[RELEASE] The Most Comprehensive & Resilient Ecobee Integration - My Ecobee Device & ecosystem v5 - The smartest thermostat under ST with new "comfort tips" features and Unique Integration with Echo/Ask Alexa


I got the new code. According to the release notes only myecobeeinit and the device handler changed. I updated them and published them. And “connected” is available.

I tested the connected attribute and it acts strangely. When I unplugged the thermostat, the connected attribute, flips between true and false. The WebCore piston fires twice every time a poll is taken of the thermostat.

Hi, I did some tests at home, and the first time it did flip like you said. The second time, it didn’t, so the problem is on the ecobee API side (maybe some caching issues?) as my code doesn’t manipulate the data, just exposes it.


I left mine unplugged for an hour. It flipped several times. It does what is important. Let you know when there is trouble. I have gotten one notice so far of a disconnect.

Hello. I’m having a “disconnect” between Smartthings and my Ecobee using your device driver. Had been working just fine for months, but just stopped. Each is working fine otherwise. I can get to my Ecobee’s portal just fine, I can get to Smartthings IDE just fine. The however the data in Smartthings is now a day or two old and it can not send commands. It doesn’t report anything as being down, it just fails.
Any suggestions?

Hi, please refer to my previous post. I don’t have any information from you on which version you are using at your location.

Thank you. I will download and update and only reply if I still have issues. Thanks again.

Just purchased your Ecobee device. Looking forward to using it for advanced control of my thermostat.

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