[RELEASE] Sonoff, Sonoff TH, S20, Dual, 4CH, POW, & Touch Device Handler & SmartApp ($5 & $10 Smart Switches)

This is interesting. Thanks for the link. I am using sonoff dual/ basic for single pole switches and Kasa smart switch for 3 way or 4 way. Sonoff mini will get in right in the middle for 3-way switches. For single pole i modified the decora to act like a momentary switch but it is not consistently working. Let me try Mini and see if it works well.

Thank you for the link to 4CH device handler and smartapp. I flashed your bin file on the Sonoff, since with the newest tasmota SW I could not find it, when using discover in app. But after flashing your firmware, I was asked for Wifi password, which I could not find. I just reset the Sonoff and then I was not prompted for password. Now I got it working in Smartthings. Maybe you should add password, so others can install easier :slight_smile: Works great!!

The wifi password is in the first post.

Connect to Your Home Wifi

Now, plug the switch into power and wait for a moment. It should create an access point named Sonoff.[macAddressofSwitch]. Connect to that access point with the password: configme and it should redirect you to the page where you can connect it to your access point. If it doesn’t redirect you the IP address is Put in your network access point information and hit connect.

The switch should then connect to your Wifi access point.

password: configme

I am using the Sonoff TH16 for my pool temperature. Is there a way to connect a display to it to show the water temperature?

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Tried this, but it did not work. Maybe another password for the 4CH bin file? But it does not matter ,since I just cleared the Sonoff so now no password.

Got a strange problem. I just got a sonoff basic r2 ver2. it Flashed fine. Assigned my network and it’s not getting an IP address. I check and it does get an IP for a few seconds then drops off the net. Switch button controls device correctly.

Should I re Flash and try again?

Oh and I have a 4ch pro that works just fine with my wifi. Do the devices share same wireless chip/software?

Which file is the actual for the Node Flasher? The link to Github brings up numerous files. I cannot seem to find which one will open the flasher tool.

Strange, I haven’t seen that before. Maybe try a reflash. Try connecting it to a different access point just to rule that out. You could also reboot the router.

The first post references the below which has a link to the flasher and some better information about flashing:

I set this whole thing up last month and changed assigned a new password to it. I changed my wifi password on my router today and needed to change it on the Sonoff. I unplugged the Sonoff and plugged it back in, and it started broadcasting it’s own SSID again (“Sonoff”+MAC address). I joined it’s network and when it asked for the password it wouldn’t accept the one that I had created for it last month. It took “configme”. This concerns me, because it means if the power goes out and comes back on, and the Sonoff can’t immediate reconnect to my wifi, anyone can change the Sonoff’s wifi configuration and make it connect to their own network, since “configme” is known to be the default password.

Has anyone tried this on the new Sonoff mini yet? It looks like the perfect device for adding the 13 light switches left in my house to Smartthings without breaking the bank.

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The password is currently for control of the device & configuration. The wifi password is statically set at configme. The device tries to connect to wifi every few minutes, so if the power goes out it will shortly connect back to the access point.

Technically, if someone connected to it during that short window, they could attach it to another wifi network, but wouldn’t be able to control it or configure it.

That being said, it wouldn’t be too hard to change it have a configurable AP password. I will try to update it when I get a chance, but if anyone else wants to, that would be great.

To use the 1 Sonoff mini to control a 3-way switch setup you need the line and the load in the same gang box (see the diagram on the Sonoff mini page). Both my 3-way switches have the line in one box and the load in the other. One hack to fix this with 2 Sonoff minis would be to use the 2 traveler wires to sent power and neutral to the box with the load. Hook that switch up as a single pole. Hook the second Sonoff up without anything connected to the relay, and sync the two Sonoffs through Smartthings.

General Question , but I cannot get the Auto Off to work. In Smartthings it says succesfully saved.
Any ideas what to try?
And a second Q…
Is it possible to connect (and read) dht11/22 on a Sonoff Basic R2 V1 (the newer ones without the 5th pin , gpio14, I think?) I know there is a Sonoff TH.

Hi I have a th16 which I can control via smartthings however I’m not getting any temperature or humidity readings I am using the am2301 sensor which if I put tasmota firmware on the th16 I receive readings on the web interface. Any ideas what could be the problem

Hi, Does anyone has been able to make it work the inching option of the 4Ch relay with Smartthings using the custom fw and device handler ??

I´m pretty newbie on this but couldn’t get it work with the info I´ve found.
I´ve successfully added the 4 relays as “normal” switches on ST (but configured as inching in with the pin setup at the board). When I try to change the status from the ST app I´m only able to activate each switch once, and then it gets hung (I think it´s related to the inching option, but couldn’t found how to properly configure it within ST). Is there any way to make it work ? Any help or advice will be appreciated
Thanks !!

Make sense. Did you flash mini with Eric’s firmware? Or you are using eW link app?

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