[RELEASE] ST_Anything v2.9.6 - Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32 to ST via ThingShield, Ethernet, or WiFi

Hi Dan,

Apols - makes sense. Will do.


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Okay so I have managed to create smart blinds using a stepper motor and the code for a switch. Basically when the switch turns on the stepper moves x number of steps when i turns of it move back x number of steps. it working perfectly. I recently hit a bit of a hurdle. I would like to change the label associated with the with switch to be open, opening, closed, closing rather the on, turning on, off, turning off. I was looking that the groovy code located here https://github.com/DanielOgorchock/ST_Anything/blob/master/devicetypes/ogiewon/child-switch.src/child-switch.groovy
Line 42 - 45, Im not sure what I can change here that will produce the desired result without breaking the code. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Dan,
I’m having real issues getting Omnithing running on my Windows PC - all down to my lack of skills and familiarity with Visual Studio I think.
I’m beginning to think that Omnithing may be overkill for what I want to achieve…
I have a wifi SD card in my solar thermal & heating controller.
The controller logs data to it every minute - 12 temperatures (deg c), 2 flow rates (int, 0 to 1000), 2 pump rates (0 to 100%).
I want to get these in to ST so I can respond to them.
I have the SD card as a mapped drive on my windows server.
I figure that a small program (written in python for e.g.) could pull the latest values and send them by curl to ST.
I’m thinking that if I were to format the data correctly, I could just use another ST_Anything device as the receiver for this - would I be right?
It looks to me like you’re sending the name, followed by an ordinal, then white space, then the value (I’ve already got curl working from the PC to ST following this post:How can I receive LAN messages on the ST hub (when the messages can come at any point)?)



Yes, you’ve got the basic idea…however… I would not do it this way, knowing what I know now.

These days, I would format the data as json. OmniThing actually does this, thereby allowing an entire data structure to be transmitted at once.

Can you use st anything to control a sonoff th device

Possibly. You’d have to flash the Sonoff with an ESP8266 ST_Anything sketch, and know exactly which GPIO pins can be used.

There are many other integrations already available for Sonoff Devices… why not simply use one of those?

I have used the smartthings sonoff bin file which works with toggle on/off but the temperature and humidity sensor does not pick up readings it just give me a output of nan. I know the sensor works because I have used it via tasmota.

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