[RELEASE] Tado (Connect)

I’m having a similar issue. Everything runs through fine, all the devices are seen, the users are seen, I get to default temps (18 for heating, 0 for cooling since we have no cooling devices) and default overide (I’ve tried manual and tado_mode). Everything appears normal. However, as soon as I click done I get a processing message as Alexa is recognising the rooms, but SmartThings reports “We’re having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again”.

I’m so close… Any ideas?

Does anyone have a solution?

It took me a few goes to get it working, and the sad thing is I dont know what I did differently on the last attempt, but now its working great.
So all I can suggest is delete everything (Tado related) and start again. Sorry

Hi all - To help some of the above queries. I recently got Tado, and have successfully installed this great solution from @andyjenkinson with the new ST app, all working fine.