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[RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb


(Mamou La) #1697

how do you load your wifi network and password?

(cjcharles) #1698

Follow the instructions. It broadcasts an access point so you can configure it.

(Ben) #1699

First of all, massive thanks to Eric for this amazing project. This is my first set up for SmartThings and I’m truly hooked now.

I have followed all the instructions and have my H801 and rgbw strip working properly apart from one problem. I’ve searched this thread but can’t find a solution. The red and green channels are the wrong way round. If I swap their inputs into the H801 around then the red works fine but green doesn’t even turn on. Has anyone got any ideas for how to fix this? Thanks.

(cjcharles) #1700

Think you have flashed the wrong firmware, make sure you use the h801 firmware rather than the arilux firmware. Given you have flashed once already, you should be good to do the update by flashing through a web browser (connect to the H801 webpage and follow the firmware update link)

(Eric M) #1701

Hi everyone, just a couple things. I realized a few days ago that I accidentally published a device handler that broke some compatibility (Alexa & Google Home?). That has been fixed.

Also, my life has been crazy and I can’t keep up with this project any more. I posted the code for the project to my github. This project still has so much potential so hopefully someone will get good use out of it. I modified maybe one or two libraries that it uses and I honestly can’t remember how, but if you are familiar with Arduino you should be able to figure it out with one or two tweaks. I didn’t have time to clean up the code and comment so sorry if it is a mess. :slight_smile:

(Mase Driskell) #1702

I hope someone takes your place with this project as I use about 15 h801’s throughout my house. They are amazing. under counter lights come on on motion, stair trim comes on\motions, red/blue in every room when the alarm goes off etc… its amazing the things that can be done. You should just start a patreon and have people donate to you for developing this.
Everyone donates to the cosplay porn stars and all the other stupid crap I am sure some of us would donate to you for working on this.

(cjcharles) #1703

Amazing news! I cant wait to get started on my planned improvements. Im not sure who else is a coder in this list but I so far have a list of improvements I want to add and will get started on them quite quickly I hope, they are as follows:

  1. Custom pin numbers - so you can change which pin is R,G,B,W1,W2 rather than being hard coded. This will ensure a wide range of device compatibility with only a single firmware version.
  2. Colour flashes on boot - I find that the H801 flashes a colour (normally green) on while booting, and I would like to prevent this since it looks a bit bizarre. I think this will just be a case of ensuring that a pin is set to off before setting it to an output, but there might be other things involved (such as lags when it connects to WiFi/…)
  3. Colour cycling on device - so that you can send an H801 a list of colours and times, and it will process on device, rather than requiring CoRE/SmartApp to do it. This will help ensure they are more standalone after SmartThings change their platform.
  4. Linked devices - so you can use a single command to turn on multiple devices, and it will ensure they stay in sync
  5. Boot up colours - I have found that startup colours do not seem to work every time and sometimes it gets stuck or boots up with a different colour on compared to when it was last turned off. The reliable option is to resume last setting and I’d like to make this work smoothly.

If anybody has any others then please let me know. Or if you are a developer and keen on getting involved then please send me a message and Im sure we can get the firmware for this into an even better place.

(Mase Driskell) #1704

the custom pin thing would be amazing but how many amps can be pushed through an h801?
also if you are doing custom pins then essentially if you made a “momentary” option you would turn this into a 5V/24v relay controller. as it could control the high/lo on a sainsmart relay which would be so awesome for projects. 6 relays controlled with a $8 board and a $15 sainsmart… There are a lot of possibilities.

(Alex) #1705

I really really want to have a default on color that can activate everything. I have an RGBW strip and can either have RGB or W1 on, I want everything on as the default. I am thinking an easy way to achieve this in a hex code would be #ffffffww.

Also, for some reason my H801 blinks when fading off with RGBW on. In other words, if I manually turn R,G,B, and W1 channels to 100% then turn it off, it begins to fade then starts blinking as its fading off, mildly annoying.


(Steve ) #1706

Some great ideas there wish I knew how to code to help :frowning:
Do you know what issue is causing the H801’s to not work correctly with SmartThings scenes? It never sets the colour correctly :cry:
It’s also with WebCore where I want a certain colour to come on when shm tripped and then go back to whatever colour it was beforehand with the capture and restore attributes option.
I’ve read it’s a issue with the conversion of colormap and hex and that the device handler doesn’t do it correctly.


Feature request #1 is the functionality of restoring color after program execution. Eager to assist in Beta testing any new features for the community. Details defined below:

#2 is linked devices
#3 is Color cycling

(Eric M) #1708

Yeah, the blinking I was not able to figure out. It seemed to do it when it had multiple channels turned on, but when a single channel was on it did not occur. I thought maybe it was a CPU limitation so I changed to a different method of calculating the level values, but that didn’t make a difference.

@Steveuk23 I’ll take a look at the scenes and webcore problem. It is definitely something that can be fixed in the device handler.

(dennis) #1709

I still have the issue with the h801 wifi controller that whenever the power goes off this device, that it forgets it’s wifi SSID + password.

Is there any solution for this?

(Eric M) #1710

This was a bug that got squashed a long time ago (I thought). I haven’t seen it for a long time. Have you updated to the latest firmware?

(Steve ) #1711

Thanks for that it would be greatly appreciated.
Nice to see you back on the comments :slight_smile:

(cjcharles) #1712

Just had a first scan of the code and noticed that firmware version is 2.0.5 in the code, but in the binary it is 2.0.6. Is there a more up to date version I should be starting with? Thanks again :slight_smile:

(Eric M) #1713

Man, that is weird. I honestly have no idea how that happened, LOL. I kept all the files in a single location, so I’m pretty sure that is the most recent. Maybe I changed the version number back for some reason . . . I’ll do some digging to see if I can figure it out.

Edit: @cjcharles, I actually did accidentally upload an older version. I have posted the latest version. Sorry about that! :slight_smile:

(Michael Tschirsch) #1714

I agree the custom pin would be great, you might be able to make them w1, w2, w3, w4, w5 if you have connected 5 wight strips to the controller and want to control them separately. thx.

(Patrick Mjoen) #1715

Any suggestion on the US power cord to use?

(dennis) #1716

That would be great. Haven’t upgraded them since ~start of this thread.

I can update them by going to the dedicated ipadress /update , there upload the firmware file from the first post, right?