[RELEASE] Sonoff, Sonoff TH, S20, Dual, 4CH, POW, & Touch Device Handler & SmartApp ($5 & $10 Smart Switches)



Sonoff 4CH, where you have the main device + 4 child devices


That’s correct, I have deleted the 3rd and 4th, that were unused. In your case you just delete the 4th one. The only thing to remember you cannot delete the main device, otherwise all 4 child will be delete with it.

(Võ Thanh Minh) #1465

I do not see name of wifi sonoff basic device after flash firmware Sonoff.ino.generic.bin

Help me, thanks all


I followed this guidance and I last week successfully flash standart switch, touch, pow …

(Võ Thanh Minh) #1467

I have finished, thank you and this great community. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Has anyone tried a more precise Sonoff Pow R2 with firmware for pow?

(Dthomp13) #1469

thanks for your help, all my devices now work!!!

(Ryan) #1470

Anyone else have a problem with the sonoff basic? In the past week I have had two modules just die on me. I’m trying to re-flash firmware and it doesn’t seem to be working. Anyone else experience this?

(Võ Thanh Minh) #1471

Can you fix code below. I want “if motion is active then relay1 on Sonoff Dual is turn on” Thanks


Why not use Webcore…

(Scott S.) #1473

I’ve got two Sonoffs that SmartThings cannot control anymore. I can still manually toggle the switch. Is there a quick easy way to get these back online? I’m sure the answer is buried somewhere within these 1400+ post, so sorry if this has been answered already.

(Steve ) #1474

Can you control then through the configuration page?
If so delete the device and re add as before , if not reset the WiFi (hold button 20 secs on power on ) and connect to your internet as before.

(Võ Thanh Minh) #1475

Hi all.
I have successfully connected with SmartThings Classic, but I have a new problem is unable to control sonoff on new SmartThings

(Scott S.) #1476

Busy weekend, any ways, one of them I
Unplugged and it started working. The other one I’m about to replace. It is only controllable by the push button, even though ST shows the switch like it should. I ended up deleteing and trying to rediscover from the smart app. Now it won’t
Discover, I reset the WiFi by manually holding down the button for 10secs. I pulled it up on my laptop and log into it with configme, then put in my WiFi just like the first time a everything seems fine. I come back to my smart app and try to add and it will not discover still, I’ve done it several times. When I get some spare time either going to replace with one I’ve already flashed (I’ve got 2 left from the first bunch of 8), or I might try and reflash it if I can find my old notes.


am at a loss
unable to flash all the 5 plugs using espeasy
i could only flash 1 plug using the Flash command but no wifi detected

the rest could be due to v bad soldering
i read somewhere that the new sonoff plugs cannot be flashed using espeasy tool


I have the same problem. Anyone have a solution?


I flash mine using nodemcu from this post [RELEASE] Sonoff, Sonoff TH, S20, Dual, 4CH, POW, & Touch Device Handler & SmartApp ($5 & $10 Smart Switches)

(Võ Thanh Minh) #1480

Do have me firmware? Sonoff B1 E27 6W 90-260V LED https://www.itead.cc/sonoff-b1.html

(Võ Thanh Minh) #1481

Good, cheap, thanks all!

(Muthu Kalyan) #1482

Hi Guys, I have flashed Eric’s firmware in Sonoff Basic, TH10,Sonof Dual R2, Sonoff 4Ch pro w/o issues. Thanks for all the posts and was able to get sonoffs working. Is anyone flashed Sonoff Dual R2. I am trying to connect two toggle switches for external control. I have Sonoff Dual R2 with one switch which is working , but the switch 2 is not working through external control… Any ideas?. I read Tasmato forums and they are recommending to set the device as 39 Sonoff Dual R2. also reset the Console->“Reset 2” to clean any override. Not sure what is that mean to the firmware that Eric created and how that are handled here with Eric’s firmware?. Thanks once again for great community.