[RELEASE] Steps Reminder

This is a simple SmartApp that will send a push notification if you haven’t reached the specified steps amount by the scheduled time. You can add as many reminders as you like, for example 1000 steps by 10am and 2000 steps by 2pm. Works with any device with Steps Sensor capability, such as Jawbone, Google Fit, or devices supported by ARTIK.



Does it work with Fitbit?

You should be able to add a FitBit to your SmartThings hub through ARTIK Cloud at https://my.artik.cloud/

Have you thought about adding the ability to use a speaker to send a notification other than just a smartthings notification? and it there anyway you can make it use the contact book so we can customize the messages?

Other than that, i’ve been using this good work!

I’ve updated the SmartApp to support SMS and text to speech notifications, as well as customizing the notification message text. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far!

If you’re using WebCoRE, here’s a Piston version of this app: