals in the dead of night.

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I have a Schlage BE469, with DTH, LUM, and Schlage app installed.

This past week, for no reason, my Schlage door would go off at random, strange hours, indicating “tampering” going on. But I have a different 3rd party doorbell cam and garage flood light cams that shows nothing at the time of Schlage alarm…

What could be going on? …

Secondly, I wanted to know whether I could still do programming directly on the Schlage lock itself, even after installing Rboy DTH and apps, like setting delay on auto-lock or master code itself.


Ok. This is getting bad. My Schlage Lock alarm went off 15 minutes ago (Tamper Alert, again.)

An hour before, I turned off (at least, I believe did) the Schlage app and most other apps.

And again, 30 past midnight (2nd time this month for near midnight), the door alarm went off. Other times it has went off is during early evenings … well, just random.


For that I’d honestly call Schlage. Unless im mistaken, theres no way to trigger the tamper alarm off-lock so the alarm would be coming from the lock itself. If its generating false alarms id call it defective

Schlage has a really good (lifetime in most cases) warranty on these and they’ll probably replace it…

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So I’m going throw this idea far out in the left field:

What are the chances my devices, particularly my lock, is susceptible to signal interference… like wireless home phones in the 80s/90s?

Have a Schlage Century and Schlage Connect

I upgraded to SmartThings new app awhile ago and really hadn’t the need to use the smartapp / device in Smartthings. Recently I wanted to turn of autolock but I no longer see the AutoLock option in the device. I used to be able to see sensitivity settings, alarm options, etc. All I see now is lock state and battery status. I updated both Device Handler and Smart Apps, I can verify the new versions according to the version numbers but nothing’s changed.

Any help is appreciated.

You need to clear the cache, see the release notes here:

This is probably a dumb question. When you say cache , do you mean ST App cache?