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[RELEASE] Steinel IS-140-2


(CopyCat73) #1



I have installed and published this device handler for my Steinel light, however ST sees the device as “Z-Wave Device Multichannel” and only provides for On/Off control.

Any advice on where I could be going wrong? Any logs that would be of assistance?


Needed to adjust device type to match “Steinel IS 140-2 Z-Wave” in the smartthings API, once i did this it worked a charm!

(Phil Dye) #3

Smartthings aside, how’s this working as a device? I’ve read some not-so-good reviews about it weird behaviour from it.



I’m interested in this and read same reviews putting me off a bit. But I can’t find any alternative to replace an existing dumb mains voltage PIR with a smarter one. Any views/alternatives?

(CopyCat73) #5

It hasn’t proven very reliable. Could also be because it’s in the garden which causes zwave range issues, but that’s the main reason I’m moving to iot based automation.


Well… early days but I’ve just installed one of these despite the reviews. Adding to the z-wave network took a while as you need to ensure the light threshold setting is on max as well trigger the setting button for inclusion. Also physical install is a bit fiddly but I did it myself no errors.
However, so far it looks like working great. Thanks for the driver! Reporting LUX on regular basis, you can switch the lights on/off independently of the PIR. PIR remains on during the day and reports activity (despite the review on vesternet). See how stable it is over time now… (I also bought a Aeotec z-wave socket/repeater to sit near the exterior location.)