[RELEASE] Tesla Powerwall Manager Smart App and Device Handler

I’ve made an update to the Powerwall Manager app to now allow you to paste in an access token directly into the app to allow authorization with the Tesla server. You will need to generate and paste in a new token at least every 45 days.

There are several approaches for generating new Tesla tokens, including python scripts and the ‘Auth App for Tesla’ for IOS and Android.

Due to what appears to be limitations in the current way SmartThings groovy handles URL redirection, I’m not sure the app will ever directly support authorization with the Tesla server by entering in your account and password information alone. I would love to be proven wrong, so if anyone here has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated.

The app also allows you to generate and serve the access token posted via a script running on a local server for those wanting a hands-off approach for refreshing the token periodically.

Only limited testing, so please let me know of any issues.

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I am trying to add the smart app but am getting an error each time I try. It is accepting the Tesla access token, and shows it is connected after I add it but when I click done, I am presented with the error in the screenshot.

@mal7887, can you monitor the logging tab in the SmartThings IDE while installing the app to see if there are any related logs there? You may need to up the logging level to debug in Powerwall Manager general preferences first. PM me the logs if you see anything suspicous.

I think I’ve got it setup. Auth with token from Google Authenticator. I get notifications that reserve is set as per my automation settings, however, the Tesla app does not show a change. Is this expected behavior? or should I look for an error in what i did?

I got it working. However, my 6AM trigger is not working, not sure the app is the the problem since the same action will work during the day.