[RELEASE] Trend Setter

Sorry, the ZLL RGBW Bulb DH gives the kelvin slidebar, which works great.

So would it be possible to have a kelvin slidebar in your “Colorful Light Group Device”?

Hey, sorry for not responding earlier. I think it was discussed earlier in the thread that implementing colour temperature could be problematic because not all bulbs are the same, they support different ranges of colour temperature or don’t render the colour temperature in quite the same way. I’m not sure if it would be possible for me to make it so it can determine what ‘mode’ the bulbs are in either as the capabilities don’t have an attribute for it.

Also would need to be aware that for those bulbs that don’t support colour temperature in the group, it would have no effect, trying to get an accurate colour temperature based on RGB values is difficult from what I’ve read.

I’m always happy for someone to submit a pull request if they want to try and make any enhancements of course if they think they can do it :slight_smile:

If I get time (which I find myself with little of) I’ll see if I can put something together with the assumption that all bulbs in the group are capable of colour temperature. I am not sure what range to use though as (as I said) some bulbs have different colour temperature ranges.

Hi Chris
Your right, it was mentioned about the coulour temp earlier.

I have seen more people using the “ZLL RGBW Bulb” device handler for these RGB with Whites bulbs.
So would it possible copy replicate the kelvin- functionallity the same way perhaps.

I would love to try it out myself, but dont have neither the time or skills :slight_smile:

My practical issue actually is that if I use your smartapp to make all my RGBW bulbs red, then I cannot use your app to get these back to a “normal” white colour.
My only way of getting them back to “normal” is to switch the physical switch off (power off) and then they go back to normal.

Any idea how to get them back to “normal” which I dont see?

Hi Chris

Any tip to how to get a group of RGBW bulbs back to a “normal” white, after they have been set to e.g. red?

EDIT: Ignore me, user error.

Hi Simon,

Can you not use one of the presets in the colour picker at the bottom? Since as discussed it doesn’t support colour temperature at the moment this might be the best bet for now.

Hi Chris

I believe I tried that some weeks yes.
Chosing a warm white, kinda yellow, would give my Osram GU10 RGBW bulbs a cold blueish white instead.

Now I’m guesing here:
My thought is that a RGBW bulbs has separate LEDs for the RGB and Whites.
And I fell like when I try to to go back to a “white”, then the bulbs used the RGB LEDs instead of the White LEDs, which gives a wrong color.
And using the kelvin slidebar under the single bulbs, shuts off the RGB LEDs and uses the correct White LEDs.
ONLY I guess. I have no idea :slight_smile:

@Kriskit - How do I delete a group once created? I installed all of the device handlers and the two SmartApps. I was never able to get this working. I now have two empty groups under my SmartApps list with your icon and named “Group”. No option to delete. Yea, I know it actually said you can’t delete it once created. Can I remove these somehow? I’d like to keep trying to get this to work, but I also don’t want a bunch of "Group"s in my SmartApp list I cannot delete.

EDIT: I figured out how to delete thanks to this thread…

BTW - Got this working. It works great.

I’m trying to use this with some Aeon lights, but I’m new and I can’t figure this stuff out. I have created the device but how to I bind/group the lights to the virtual Colorful Light. I’ve been using Color Coordinator but similar to what has been discussed here, it isn’t ideal for the lights I have, so I was curious if perhaps trend setter would be better. I have no problem in Color Coordinator changing colors, but oddly I can’t find a consistent way to change multiple lights back to any sort of white color, I have to reset them individually. This is partly an issue because I can’t get the lights to wake me up with white either, they keep turning on blue. I am planning to buy my future lights from Philips as it looks like they are better supported, but I have these 8 bulbs that I want a better way to utilize.

I just wanted to reply and say thanks for this. It works pretty well for changing colors quickly on my groups of Osram lightify RGBW lights and has saved me lots of time and frustration. However, one thing that I would really like to see added would be support for white color temperature. I have 2 lamps in my living room with 2 bulbs each equipped with 5k color temperature bulbs. I also have a 3 hanging light lamp in the living room above my sectional with 3 of the Osram lightify RGBW bulbs in them. What I would like to do if easily match the color temp of those bulbs to the 5k temp bulbs. Currently the only way to do that is to set it manually for each individual bulb. I know that this has been discussed more than once in this thread and many factors would make it difficult, but if someone was able to get this functionality to work then it would make this app invaluable. But, I don’t want to sound ungrateful because it’s awesome what has been done here, so thanks for that.

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Thanks for this app. I finally paid attention and added the app and remaining devices and I got it working. I agree with Jeff that this app would be perfect if it added a white color temp slider. I looked at the code and I realize I don’t have the skills to add that feature. But after months of trying Color Coordinator and it sucking this app is awesome.

Thanks for the great App @Kriskit! This add a capability that really should be core in the platform since it is so common to need to group various devices! This is way better than having to go into the IDE each time to setup groups.


I was having a problem where I’d set a brightness value for a group (color or dimmer group) and I’d be treated with lights that went up and down the scale and would sometimes land on a value between the value the group started at and the value I selected.

So I looked at the logs and saw that it was getting values for the individual lights multiple times before they got to whatever value I had selected.

DISCLAIMER: I only possess middling programming knowledge and haven’t taken the time to learn much beyond basic CSS, Matlab, and VBA. But I am a software tester!

Looking at the code for the colorful light group device, at line 228 we have

def syncLevel(values)

I thought I could fix the issue by having that slowed down and called after a delay, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. So instead I took a ham-fisted approach and decided to change

def matchValue = "bad" to def matchValue = "ok" at line 233.

And then the same change in the dimmer group.

So far everything has been good. I bet if it were to encounter an error and not sync correctly then I’d be stuck with an out of sync bulb till I change the group again—but this is preferable to the brightness swings I was getting :slight_smile:

When I in CoRE want to make an action to set level on 4 bulbs, does it make any functional difference if I in CoRE select those 4 individual bulbs OR if I instead select the “group” of the 4 bulbs that I created with Trend Setter?

Trend Setter has some functionallity to ensure that all bulbs are the same level and so on isn’t that correct?

So I thought if it actually better in CoRE to use the “groups” instead of the individual bulbs for my actions. Any thoughts?

Yes, I’d suspect that you should use the “group” devices versus the individual devices.

It’d make little difference. If anything it’ll introduce a fractional delay if you use the Trend Setter group because it’s acting as an intermediary. Myself, the only reason I’d use the Trend Setter group in CoRE is to make it less hassle to go into CoRE and change what lights are being affected by the rule action.

It’s more down to preference than anything really.

Oki, thanks.

I asked also because I have experienced that when triggering an action to set to bulbs to “red” for examples, only one of them changes.

So I thought that perhaps by sending the command to the group, the group would be an extra “security” that the command would indeed be executed and set on every bulb in the group.

But I guess not, right?

You could try it, I have no idea how CoRE sends its commands. It’s possible Trend Setter groups send them differently.

It won’t do any harm to try it :slight_smile:

What kind of lights are you trying to control?