[RELEASE] Super Notifier - All your alerts in one place!

I reached out to Rboy he is working on my lock. August Pro third gen. I am currently using CORE but I think that’s overkill if it can be added to your app.

What notifications do you want to receive from it? Just upon lock/unlock?

@zuperman4ever I just updated the It’s Too Hot 2 app to work for temps above or below user defined range, so it shouldn’t take too much more to add that to Super Notifier.

UPDATE - Didn’t take too long to add and debug after all. Temperature alerting capabilities are now in both the Instant and the Delayed alert child apps. Just update from the repository!

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Lock/unlock. Ideally if lock has been open for more than x minutes would be the best notification.

Ok, I can look into that. I haven’t played with any locks in code before, but it should be relatively straightforward for those notifications.

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I just put it in there for both instant and delayed alert. I don’t have a great device to test with, can you try both out for both ‘locked’ and ‘unlocked’ status alerts and let me know how it goes? Then I’ll update the first post. Just want to make sure it works first!

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The lock is in the delayed but not instant alert

It’s above the temperature on the instant alert (so second from the bottom), I didn’t put it at the bottom for a reason I don’t recall, so you probably accidentally scrolled past it.

Updated and added the locks. I’ll run it and see what happens

Thanks for letting me know about this one. I have it working now.

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Hi thanks for this excellent smart app.
First time I set up it worked fine.

I was trying couple of things with this and ended up deleting my activity that I saved from this smart app, now when I try to add it back it briefly shows up under super notifier smartapp then when I refresh and check the saved activity disappears

Appreciate your help fixing this

What do you mean by “activity?” Do you mean the instance of a instant alert or delayed alert is populating and then disappearing during setup? Post some screenshots of the app and/or API log to help.

It sounds like the child app got stuck in an incomplete status, and when you try add it again it’s trying to make two with the same name and causing conflicts.

I’d first close the SmartThings app out completely (swipe up from the app switcher in iOS), and then go back into it and then delete that instance (really its just a instant or delayed alert child app), click done in setup until your back out to your main SmartThings page, and then go back into the Super Notifier app and try add it again. That should make sure the install is completed before doing anything else.

Thanks for the response , it works now .

Stupid me , dint realize i had to click save 2 times , one time to add the instance and another time to actually save it :slight_smile:

Sweet! Glad to hear it.

Hi can I turn on Strobe or Light?

It’s really only meant to be an all-encompassing notification app, no it doesn’t control lights or switches or anything. A good option is ST’s own “smart lighting.” It would potentially require you to have two smartapps (one sending you notifications and the other controlling the light), but making one super-app gets complex (I’d recommend webCORE though).

Is there a way to add a time stamp to the default notification text?

For instant alerts? The Delayed alerts have a “bad since xx” time in them. I would say you would know when the message is received, but now that I think about it, a timestamp would be nice for when you haven’t been online in a while and suddenly you get some messages. Let me know if that’s what you mean, should be easy.

Yeah, for instant alerts. When you take your phone off airplane mode and get a bunch of notifications they get grouped and a timestamp right in the message would make it super easy to see the time line of events.

Hey @xdreamwalker, just updated the app to include:
-timestamp to messages
-option to turn on debugging
-app update notifications

Sorry for the delay, lemme know what you think!

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