[RELEASE] Trigger based Camera Pictures and Actions


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This thread is an offshoot of two other threads where this app first released. For discussion and maintenance purposes I’m starting a new thread for this app.

This SmartApp allows you to use triggers (motion sensors, contact/door sensors, momentary switches, buttons like door bells) to:

  1. Activate a Camera to take pictures
  2. Take a burst of pictures (configurable how many)
  3. Enable Camera monitoring optionally (when the camera supports that feature)
  4. Take actions like turning on Switches/lights

The pictures will show up in your SmartThings camera device page. There is no way to control how long they will stay or to delete them, that’s up to the ST cloud.

This app was original designed to support these Cameras but will work with Camera that supports the above features:

If you have suggestions please let us know and we’ll add them to the app.

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[RELEASE] [Universal] Foscam Camera Device Handler with Discovery, Live Video Streaming, Motion Sensor/Alarm Integration - SD (FI89xx), HD (FI98xx, FI99xx), Cx, Rx, Ex, Fosbaby
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###Trigger based Camera Pictures and Actions - Version 1.2.0

  • Added support for ST Contact Address Book

(Ryan) #3

Is there any way to ‘attach’ the picture to the notification? Another alternative might be a link to the picture in the application? I was thinking it would avoid my need to dig. That may not be possible.

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Unfortunately no, ST doesn’t allow that yet. We’re working on options here but nothing stable enough to make a public release yet.

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###Trigger based Camera Pictures and Actions - Version 1.3.0

  • Added support to automatically check for SmartApp and Device updates and notify user

After updating the code, open the SmartApp and click Done for the changes to take effect

(vijaye) #6

How do I get access to this smartapp and will it work with the Samsung smart HD camera?

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ST doesn’t allow for attachment but we trying to figure out a third party
service for it. Unfortunately nothing is free for general use and each user
would need to subscribe.
The link would be based on a similar concept.

(cjcharles) #8

@RBoy Is this SmartApp designed to work with the Generic Camera Device Handler? Is it basically a version of the ST app ‘Notify me when’ but with the added camera.take() step? I guess there is no way to test the apps without buying a subscription since that beats your model!

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This one takes actions based on events and is focused around camera pictures / monitoring etc. “Notify me when” does only that, Notify :slight_smile:

(Smuts) #10

How does this differ from “Photo Burst When. . .”?

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Can’t say, this app was built based on requests/feedback from users who needed the functionality to control their cameras and make them work in a security setup. Hence the focus for all the events/action is around camera control (pictures, triggering, enabling/disabling etc).

I guess if you took the time to combine enough apps and make enough rules in CoRE you could replicate most of the functionality here.

(Smuts) #12

I was just wondering if I should switch over. I was referring to the built in Photo Burst When smart app. It can just take some snapshots when motion is detected by any motion detector. It’s pretty simple. It’s under the More folder when you go to the marketplace. . . . I’ve been hoping for some way to email a photo. Too bad we can only access the photos via the carousel tiles.

(Nathan Frank) #13

Where are the pictures supposed to show up?

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The pictures show up on your camera carousel (image tile) of your device. That’s the only place ST allows it to be shown.

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###Trigger based Camera Pictures and Actions - Version 01.03.01

  • Update due to change in ST phone app, now you can separate multiple SMS numbers by using a *


Hi, I’m trying to set this smart app to take some pictures when my doorbell is pressed. I have my doorbell set as a button, but the app is saying “There are no devices of this capability”. This is odd because I have about 9 button devices.

Am I setting this up incorrectly?

Thank you.

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The current app supports contact sensors, motion sensors, momentary contacts and acceleration sensors. In the next version we’ll add support for Buttons also. Thanks for suggestion.

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On request:

###Trigger based Camera Pictures and Actions - Version 01.04.00

  • Added support for triggering on button pushes/doorbells
  • Updated support for momentary devices based on revised ST specifications

(Joakim Olerius) #19

Any progress in sending the pic with a notification in some way?

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Not for public consumption due to privacy concerns. Best option is to request ST to provide a SMTP API or equivalent to send emails officially