[RELEASE] Universal Ecobee Suite, Version 1.8.01

I manually removed everything via the Groovy IDE.

Hello. Thank you for all your time and effort into creating this app. It’s what I’ve been looking for. I’m new to ST and can find my way around most things. But I can’t seem to get past this step:

Finalizing Installation on SmartThings Mobile

It says to use the mobile App but I can’t find the Marketplace tab or the Smart Apps tab. Everything is installed and OAuth is setup. I just don’t know what to do next.

Thank you

Update: I seemed to have stumbled upon what I was looking for. In order to see these items, I had to go and start to create a routine. It was in the Discover tab. Once I did that, I had to relink to my Ecobee account. Then the thermostats came in.

My goal is that I want to be able to change the thermostats to AWAY when I leave the house. But all I see is the ability to set a temperature which doesn’t help me. Is there something I’m missing?

Thank you

Not sure if you are looking at the old instructions for the Legacy SmartThings App, but the Smart Apps are now on the Automations Tab. There are three accordions on this page, Scenes, Routines and SmartApps (scroll to the bottom). Hope that helps.

Thanks Jim. I didn’t have the SmartApps accordion on the automations page until I tried to create a new Routine. I scrolled to the bottom and that was where I found the SmartApps. It seems like the documentation I’ve been finding is for the old software.

That is odd and I am guessing a bug, as I am sure there are people that might add a SmartApp before adding a routine. I never ran into that, as I migrated all of my routines from the legacy app to the new one.

Anyway, you are trying to do the same thing that I use the Ecobee Suite Manager for (i.e. setting your Ecobee thermostats to Away when you leave home, using your phone as a presence sensor). What you want to use is the Mode/Routine/Switches/Program Helper. When you go into the Ecobee Suite Manager (in the SmartApps menu), select the Helper SmartApps tab and select this one from the list. The settings are pretty intuitive to get this working.

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I have installed ES from GitHub and it shows on mobile but when I try authorize via Ecobee Suite Manager>Ecobee API Authotrization>Ecobee Account Authorization I’m getting immediate invalid_token xml error… Not seeing how to fix it, I disabled 2FA on ecobee, waited a day, tried both iOS and android but it’s not helping.

Hi, @storageanarchy, with the complete transition from the Groovy IDE to the new LUA-based ecosystem for Smartthings, what is the future of your wonderful Ecobee Suite?

@storageanarchy I’d love to know as well! For the END IS NEAR

Q: What is the impact to my SmartApps (SmartLighting, Severe-Weather Alert, or custom SmartApps)?

**All other SmartThings and 3rd party created SmartApps will no longer be supported starting on September 30, 2022. Features once found in SmartApps can now be created using the SmartThings Scenes and Routines section of your app. This new feature set has the added benefit of faster controls and local execution.

My understanding is that “smartapps” or whatever they will be called, would still be possible in the future, they will need to be rewritten, however.


So when will we have a new driver for your suite?

At this point, I have no plans to undertake the time and effort required to rewrite the Ecobee Suite for the new SmartThings app environment.

I have long left the SmartThings environment, and can only support Ecobee Suite as long as the ST platform is nearly identical to Hubitat, which has been my platform of choice for several years.

My sincere apologies to the SmartThings community.


Thanks for all the hard work on Ecobee Suite over the years, @storageanarchy. Understandable you would not be rewriting this for SmartThings since you have moved to Hubitat and I would imagine the APIs won’t be all that similar any more.

Does anyone have a recommendation for something equivalent to Ecobee Suite for smart vent control for Home Assistant? I plan on moving all my Keen vents over from SmartThings to Home Assistant.


I have done this. I sent you a PM.

Cheers, thanks for letting us know and for your hard work. Maybe update the topic title or OR to make it easy for people to know that this project is now EOL/obsolete on SmartThings?

EVERY SmartApp is about to become EOL/obsolete on SmartThings.

Well, yes, but also not necessarily. SmartApps will continue to be available for developers to create using the new CLI and Lua (as I understand), so it’s not totally unreasonable to expect some smartapps to get re-written/updated and continue to function on the new platform after a brief hiatus. That’s at least why I was asking for a response from Barry.

For what it’s worth to those of you who only want the heating and AC to shut down if the doors are left open too long, I’m planning to switch to Ecobee Smart Security. Lose the Abode security system I have, the IFTTT to SmartThings integration, lose the software maintenance, goodbye SmartThings once and for all. https://www.ecobee.com/en-us/smart-security/

Barry I truly appreciate the you for the money you’ve saved me over the last few years. All the best to you! Maybe see you over on the Hubitat side one of these days!

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I guess if ecobee is the ONLY thing you were using smartthings for then sure, that could make sense.

Could I also get a PM with the info? Thanks in advance

Hi, anybody please could share uninstall steps? Thanks