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[RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb


(cjcharles) #1819

Sounds like you need to press Configure.

That would explain why the status isnt updated, and why ST things they have gone offline. Configure ensures that the IP of ST is added to the H801, so the H801 knows where to send status updates.

(Steve ) #1820

Ah right didn’t realise that.
Been so long since i originally set them up seems to ring a bell now cheers.

(Paul Champagne) #1821

I want to take this opportunity to thank Eric M for creating this smart app. I’ve been using 8 of them in my system for close to 2 years and it’s still all working perfectly. Sorry to hear you will be moving on to other things.

But glad to see cjcharles is picking it up. Much appreciated.

I do have a question: in view of the fact that Samsung is getting ready to move everything to another app and a cloud system, will this custom app still work?

(Anthony Rossetti) #1822

Do you know what he is talking about?
does he mean the configure button at the bottom of the device handler to the right of the refresh button and under the “program 5” button? because that button appears to do absolutely fuckall for me.
I am getting the same issue , when I press the main turn on button it just says “turning on” and just stays there and the device does not switch on, it never says on.
The only way i can get the device to react is to go to one of the sliders and move it.
Of course this seems to be an intermittent problem , it does not do it all the time
i find the whole platform to be totally unreliable crap .
I have issues with other lights as well ,a osram ligitfy full color BR30 mostly
but my HUE bulbs connected through the HUE bridge will go offline too
but i get he red dot next to them.
Seems like ST is just a piece of crap platform and that it is probably not the device handler
ST is just totally unreliable and unstable.
I have had nothing but problems with this thing from day one
my HUE lights had no problems until i linked them with smartthings
and switched from the HUE skill to the ST skill.
Now i get frequent problems with alexa not being able to control them,i go to check in ST and see some have red dots and are unreachable ,but oddly enough GH / GA can still control them.

(cjcharles) #1823

Im curious to know how you use the app, if at all? Since actually it is possible to use just the device handler and everything should still work, hence after ST changes there should not be any problems (at least until they change that too!).

The App is useful for discovering the devices, and keeping them in sync (by IP) - which is important if they dont have static IP addresses, but otherwise is not needed.
The App is also useful for configuring the programs if you use them, though actually this can also be done through the device handler (though it would need some tweaks).

Hence I dont think I will personally focus on keeping the App working, but it would be a good standalone project if somebody else wanted to do it, since it isnt crucial to the functioning of the RGBW Controller itself. At least thats how I see it… Thoughts?

(Steve ) #1824

Yeah it’s that configure button at the bottom.
It doesn’t seem to do anything but mine seem to be working ok now.
At first it didn’t work but I had to delete the forwarding IP on the config page then hit the configure button on both devices and made sure I’ve now set my device settings to boot previous colour and re added the forwarding IP and it seems to be going ok.
My only little glitch is on my 2 devices that’s being forwarded when I press on with the main device it does turn on the other device but it displays “off” untill i hit refresh inside the device page.

(cjcharles) #1825

Yes, thats an annoying quirk about the way the existing code is set to send a status message to the requester, rather than to ST every time, hence if one H801 requests a colour change from another H801 then the status message is sent to the first H801 rather than ST. You need to wait for a refresh for it to update.

Id like to change this (as it is annoying for me too), but its a bit more work due to the way it is setup at the moment!

(Paul Champagne) #1826

I only use the app for setting up. But I am actually more concerned about the custom device handler. I have read that after the switch to the new Smartthings app, those custom handlers might not be supported. That would be quite devastating.

(cjcharles) #1827

Custom device handlers are surely going to continue, otherwise it kills basically the entire community. I’ve not seen anything about device handlers changing, but the smart apps will change as they are putting quite a high load on ST servers. That’s my understanding anyway!

(Paul Champagne) #1828

That actually makes a lot of sense. Reassuring.


(Michael Tschirsch) #1829

Hi all,

I would like to use webcore to start one of the 6 programs from the controller, can anybody tell me how to do this.

Thank you.

(cjcharles) #1830

What controller? You can start a program with webcore by running the program function within the device (sorry I can’t remember the exact name off the top of my head)

(Paul Champagne) #1831

One thing I’m not sure I understand is how will the controllers be discovered if we no longer have the app?

(cjcharles) #1832

The discovery is only needed if you have dynamic IP addresses on your network that you dont reserve or make static (i.e. the H801 changes IP when the router refreshes its IP table). I have previously made devices appear in Windows as a ‘network device’ under the ‘network’ folder, that way it is easy to see their IP address and add them manually to SmartThings, but you would need to make the IP static in the router if you want a permanent fix without the SmartApp.

Despite the above, I dont think it is even confirmed that Smart Apps will die overnight, since the discovery app uses virtually no server CPU and that is what they want to avoid. I think we just wait and see, given the above makes it totally achievable even if it does stop working (just needs new instructions).

(Paul Champagne) #1833

Thanks. At this point, we all are pretty much unsure about where Samsung is going with this.

(Martin Bailey) #1834

im running into similar problems with the Arilux LC04, everything soldered in … used nodeMCU to flash , flash goes through everything says is fine … but nothing communicates so suspect I might have bricked this little puppy as the DTR connection on the ESP8285 is a pain in the arse to solder to so attempting to flash again is pretty much out of the question. I have a couple of spares I can test on , and one with a blown mosfet on the green channel , but in a nutshell … i dont like microsoldering to the esp very much … its hurts my brain

(cjcharles) #1835

I dont think these can be bricked, the ESP is notoriously difficult to brick, you just need to ensure you ground the right pins at boot up…


@cjcharles I have some weirdness on my H801 after a power surge. They are still running UI and responding to Smartthings commands, but 5 out of 6 also auto-enabled their AP (access points) and now broadcasting their SSIDs - see attached pic. I was able to connect to AP with “configme”, got DHCP IP address of, and even able open UI at the configured IP address (not

Any thoughts on why this happened and how to disable AP? This is kind of security flaw…


(cjcharles) #1837

I haven’t touched the code which manages Wi-Fi credentials and when they get reset, I know Eric thought he had fixed a problem related to that, and I haven’t had a problem myself. For info the credentials will probably reset when the ESP/H801 boots up but can’t connect to your Wi-Fi, typically after a power cut, given it takes longer for your router to boot than the H801. I will add it to my to do list to look at that code in more detail, as I do appreciate it is a security flaw, allbeit one where an attacker can only change the colour of a light in your house, and by definition can’t then connect to your actual Wi-Fi, hence it’s not a huge risk IMHO. (But it is annoying!)


@cjcharles You were right, I have rebooted all of them and they stopped broadcasting SSID.
As a minimum, I would like to have current AP status in the UI + checkbox to be able to manually enable/disable it. Also curious if setting up “Continue Boot On Wifi Fail = Yes” would prevent this from happening.