[RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb


(Kavvy) #1655

So, Ive been gone from this forum for some time and want to program the controller I bought when this thread first started. I see there are a LOT of updates to this thread.

The first post, points to post 360 for instructions on HOW to do it, but are the links in that post “up to date” with the DTH/firmware version needed?

I already have the hardware for this to happen, but now Im looking for the most up to date links on the software/firmware. Just looking for guidance/confirmation from @erocm1231 regarding the latest and greatest links to make this work for some warm white lights Ill be installing.

Thanks and my wife will appreciate me not spending $70 on a Fibaro RGBW controller for our master closet, so Im hoping this $10 purchase will suffice powering 40ft of WW LEDs in said closet.

(Steve ) #1656

The links on the first post point to the github so when that gets updated it means the links will be the latest version.

(Derek Scritchfield) #1657

I flashed an airlux 02 controller today and all seemed to go well the smartapp found it… But the green and blue channels are not controllable the are dimmly lit and i cannpt get them to go off… The red and white work properly… Am i to assume its just a bad controller or am i missing something

(cjcharles) #1658

Does it work from the web dashboard of the controller? Go to the control tab to test.

(Derek Scritchfield) #1659

No it is the same frome the dashboard… I tried to reset it and its still the same

(Broderick) #1660

Anyone flashing these and reselling on here? I’m happy to buy a ready-to-go one from someone.

(cjcharles) #1661

I’ve been selling a few that I had left over on my site, but I’m in the uk. If you search for my Heatmiser Neostat integration then you will find a link.

(Broderick) #1662

Thanks! I’ll think about it, but the pound -> dollar ratio right now is killing me, haha.

(cjcharles) #1663

Haha yes I thought you were US based. The rate has been killing me for the last 18months so it’s a slight improvement in my books! :grin:

(Rick) #1664

I don’t understand why this @erocm1231 is not responding to anyone asking for help just ignoring our requests for a copy of the modified tasmota firmware he has obviously branded as his. When there is room for some of us to make some changes to the firmware. Why release just bin files and not the source? So plz post your changes for these st rgbw and sonoff to git hub. I’m going to take a guess it’s all the same Tasmota firmware just slightly modified.

Wasn’t the json responses etc all ready in the tasmota firmware? Can the original Tasmota devs get some credit here and can we fix a few issues. Like your ssdp discovery is broken in the firmware. I am now slightly irritated you not responding, wonder are you hiding something here? Possibly some tracking code on users. You are clearly violating gnu/gpl license here.

(cjcharles) #1665

I think you forget most developers here have done everything on their own back to support the community. Whether Eric is busy or doing something else is fairly irrelevant, he coded something before tasmota was even a thing. Based on the web requests that the device makes, it is doing nothing malicious and never contacts an address other than ST, so I think you need to be a lot more reasonable in your requests and questions.


Jumping in to my first ST LED strip project. I’m going to try the H801 route.

I am thinking about this package so I get the power supply.

I realize the remote would be redundant. I just want to make sure I am not missing a trick. Can someone confirm that I can use this set with the H801? I guess this set includes a receiver of some kind for the remote and I would just not be using that.

(Rick) #1667

Yes but not releasing the code and branding it as your own is not right. We have all used libraries that are all open sourced made for all kinds of projects what’s the point of a community & open source if your going to just release bin files and not allow improvements. I have waited and no replys. So @erocm1231 either chime in and give us a reasonable reason as to why there is no source or release the source. I don’t believe he wrote the firmware for any of these from the ground up. If he did great thanks :slight_smile:

(Ryan Munday) #1668

(Rick) #1669

Love it :wink:




Can anyone help on this question? Thanks!

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #1671

You can. You don’t need the remote, etc, so just toss those away. The only thing you want is the LED strip and the power supply.


Thank you.

(Reimo) #1673

Thank you for @erocm1231 for great work! Got Arilux AL-LC02 and flashed it and it is now connected to smartthings. Used @cjcharles tips from post 1485 but have to solder wires directly to ESP chip, here is wiring diagram:

But yeah, colors from smartthings app are messed up. I could swap some led strip pins but it seems like in @erocm1231 firmware button RED is actually connected to pin W2. But LC-02 do not have W2… only W1 :confused: I hope that some day we could swap pins in app :grin:

(Barry Henderson) #1674

ESP8285. Where do I get the correct firmware to fix the colors being off? I get Red nothing, Blue, Green, and W1 turn on the 3 colors. Can I solder a wire directly to the chip for the Red and unsolder the W1 at the connector? Which pin is Red on the chip. Any help is appreciated