[RELEASE] Thermostat Manager - An alternative to Thermostat Mode Director

NEW BUILD: 2021032502

  • 1: Variables, currentTemp and currentOutdoorTemp will now be converted to BigDecimal before being rounded. Thanks to SmartThings Community member, @gsgentry for submitting logs showing that Honeywell Total Connect WiFi thermostats report temperature values as strings.

  • 2: Selecting armedModes values on the Mode Based SetPoint Enforcement page is no longer required. Not everyone uses SmartThings Home Monitor.

@hsbarrett – This issue with the temperature variables appears specific to Honeywell WiFi thermostats. I’m hoping this will solve your temperature setting issue!

As always, if anyone has any issues with this new build, please let me know and I’ll get on it.

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NEW BUILD: 2021032701

  • 1: Correction to the method used to convert currentTemp and currentOutdoorTemp variables to BigDecimal.

@hsbarrett – Use this one. I think we got it.

Updated one more time. @gsgentry is helping me test.

NEW BUILD: 2021032801

  • 1: The value of the currentOutdoorTemp variable will now be correctly reported as null in the case that an outdoor temperature sensor has not been selected. Thanks to SmartThings Community member, @gsgentry for reporting this issue.

Sorry for the rapid pace of releases lately. @gsgentry has been helping me test. This release fixes a bug from the previous overhaul that added the alternative thermostat configuration.


Sorry for my lack of communication… been dealing with hail and floods.

The 03/28 release I believe has done it. ALL as of this point of testing is working great. Thanks also to @gsgentry for the assist. Until they screw with the DH again, all seems to be working as before. Thank you for all you have done, absolutely appreciated.


New Build: 20210406

  1. getSHMSetPoint() will now account for null modeConfig values. Thanks to SmartThings Community member, @gsgentry for reporting this issue.
  2. disableSHMSetPointEnforce has been renamed to enableSHMSetPointEnforce and Mode Based SetPoint Enforcement will now be disabled by default.
  3. Updates to code comments.

A note for current users: If you use Mode Based SetPoint Enforcement, check your settings after you update. I had to change a variable belonging to this system and that may cause some of the Mode Based SetPoint Enforcement settings to revert to default.