[RELEASE] Ultimate Mode Based Thermostat - Control Multiple Thermostats Temperature / Remote Temperature Sensors when Changing Modes


(Nick Snyder) #89

I sent you an email on at your support email but wanted to message here as well.

The issue I’m having is that it doesnt shut the heat off when it reaches temperature. I’m using an external temp sensor on two different thermostats and I have it set to 68. However, right now, the temps are 70+ and its still trying to heat my house. Any suggestions?

Just checked my log and found this.
7:33:52 AM: trace Thermostat Living Room Thermostat is in hold temperature mode, not making any changes to thermostat based on remote temp sensor

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #90

Maddie responded to you, the SmartApp automatically goes into temporary hold mode if it detects that someone manually changed the temperature at the thermostat. In the next release we’ll add an option to the SmartApp to enable/disable the temporary hold feature.

(Head of Support (rboyapps.com)) #91

Ultimate Mode Change Thermostat Temperature - Version 02.06.00

  • Added option to enable/disable the thermostat temporary hold feature when using remote temperature sensors
  • Fixed an issue when selecting multiple thermostats without custom settings for individual thermostats

Mode Change Thermostat Single Temperature - Version 01.01.00

  • < no change >

(Chandler Newby) #92

I like the option to disable the temporary hold support. Is there any way this can be configured per mode? Some of my modes I’d like to be able to use temporary hold. Others, I don’t because it fails too often.

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #93

We can definitely look into it, please send your feature requests to our support desk so we can prioritize them.

(Head of Support (rboyapps.com)) #94

Ultimate Mode Change Thermostat Temperature - Version 02.07.02

  • Added support for shutting down thermostat if doors/windows are left open
  • Added advanced settings option to enable battery saver mode (reduces verification communications, only enable if you have a strong mesh with repeaters especially while using remote temperature sensors)

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Mode Change Thermostat Single Temperature - Version 01.01.00

  • < no change >

Change tstat setting based on mode
[RELEASE] 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat Scheduler (Weekday, Weekend) with Remote Temperature Sensor for each Schedule
(Woolfman72) #95

Never noticed this smart app before. So i am just now starting with it and so far it looks great. Is there no presence override schedule ? My current thermostat has schedules but one of the flaws is it sets the “away” temps regardless if you are home or not and have been looking for a way to get around that.

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #96

Not sure why you would need a presence override if the modes are linked to presence.
Easily set via routines like:

  • If any of these folks arrive set mode to Home
  • If everyone leaves set mode to Away

(Woolfman72) #97

The only reason I was asking about the presence override is I did not see a way to separate the modes into different schedules. As for example even though we are home I want the heat to decrease from 70 to 68 at 10 pm and then back to 70 at 6 am. But the way it looks I can only set it so that there is no temp control for a certain mode or have every mode run the same schedule

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #98

Have you looked at the 5-2 day thermostat?

You can set a schedule with this like you mentioned and it also has a mode restriction. So when you’re home, the mode is set to Home and it will adjust the temp as per the schedule, but when you’re away it won’t kick in and then you can use this app to set a temperature for mode away (but none for home).

(Woolfman72) #99

thank you for pointing this out for me. I really appreciate all the help and the great automation apps and device handlers that you provide.

(Ian) #100

Question on this, if I use Sensibo with my split heat pump and have it wired into ST, can I use this smart app? How does the app know to heat or to cool?

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #101

The app reads the operating state of the thermostat to decide which settings to send. If the DTH for your Sensibo device is reporting it correctly then it should work fine.

(Ian) #102

Thanks RBoy. Wahts DTH?

(Ian) #103

One more question, how does this app know if it should be heating or cooling? Thanks!

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #104

It checks the current state of the thermostat (Auto, Heat, Cooling etc). It’s best to leave it to Auto state and change your heating/cooling setpoints accordingly. E.g. if you don’t want heat to kick in, set the heat setpoint to 40.

(arg04) #105

Would I be able to simply have the thermostat turn off if the doors and/or windows are left open longer than a few minutes, then have it turn back on once closed? That’s really what I want to do most.

(Tom Otto) #106

I couldn’t find any info on this on the thread. Would it be possible at some point to add a feature based on the temperature\forecast outside? I think nest\ecobee might do this. I use this primarily for an away thermostat at our vacation home and then use the 5\2 when we are there. The house is set at 50 degrees when away, but I would love for it to be deactivated if the forecast won’t get below freezing for days on end.

(Amanda) #107

@RBoy , I have been using one of your thermostat apps for a few years now, no issue. But starting now, I’m one of the lucky bunches in a polar vortex and wish to place a PERMANENT temperature hold until I release it on my thermostat, but I can’t find a way to accomplish it. I have a CT-100 thermostat and I’m using (I think) your ultimate mode thermostat. Temp holds work (I can override the set temp, but after a time it reverts…but I haven’t caught how long the temp hold holds for).

I need to up my temp in the house in preparation for -50 outside temps and would like a permanent (24hr anyways) hold. Is there a way to do this?

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #108

If you’re on the latest version (02.05.07) you use the same instructions posted by @maddie on this topic: