[RELEASE] SmartPing - Monitor your website uptime visually!

That’d be nice.

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Your app is awesome! I set it up to monitor a local web server. Sure, if my home internet is down, none of the switches/lights, etc will work, but I’d have to be home to see those things happen, and I am, I’d know it was down anyway. What I really like is that if the web server goes down for any other reason I’d know, plus the push notifications work even when the home internet is down, so it’s another way to know if my home internet is down beyond the hub offline notification…especially with the period notifications I added:

For anyone interested, I mod’d the app to include periodic notifications (i.e. you get a push notification when the site goes down, and again ever XX minutes you choose until the site is back up, and you get a “site back up” notification as well). I also made it work with https (I had to remove the validate url step, so it does rely on the user correctly entering it).

Parent App

Child App

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Cool dude! Glad you got some use out of it :slight_smile:

All, I found a huge error in my code that actually prevented it from working. It is corrected and uploaded to github at my previous links.

What a shame… doesn’t work and exactly what I need.

@jasonbeee Looks like your original code was ported to Hubitat without asking you if it was ok.

Personally I always ask because its the right thing to do.