[RELEASE] Thermostat Manager - An alternative to Thermostat Mode Director

Ok I have two thermostats so there are more the one TM set up. I have posted two one of the first floor and one of the 2nd floor.

2nd floor…

Yeah. As I thought. Somehow your preference variables got discombobulated. Follow the instructions for the fix on your 1st floor instance and you’ll be good. 2nd floor looks fine as-is.

Recommend you delete those 2 images for security.

Thanks for the help, its much appreciated. I gone through your steps to correct the issue. I wont be able to test for a while but will report back when I do.

Also now that I went through the steps what should those lines say if they are correct

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The problem was this one: useAltThermostatConfig. It should be, ‘true’. The rest were correct.

Hi, I’m trying to use Thermostat Manager with a Honeywell Wifi (TCC) thermostat. I’m using it to turn the thermostat off if exterior door is left open for more than 5 minutes, then turn back on when door is closed. It works for the on/off, but when it turns back on, it sets the thermostat cool to 80 degrees instead of the previous set point. Any suggestions?

Sometimes thermostats don’t properly remember the last temperature they were set at when they change modes (including “off” mode). I would recommend trying Mode Based SetPoint Enforcement even if you don’t plan to use it much. If enabled, it checks the temperature when a mode change occurs and sets it at your default for that mode.

If this is not to your liking, I would ask that you log one of these events happening and post the log here so I can take a look at it. If it is as I suspect then there isn’t much I can do other than to recommend Mode Based SetPoint Enforcement. But something else might be going on also.

Will this app be converted to edge? Or similar app?

Yes. But it’ll take me some time. I’ll post when it is ready.

Will this work with Nest Thermostats?

I believe it will. Although I can’t say I remember anyone reporting specifically having used it with a Nest before. If you have any problems, post here and I will assist.

Keep in mind, due to the upcoming SmartThings system change, it appears all smartapps of this type will cease working on January 1st…

I will be working on a replacement that the new system can use and will update when I have something ready.

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