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[RELEASE] Sonoff, Sonoff TH, S20, Dual, 4CH, POW, & Touch Device Handler & SmartApp ($5 & $10 Smart Switches)


(Dave) #1441

Since I have been unsuccessful to flash tasmota on my sonoff basics ( except one ), I wish someone could flash them for me. I will send them to you by Amazon Prime and pay whatever acceptable amount for flashing per unit + shipping back to me through Paypal. :slight_smile:


I’be been using 4ch DH for few months now on my Sonoff T1 2gang switches without issues. I’ve just deleted 3rd and 4th channel in my SmartThings app.


I’ve been using 4ch DH on my Sonoff T1 2gang switches for few months now without any issues. You can delete the unused channels in your SmartThings app.

(Max Tay) #1444

Here they are.

(Max Hammond) #1445

Hi Donnie, which firmware did you use and did you intergrate it into Smartthings as a switch? I’ve flashed one with Tasmota but need a device handler To use in Smartthings


Looks flashable. Would need to figure out the GPIO0 pin following it.

(Max Tay) #1447

How to follow the GPIO0? If you look at the underside, next the the pin marked GPIO0, there is a R17 resistor. Would that be the most likely place to have ground during boot-up? Also I tried directly having the ground on the GPIO0, but it keeps saying “wifi required”. So I must have missed something.


Look on the other pic, see GORTV pins? Would that be Ground, GPIO-0, Rx, Tx, and Voltage? I would be ohm’ing things out with my meter to the various pins to check. But the back labels make it easy as well to check things. Might be as simple as popping in a little header with your USB adapter on it hanging at an angle in those pins GORTV for G, V, T, R and then take a header pin to ground out GPIO-0 on the back while booting. Much like the Sonoff T1 flashing methods.

(Max Tay) #1449

Trying out. Soldered all the 5 pins, connect them V, T, R, G. Still checking out the GPIO0. Got these messages on the NODEMCU Programmer -

Not sure why am I getting the wifi message. The gpio is understandable since I am still looking for the right register…


Think those are regular messages… Not sure why it has those.

(Knut Magnus Stokke) #1451

Hi, great device handler!

Is it possible to make the smartthings app react when i turn off the b1 with power?

Like this scenario. The bulb is on(also in the app) But i decide to turn it off with a pshyical switch so it loose all connection, because it got no power. But in the app it still is on, is it possible to make a command or something to send to smartthings app when it powers off or it will actuelly loose connection

(ilker Aktuna) #1452

does this work with the Sonoff SV model ?

(Martin Fitzgerald) #1453

Hello all, I’ve just flashed a 4CH Pro with Sonoff 4CH - Firmware. When I restart it after replacing the stock firmware, the buttons on the device turn the relays on / off, but when I scan for a wifi network to connect to the device there is none present.

Is the firmware that I flashed only suitable for the Sonoff 4ch, not the Sonoff 4ch pro, or am missing a step?

Any help you can give me is much appreciated!

Small update here, I was able to follow a procedure out lined by kasiser_will where he out lined the following

That got it going. Thanks Ben

(Võ Thanh Minh) #1455

I have Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (, can use it to update fiirmware for Sonoff smart wifi? Thanks all

(Martin Fitzgerald) #1456

Hey folks,
Back again with the Sonoff 4ch pro, in post 1433 I flashed the the Sonoff 4ch pro with the Sonoff 4ch firmware and that is working and I can turn the 4 relays ON and OFF from SmartThings app.

The issue I’m having though is the feedback from the device it’s self. If I go to turn one of the relays from the app, the relay it’s self turns on but the status in the app says TURNINGON, never changes to ON. All so when you turn a relay ON / OFF from the device it’s self, it never updates smartthigns with the new status.

I have the HA Controller IP / PORT set correctly, (set correctly as have the same values in the basic sonoff switch and it works every time).

Not sure if it’s related, but smartthings app also does not display the ip/adress or the uptime of the 4ch pro either, but it does display it for the basic switch.

Does any one know if this is functioning correctly, or would there be some thing up here ?

As always, any help you can give is greatly appreciated

small update

Removed the device handler and put it back on and it’s now working correclty.


So you just deleted 2ch that were not working?

So I should be able to flash a 3 gang T1 and just delete the 1 unused ch?

BTW, there is now a new rectangle US shaped T1 available but it has 315MHz RF not 433MHz.

(ilker Aktuna) #1458

one of my sonoff switch supplies 220V even when I turn it off using the button. (or remotely) it shows the LED off but supplies 220V.
is this a hardware problem or is there a setting which might cause this ? or a bug of firmware ?


Have you used firmware for Sonoff Touch or Sonoff 4CH?

(ilker Aktuna) #1460

any ideas ?


You could try flashing the firmware once again just to make sure. Otherwise most certainly seems like a hardware issue.