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[RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb


(JAAS666) #1859

Also… shorting J3 won’t turn on or off the LEDs manually.

Is there a setting that needs to be changed for that to work?

(cjcharles) #1860

Curious, it should go back to previous state after running a program. I will give it a bit of testing myself this week (I dont really use programs).

I also dont use the manual pin shorting to turn on/off but that should work and Im sure I did test that. Do you have any resistors/capacitors available at home? If you search in this thread you should find some instructions (probably from me) about how to more reliably use the on board pins to trigger an on/off event.

(JAAS666) #1861

At first I thought it was a poor solder job on my part, but shorting the installed button for more time will reset the wifi as intended… So there has to be a good connection on the pins.

(cjcharles) #1862

Thats good to know. Can you confirm what pins you have chosen for the ‘other’ pins in the settings page (e.g. LEDs or enable pins)? (or are you just using the defaults?)

(JAAS666) #1863

3 and 2

Now that you mention it, that might be it.

At some point during initial setup I reset the unit and had to put those back from the examples on that page.

What should they be?

(cjcharles) #1864

Pretty sure that isnt the default. Think the key pin should be 0 which is the pin which acts as a switch/reset. You should also not have anything else using pin 0…

(Keith Croshaw) #1865

Would this magically give me the ability to individually control LEDs? Or at least in some sort of pattern?

(Antony Pugh) #1866

Where is the latest firmware? How do I know which I am on?

(Antony Pugh) #1867

Found 2.1.1 updated and the devise rebooted. But the white channel is on and no other settings respond. I for a bit could connect but not too long. It might be stuck in a loop.


(Antony Pugh) #1868

So it’s rebooting and reconnecting and rebooting and reconnecting. White stays on but it thinks it’s all off.

I can seemingly update again if needed.


(Darren) #1869

Just wondering what is the correct way to update to the latest version. Is it

  • Update to the latest firmware, by downloading and upgrading via the Devices IP Addy and Firmware option

  • Update DH1 & DH2

  • Update Smartapp


(Anthony Rossetti) #1870

I am still having connectivity/reliability issues
i am not replacing my router but i am considering buying a wifi extender which will have a different SSID .

so my question is this , would it be possible to make a new FW that we can flash through the browser config page that would add options to the browser config page for editing connection credentials such as SSID and password?

i may want to try a few different extender and then if one or all do not work go back to just connecting directly to my router.
this will be a huge hassle to have to not only have to reset all the controllers every time but also to have to
recreate all of my IFTTT applets and to re run the smart app to create the virtual devices and programs name them all again and setup everything in google home and alexa smarthome.

options to edit the SSID and password through the browser seem like a no brainer, unless it is not technically possible.


Same here, trying to find older version of firmware as I overwrote the one I had

(Antony Pugh) #1872

Glad it’s not just me. And yeah I don’t have the older one.

@erocm1231 @cjcharles

I assume one of you two can help us out.

(Anthony Rossetti) #1873

Can someone please tell me what happens when i reset a controller to give it new wifi credentials?
I mean will all of the virtual switches and programs associated with it need to be set up again?
Does the physical device and all virtual devices associated with it get removed from ST things when you reset?


I reflashed to this version (2.0.6) and its working fine

(cjcharles) #1875

How strange, you say it just reboots continuously? I did so much testing and couldn’t get it to do that…


Similar to Behold81
Flashed new firmware through update.
After reboot, controller is lighting all white constantly, and cannot be controlled from ST at all. After a few attempts at controlling, the controller reboots into AP mode.
Went back to 2.06 and working fine

(cjcharles) #1877

Does it work through controlling in the web interface? ST may not work until it is configured…


No, The web interface is there and I can see it has been updated from the older version. Settings can be changed, but the control options to set rgb, on, off etc have no reaction.