[RELEASE] Tado (Connect)

Any solution to Tado TRVs showing up as offline in Smartthings Android app?

I’m having trouble connecting to the tado connect in the new smartthings app. It says something wrong with network.

Don’t bother that much. I believe that around mid summer, the groovy smartapps will be no longer supported… And someone will need to rewrite them.

Hi, first of all wonderful smartapp.
I own tado thermostat and air conditioner. I have a question, how come it does not work with air conditioning and thermostat does?

Hey, really sorry to ping you directly on this, but I’ve followed all of the instructions to the letter, but once I get through to logging in with my tado details, it’s saying bad credentials and not letting me though.
I’m 100% they’re right, I’ve copy and pasted them straight into the tado website to login which works fine every time, I don’t suppose you had any idea as to what might be causing this error?!

Hi James,

It’s some time since I set mine up and I remember I had two or three attempts to get it set up, but not as you describe. You’ve probably already done it but I had to remove all trace of tado from ST before setting it up again. However, once I got it running it was very stable. Have you tried getting in touch with the author?


Cheers for the reply, Bob. Did you have the bad credentials issue too? How do you mean remove tado from ST? I’ve deleted all the smart apps/device handlers in ST and re-added but no difference. It sucks because I went wrong a few times before that and could figure it out but this just makes it seem like I’m inputting wrong details which I’m definitely not.
Interestingly in the ST app I have a virtual hub with the 4 tado devices, but it doesn’t appear that I can actually do anything with them yet, again so near but so far!
And from recent correspondence it seems like the author is no longer involved, that was why I tried messaging andyjenkinson

Hi James,
I didn’t get the credential problems but the next step after I had set some of the defaults would crash out and I had to start again. I had just about given up when it finally went through with me doing nothing different. These things are so frustrating especially when there seems to be no reason.
Sorry I can’t help further.


Dit you try to type instead of paste them? I never had problem with login.

I changed my password and its worked! So bizzarre! I’ve now gone through all the stages and set up the device, but can only see my phone in my devices. Clearly getting closer but not quite there yet still!
I think it might be because there are users showing when it asks me to pick one in the stimulator, but I cant see how to add any!

I’m sorry I don’t use SmartThings any more so I’m afraid it is tough for me to maintain or troubleshoot. Glad to see you got it working though.

Does this app still work on the new ST App? Not the classic app?

Yes, you can use it with new ST app