[RELEASE] Super Notifier - All your alerts in one place!

You added all three apps in the API, right? All three need to be copied in
and published. It sounds like you’re missing at least one.

I just went and removed from smartthings IDE via Github, and then re-added each by copy/paste, and still get the same error :frowning: Under My Device Handlers I added both apps (Delayed Alert) and (Instant Alert) Then under My SmartApps I added the main ap (Super Notifier). Not sure what I am missing as I have added many apps before.

Has anyone gotten an error message when try to click on anything within Super Notifier? Just don’t see what I am missing.


Ken, the two child apps should not be added to device handlers. They are
all smart apps and should be added to My Smartapps.

Once you correct that and publish them, the parent app you already
installed on your phone should work, but you may have to reinstall.

That did the trick :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thanks for the help.


Thanks for the app! Excellent improvement!!!

Is there any way to be able to select multiple devices under ‘delayed-alert’ please?


Unfortunately, not with out completely rewriting how the app works. I tried when I wrote it, but it became to complex, which is why I went with the parent-child smartapp structure. At least they all are covered under the one parent up.

Maybe someday.

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I have installed your app and when trying to Add delayed alert or Add instant alert it just keeps spinning and nothing happens. I installed by adding your repo to my developer account.

What keeps spinning Jane?

Did you add both the Child apps? You do not have to Publish them just save the code. If you publish then the will appear as separate apps in your list and it just clutters it up…

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Thanks! That worked. I thought that the child apps copied over when I added the Super Notifier app.

Okay I appologize in advance, I did a pretty thorough search and read what I did find on it, but can’t for he life of me find easy to follow instructions on how to add your apps to my github. I think I need to add a repo…but don’t know the correct path…also think I need to know correct author and other info…I’d love to use your app! But I’m lost.

You can just create a new app in the API and copy the code in if you can’t get repo to work. Here are the settings though for when you add the repo in Smartthings:

Owner: flyjmz
Name: jmzSmartThings
Branch: master

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Thanks, so I got as far as seeing the three in my list of smartapps in IDE, they all say unpublished…not sure if I was supposed to publish one of them? Or what that even means…nothin showing up in the st app to add them yet…

Publish the main super notifier app. If you open it in the API the publish
button is on the top right. That will make it show up in your app so you
can configure it.

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Got it, thanks.

Tried setting up SMS notification as well today for motion sensor…I received one SMS message, and zero push notifications. Tested over ten minutes of motion on and off. Went back in and disabled the SMS messages and began receiving the push notifications properly immediately. This is bug?

Are you using the contact book feature of SmartThings or using a manual phone number entry? I actually just changed mine to both SMS and Push as well and have had no issues. I use the contact book.

Make sure you have the ‘1’ at the beginning of your phone number (for US anyway), I know forgetting that causes problems.

I’d recommend using the contact book if you’re not yet. Its super convenient as you only enter your phone number once (when creating the contact) and then in each smartapp you just select it from the list. Just go to the more tab (bottom right) of the SmartThings app, click contacts, and add your number. The smartapps handle notifications a little differently for contact book based alerts and manual entry.

Anyone else had an issue? I use the same code in all my smartapps and haven’t had a problem, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a bug.

Can this do notifications if a temperature is above or below a certain range?

You know, that’s a good point. I use a variation of the old “It’s too hot” smartapp, but that doesn’t work for things being too cold, and I ought to be able to use that code in Super Notifier. I’ll take a look. I use “It’s Too Hot 2” at https://github.com/flyjmz/jmzSmartThings

I just got a smart Lock and would like to use this to get notifications. I don’t see locks as an option. Is that for a reason?

No reason other than I don’t have the need and no one has asked before. What kind of lock did you get? There are some really good DTHs out there for locks that take care of everything. I have a Schlage and use RBoy’s DTH and smartapp. It does custom schedules for the codes, custom alerts for each code, error alerts, everything.

DTH - Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock with Alarm, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and Advanced Features
Smartapp - Lock Multi User Management with Unlock Notifications, Advanced Scheduling and Automatic Lock/Unlock