[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

@RBoy I also am definitely noticing a much faster battery drain than before. I installed brand new batteries in both my doors late last week, and one of the doors is at 42% today and the other door needed new batteries today.

Assuming you haven’t made any changes to your setup, then it’s the lock and the Z-Wave module, esp some lock models Z-Wave modules start to give trouble over time and start consume more battery. Contact the manufacturer to get a replacement module.

The average life of a set of batteries is between 3 to 9 months depending up on the lock model and use.

See this post:

Also had a drastic battery drain recently…coincidence?

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Yea I don’t think so. I can’t say for certain, but I did upgrade the DH last week to the most recent version…and the battery drain started last week.

I do find it a little hard to believe that it is suddenly a hardware issue, but will track it for a while as I burn through batteries.

My battery drain - 2 weeks on a set of batteries - so have currently
removed z wave module and its been 3 weeks so far and still OK.
I’ve not updated the DH very recently mine must be Oct Nov last time I
Something is drastically wrong with a 2 Week battery life though

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TIP: While this device handler is compatible with SmartLocks, if you would like to see real time updates to the dashboard in Smart Locks (locking, unlock etc), change the name of the device handler in metadata section around line 150 from

name: “Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms”


name: “Z-Wave Lock”

Save and Publish -> viola, real time updates in SmartLocks


Does this fix the issue with “Smart Locks” not updating on the Dashboard screen when using this DTH?

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Thanks for posting this. I have struggled to make this work for me and I always got an unknown status. I did have to remove SmartLocks and reinstall it for the dashboard to update. Thought I would throw that out there in case anyone else has a similar issue.

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FYI - anytime you remove and reinstall the Smart Locks SA it updates to the correct status. You should unlock a door and see if it updates now.


Without this name change, the DTH updates SmartLock and but you need to “refresh” SmartLocks or change the page and come back to see the updates show up (that’s the issue we reported to SmartLocks).

With this modification it happens in realtime without having to “refresh” the page.

Well I’ll be darned. That works.

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try to only install DH and remove SA it may be help

I just found original SmartThings app support L1


I am considering to get a Danalock V3. The reason that I select Danalock is that it supports 3-4 times 360degree turning the lock. I live in Turkey and here we use locks that turn several times.

Now my questions:

  1. I have to use the BTZU (Zwave US model) because my Hub is using US Zwave frequencies.
    Does the BTZU model turn several times as in the EU model ?
  2. Zigbee model is another option because Zigbee frequency does not change wether in US or EU. But does the Zigbee model run with ST ? (with this device handler ?)
  3. Does the zigbee model have capability of turning several times ?

This DTH supports the Danalock V3 but it only works with Z-Wave versions.

thanks @RBoy but do you have any experience with Danalock V3 BTZU ?
Does it have the ability to turn 360 degree several times ?

tagging @cyberrage for Danalock

I’ve just bought into this. I sincerely believe there is a problem with the standard DH for the Yale Conexis L1 which means it runs the batteries down on a (best case) weekly basis.

I’m hoping that RBoy’s DH may be better.

The source code says that, as of 7.0, there is an option to only write new user codes, and not to rewrite all codes every time. But, I can’t find that option on my phone. Where is it?

I think you’re referring to the SmartApp for Lock User Code Management.

The new v7 app does it all automatically, it determines when to overwrite, when to do a clean slate, it tracks old codes, orphaned codes, duplicate codes, processes new updates automatically etc.
Essentially we’ve designed it to be self optimizing so you don’t need to worry about it. It detects if you changed just a few codes and will update those, so basically chooses the most efficient way to manage codes.