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[RELEASE] Tado (Connect)


if you feel it needs updated, please by all means create a pull request with the required changes. I no longer have or use smartthings, and do not use actiontiles.

you will be in a far better position to test and push the changes back to the original code.

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great, thank you for information, so need to find a new repo which is “maintained”, far point, thank you for everything

Hi all.
Sorry for this stupid question, but I have radiators and are considering the the Tado Smart Radiator Starter Kit v3+.

I assume, but want to get it confirmed, that I either through this Smartthings integration OR IFTTT, can tell the radiator thermostat that
A: now I’m out, so set the temp to 18 degress (Celcius)
B: or now my window is open in my office, so tell the radiator thermostat in the office to shut off, and not go on again until the window is closed.

Can that be done?

Anyone got this working in the new app?

Smartthings isn’t needed for that. Both functions described are native functions of the tado software. Don’t buy v3+ though. Buy v3. V3+ requires a subscription fee for automations features that are free in v3.

Thank you for your reply.
I do understand Tado can do some things on it won, like geofencing and also turn down if a window is open (even though I would like to know how).

But I would just think that ST integration would improve some of those functions, like:
A. I have a window sensor, so ST knows instantly that the window is open, and COULD either tell Tado or ST could turn down that thermostat right away, instead of the Thermostat having to find out in some minutes later.

B. If my mother is babysitting, I have a virtual switch called “Babysitter” :slight_smile: so when I enable that virtual switch, ST will NOT set the Mode to Away, because there are still people in the house, even me and my wife left. So the lights should not turn off, and the heat should also not turn down.
Without that ST integration with Tado, I assume I would have to go into the Tado app and tell it NOT to turn the heat down.

Let me ask a different question :slight_smile:
Which benefits are then to integrate ST to Tado?

I think that Tado API intentionally does not support changing Tado location mode (Home/Away)

Yes that’s correct. But then the point of this integration is enable you to remove any Tado automation including home and away detection and have smartthings do it instead to your own rules

Do you know how to get this working in the new app at all please?

@Blair_Pollard no, as the new Smarthtings app does not allow custom DTH then we cannot get this working. trying to use a standard thermostat DTH would not work correctly as there are a number of settings we actually do require to satisfy the tado API.

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Any ideas why only two of my heating zones are appearing as things in the IDE and Classic App? I recently expanded my tado installation by adding Radiator thermostats in 2 rooms and placing the thermostat in a 3rd room.

Only the rooms with the Radiators are now syncing to Smartthings. The smartapp finds the 3 zones and syncs them but the 3rd just isn’t there!

Anywhere I should be looking for logs or errors?

I think I may be close to solving my own problem here. I can see that I seem to have duplicate HEATING|1| devices listed in the smartapp settings, probably because I changed the name of the zone several times in the tado app (this looks buggy). Coincidentally its this zone that is not showing in the Classic App or IDE.

I don’t see any way to remove these duplicates, and I don’t seem to be able to remove the smartapp itself!! So I have raised a case with Smartthings support to get the app removed. I’ll report back if this solves the problem.

Ok! Problem solved. My major malfunction was that I had to remove the devices before trying to remove the smartapp. Once I went though the IDE and removed all devices related to Tado I was able to remove the smartapp and re configure it. Now all zones are showing and I can get back to automating!

May I ask any fallback option to get TRV support with ST?

The only fallback position is to use smartthings classic.

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ok, thanks,
I guess app is the only way, or are there any API I could use ?

may this bug on ST classic app be investigated:

thanks for this handler. very useful.
I’m in the process of trying to set up some rules using webcore so that I can use a dash button to essentially override the heating should we be out. for example, me and the wife go out and my father comes over to babysit. rather than him sit at home in the cold, he can push the dash button when he comes in which will a) disable the house alarm, and b) manually set the temp to 22deg until the next auto change (ie midnight when it should go into the night temp mode)

I’ve tried a bunch of different commands but none seem to do that. any pointers as to what the right one/ones should be?