[RELEASE] Universal Ecobee Suite, Version 1.8.01

No worries. It was as much about sharing the experience for others who might be seeing the same thing. Hopefully you’ll be able to track it down once you’re all set up again.

Is this the location? https://github.com/SANdood/Ecobee-Suite

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Yes - that is the same link that I posted immediately above your post…

LOL. Duh! Didn’t realize that was a URL. Thanks

I am getting errors trying to uninstall both with the ST App, and via the IDE. It seems that something it connected to it (in use) to preventing me from uninstalling. If I delete then ST Ap from all devices, will that free it up to delete via the IDE? I know I will most likely lose al of my ST automations when deleing the ST App.

I will try your install instructions, " Installing Using GitHub Integration (Recommended Method)" hoping that will correct my issue. Sorry for all the replies, and thanks for your help.

Please forgive the newbie questions! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have an ecobee 5th gen with voice integration. I have it directly connected to my ST hub. I recently found the Ecobee Suite smart app.

What is the difference between direct connection and using the ecobee suite smart app?

If I decide to use Ecobee suite, do I unlink ecobee and just use the smart app?

This app has massively increased functionality, and yes, it would be used in lieu of the default integration.

Just to make sure you understand, the existing integration is not a direction connection to your hub. Both are cloud-to-cloud.

Thank you and I do understand that. I just didn’t know how else to differentiate the two connections for the purpose of my question.

Thank you. So I will unlink ecobee and connect through the smart app.

Are there plans to release a version for the new smartthings app since the classic app is history?

As noted earlier (see this post), everything works with the new Samsung SmartThings app, with the exception of routines (and there is a work-around for that). So long as SmartThings continues to support Groovy-based SmartApps and DTHs, you should be good to go.

You do lose easy visibility to the extra attributes that I have exposed for the DTHs, and I will look into what more I can expose in the future using the new API toolkits. Other than that, everything you can do with another thermostat in the New App, you should be able to do with my Ecobee Suite as well…


I notice when using the Ecobee Suite that it creates its own instances of the Ecobee sensors so I ended up with the native sensors from when I first installed the thermostat and the Ecobee Suite sensors. I tried to find an answer to whether I should delete the “native” sensors or not, but couldn’t find anything. Is there any reason to not delete the “native” sensors?


You probably want to delete the old sensors AND the old thermostat(s). Just be sure to connect any automations/rules that you may have to the new devices before you delete them…

I recently switched to the new app and updated the ecobee suite to the latest. It seems my thermostats can no longer be used as motion sensors, but the sensors work fine. I had a migrated routine which checked for motion from any sensor. In the new app the routine didn’t work. I tried deleting and recreating the routine only to find the thermostats can not be added as a motion sensor. Any workarounds for this?

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Hi Barry, I have EMS thermostat and I got this email from ecobee. Does your app work with Ecobee SmartBuildings? . If not, do you have any plan to make it work with?

Hello, I want to thank you first for all of your hard work. I recently “finished” setting up and migrating to the new SmartThings app. Most everything works for my Ecobee 3 lite thermostat. One thing I did notice was in the SmartThings classic app, the history for the Ecobee would state when there was a cooling event and when there was a heating event. In the new SmartThings app all I can see is relative humidity, temperature, cooling set point and heating temperature. I do not see anywhere in the history where the thermostat went into cooling mode or heating mode.

I am having some problems with the Smart Mode helper. I have updated everything from the IDE, and moved to the new smart things app. I still can’t get the Smart Mode to change the “mode” of the thermostat. It will now adjust the heating/cooling set point (after updating and switching to new app) but even when it reports it is in auto mode and switching to cooling mode, it doesn’t actually switch.