[RELEASE] Sonoff, Sonoff TH, S20, Dual, 4CH, POW, & Touch Device Handler & SmartApp ($5 & $10 Smart Switches)

I have purchased a TH16 and some basic switches. Do I need Home assistant to operate this in my Smartthings App?

Thanks Steve for all your help! I don’t know what I was doing but I gave it a valiant third try and got it and 4 other wi-fi switches working. I wasn’t putting the switch into programming mode and my ftdi (wi-fi version) was acting as the switch. Oh man! Thanks all!

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Not within SmartThings.

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The dimensions are a bit funky, but your third picture does appear to be of an ESP module (though with the details scratched off). It also looks like there might be a programming connector right next to it (labelled CON2). Without a multimeter it would be difficult to work out what connections go where and hence how to connect the FTDI to flash it.
I would suggest if you do want to try then you should read the firmware off the device before flashing, that way you can always put it back to how it is now. That said from the looks of things, I would expect it should be compatible with the Sonoff 4CH, the only problem is the pin connections might be different, hence you might need some small tweaks in the firmware from erocm1231

Thanks for this great project! I was hoping someone could help me with my slightly varied configuration.

I’ve successfully flashed the image to a Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266). I installed the DH and SmartApp in ST and it discovered and can control the device. Even works with my Amazon Echo! The issue I have now is that I have relay shield on the Wemos and it uses pin D1 to communicate. So while I can tell the “Fauxnoff” to turn on and off (confirmed in the status page via a browser) the relay doesn’t actuate.

My guess is that the firmware is hard coded to the pin configuration of the ESP8266 on the Sonoff, but I have no idea how to go about changing that. Any help out there???


Since @erocm1231 has never released his source code, you may want to consider another alternative which provides total control of how you use every pin on your Wemos D1 Mini board.

Take a look at ST_Anything as an open source alternative

Hi Joaqin, I didn’t, but it’s dropped off my radar for a bit - I’ll pick
it up again at some point in the future - I haven’t given up entirely!

That’s what I was afraid of. I looked at ST_Anything recently. FauxmoESP worked with Alexa devices, but I could never get ST integration working. I guess the third project is the charm for me. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Re: flashing Houzetek 4 outlet powerstrip
Thanks cjcharles for your input
I tried to flash it but it doesn’t take the firmware. The LEDs light up and flash on and off when I connect the FTDI’s VCC and ground but nothing happens when I try to flash it. Perhaps I’m not putting it into programing mode. I pressed and held the button when connecting the VCC and that does cause the LEDs it to start flashing on and off. I’m using NODEMCU flash programmer witht the same settings I used for the Sonoffs. Perhaps those settings should be different. I’m not very familiar with flashing firmware and I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Hi. Thanks For Your great work. I’m new here and quite confused. Could You pls clarify few questions for me pls.
I have sonoff basic switches, th16 and 4ch and before I proceed flashing Your firmware I’m wondering do I have to add device handler once or to every device?
And what to do with 4ch child handler.
Sorry I did try to find answers in this post but it’s lenghty and I might have missed it.
Thank You

You’ll need a device handler for every type of device.
So if you have 4 Sonoff TH’s and 4 Basic Sonoffs etc , you’ll only need the 2 matching device handlers

So if I add sonoff 4ch I need to add matching handler and 1 child device handler?
Thank You for quick response :blush:
Do I add child handler like normal handler?

I’ve not got a 4 channel one so not even sure there is a handler lol
Presuming there is than yes just add the child ones the same way some times they don’t need publishing it should say at the top which ones do it can’t remember lol

Ok, I’ll try that. Thank You

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Hurray it is working… Thanks to you… It is possible to somehow change device type from switch to light? My Google Home seeing Sonoff as switch and could not react to “switch light on” command. I tried to add to definition in Device Handler this: capability “Light” but with no change in Google Home app :frowning:

Th16 works great, but refuses to work like thermostat, auto on/off. Is there any smart app that work? Thank You

No there’s no option like that.
I use WebCore to create automations for it.
Or there’s the standard Smartapps some of them might do it.

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Ok. Thank You for webcore. It works :blush:

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I flashed the 10 amp sonoff switch and flashing seems to be done correctly but I dont see any SSID broadcast. I have flashed multiple times not with no luck. I see that some people had this issue but then not clear what they did to fix. any help is appreciated.

Reset the WiFi pal.
While it’s powered on hold the button for about 20 seconds three LEDs should flash then power off and back on and it should appear.