[RELEASE] Super Notifier - All your alerts in one place!

@JMZ I updated all three apps in the IDE last night and now nothing works. If I try to add an instant alert, I get a Something’s Wrong screen. Live logging shows:
error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method split() on null object @line 97 (doCall)

Any ideas? I removed the app from ST and tried to re-add it and get the same error.

@wx327 Uh-oh! Looks like it’s from when you tried to add an Instant Alert, right? (it’s the only one of the apps that has a “Split()” on line 97). It is saying that you didn’t put in any phone numbers for SMS, is that accurate (i.e. you’d only want push)? Now that I think about it, the app will likely crash if you don’t at least put one phone number in, even if you never select to use it later. I’m going to have to fix that ASAP, but it might take a day or two before I can get to it. If that’s the case, just put in your phone number and don’t select it later on in each smart app (you won’t get any SMS unless you turn it on in an alert).

The second option is that there is a small chance that you need to update the main Super Notifier settings and save them before editing any of the individual alerts’ settings. Go into the Super Notifier settings, scroll down to the notifications section (below all your alerts), update your settings, then click “done” so that it’ll save the settings. Then go back into settings and into each alert to check/update the notification settings for each alert instance. That one’s harder for me to verify because I went through a zillion iterations of changes/testing to get this version ready, and in testing I could’ve done those steps obliviously, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Please let me know if you get it working and how, and also if you don’t get it working.

@JMZ Got it to work by inputting a phone number. Removing the app caused me to have to recreate all my alerts, but on the plus side, I got to explore all the options available and toggled on the “mute” feature for delayed alerts based on another switch. I only use the push notification feature, so I hadn’t thought about what might happen if there are no phone numbers.

Thanks for the help on getting it back up and running!

Alright, cool! Thanks for the feedback, I know what to fix so that isn’t an issue. I was just assuming people would want an SMS sometime, but narrow-minded on my part.

The mute function is one of my favorites! I like to get the periodic notifications, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do about something and you don’t want your phone to keep blowing up.

It’s nice to have options. There was a time in the past I would have preferred SMS over push notification when I was getting push notifications delayed due to a certain cell provider shutting down the GCM heartbeat connection on data connections after X amount of time. Mute function is great when I’m going to do yardwork and the garage will be left open intentionally for long durations.

Thanks for developing this app and sharing with the ST community!

Hi. Today I updated the Super Notifier app to the last update (05 Mar 18) and now I can’t run from the Smartthings Apps. It got a “Something’s Wrong, We can’t load your screen right now” message.
I tried removing the application from my smarttapps, reinstalled it with no success. I tried to look for a previous version but I didn’t find it. Any idea. Thanks, Jorge

@eduardojacr You probably ran into the same issue I did last week. Add a phone number in the Notification section (even if you don’t plan to use it). You can even just put in a dummy number just to have contact book data present.

It worked putting a dummy number… Thank you, @wx327

@JMZ FYI, I have an existing virtual switch I use to control audible announcements of certain doors opening. I wanted to use that switch to control the Delayed Alert mute, but I found that I needed to flip the logic so that mute would apply when my virtual switch was ‘off’. I edited line 356 to get it to work in my setup. Just wanted to let you know in case you think it would be practical to have an option in a preference setting to flip the mute switch logic.

Will Super Notifier work with 3rd party notification services like pushover.net? or are the plans to include those features? Thanks.

@wx327 Interesting, I only ever thought of it as a “Snooze” on or off, but I guess if you flipped it then it’d be a announcements on or off. I can probably include it as a setting though.

@eriku It is not setup to work with pushover or anything other than SmartThings Push and SMS notifications. I don’t have any plans to add it, but if a lot of people want it I can take a look. I don’t know how coding intense it’d be, probably not bad.

@eduardojacr and @wx327 You should be able to delete your dummy phone number for SMS now. I was a dumb oversight on my part, the instant and delayed apps didn’t have an ability to deal with the user leaving SMS blank! Please let me know if you have any more issues.

@JMZ, thanks for everything you for the community with your wonderful smartapps, I would love to see pushover integrated and consider it your first yes vote. Some of the benefits off the top of my head include.

  1. Receiving notifications on other devices (not just mobile phones)
  2. Ability to set the priority of notifications, (normal, high, etc)
  3. One can install the PushTV app available for android streaming boxes (amazon fire, nvidea shield, etc) and receive push over notifications via the TV when, (an example if you are watching TV in the basement a popup on the TV can alert you of motion that has been detected outside of the house or another example the doorbell is ringing) no need to carry mobile phone with you.
  4. Change the type of sound for the type of alerts you are receiving. ( you may want to setup just small beep or a siren depending on the event)
  5. Ability to force acknowledgement of an alert via the priority level of the notification. (if your house alarm is going off a text message may not be enough one may sometimes ignore these thinking it may be just a usual text message, you configure pushover to force a continuous sound on the mobile device until it’s acknowledged.)
  6. I’m sure other benifits are available that I have not stated.

@JMZ, first BI Fusion, now this. You are a rock star. Love this SmartApp.

Idea: would you consider diversifying the form of the notification—I.e., instead of only SMS/push, could you use audio/TTS devices? SHM does this, but Super Notifier is better in most other ways. Would love to desert SHM notifications altogether!

I added it to the list. Shouldn’t be cosmic, but I don’t have a ton of time right now to add it. I’ve been use webcore to send lannouncer commands to some fire tablets to announce “front door open” etc. Is that the type of capability you want? Give me specifics and I can make sure I put in what you’re asking for. I’ll post when I get to it though!

The easiest way to explain specifics is to use SHM as an example. In SHM, when you configure any monitoring rules, the last step is to specify the mode(s) of notification. You can select one or more of these options:

  1. Text & Push Notifications
  2. Audio Notificaitons
  3. Alert with Sirens
  4. Alert with Lights
  5. Capture video from select cameras

Super Notifier supports #1 above, but not the rest (yet!). I would advocate that you at least add #2 (as time allows, of course). In SHM, if you select Audio Notifications, you then are asked to select the audio player device, and then specify the message content. Make sense?

Yup, thanks for clarifing for me. I’d hate to start down the road and realize we’re not on the same page!

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Update to Super Notifier!

Added Audio Notifications

  • It only works for Speech Synthesis devices so far (like LANnouncer)
  • Thanks for your recommendation @MLUCK, I’ll work the on the rest over time

Added option to set the snooze switch to snooze when it’s either on or off

  • @wx327 Per your recommendation, check it out!

Added “Only when the switch is on/off” to App Execution Restrictions

  • Same as “Only when the mode is” and “Only if the day is” and “Only when the time is”
  • Gives you the ability to control notifications through a switch. I use this for the new audio notifications - I use a switch to effectively turn them on or off. (Off for when I don’t want to harass guests or wake up napping kids or when there is a lot of traffic in and out of the house, etc).
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@JMZ Great update!

Is there a way to add a conditional to the audio notifications to be dependent on a switch state? Previously, I’ve used the Instant Alert for when a garage opens or closes, and used webCore to do an audio notification for the garage opening, but only if a virtual switch is on. I’d love to remove the webCore part and have it all just run within Super Notifier.

yep, that’s in there. When you set it up, scroll to the bottom of the settings and click the plus to unhide the “Execution Restrictions” section (It used to say “More Options”). Tap the “Only when this switch is…?” and select the switch you want to use, and then another option will show up that asks “…On or off?” So for your case, pick that virtual switch, and then select “On.”

I did the exact same thing with webcore and a virtual switch I called “Audio Alerts.” I’d turn Audio Alerts on when I wanted to hear the alerts, and off when I was going to be going in and out a lot or had a lot of company, etc., and didn’t want it yapping away all the time.

Aha. I saw the execution restrictions, but initially I used the same instance to do both a push notification and the audio alert, so turning off the alerts via virtual switch also turned off the push notification. Didn’t think to just separate the instances and have the audio alert only with the execution restriction. :slight_smile: