[RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb

But did you already have the smartlife firmware on there ,because there is a FW update option that lets you upload a new FW bin file but I am not sure if it will work to flash a totally different FW like Tasmota since it is the ST smartlife FW
also I already am familiar with how to flash an ESP device I am just not sure if I left header pins soldered on to my H801’s , the flash would not take with out soldering for me ,I would need 5 hands to hold everything , the part I am not sure about is how to configure it before uploading it , how did you configure yours for the H801?
I have no clue on how o do it, and how to tell it what pins are being used for which channels, if you could upload your bin I could try and flash it from the current FW dashboard

You can’t flash from smarttlife web accès .
Need ftdi , already try.

I was successful in using the smartlife web firmware upgrade to a tasmota-lite.bin V8.5.1. Then upgrade tasmota with latest tasmota.bin.gz. The file size matters and the lite version is 474kb. There was no indication that the flash was over but after a while I saw the tasmota hotspot. You can configure module as H801, I used Arilux LC01 for rgb light strip. Works fine but I miss the cool animations.

Note the file extentions on the firmware file. Tasmota 8.5.1 gave tasmota the capability to used gzipped bin files hence the .bin.gz filename for final upgrade. The smartlife web interface does not support the smaller gzipped files so must use a small tasmota bin file.

Edit: It might have been the latest v12.1.1 tasmota-lite.bin it’s file is 513kb That I installed directly from the web interface.


What if someone in the community eventually does make an edge driver
would it involve reflashing the controller or would it just involve something on the server/ hub side.
I am not exactly even sure what edge is, will there be a replacement for the IDE or do you just upload drivers directly to the hub or something? or is it just a device FW that doesn’t need anything server side or on the hub, I have no clue how it even works or what is going on post groovy .
Can anyone make edge drivers or do you need some special access and do they need to be submitted and approved by ST to get hosted or is it just some code that you can upload to and run on the hub locally?

Yeah I will miss the animation programs too
I know nothing about Tasmota and not much about WLED either
but WLED has animations , but I am not sure if it can only be configured for addressable strips or if it can be configured for RGB/RGBW/RGBWW strips
might WLED be the better option here if does indeed support configuration for regular
RGB common
anode or common cathode strips?

Look here

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I was able to flash by inserting the pin end of the jumper cables into the header holes (no soldering needed for me). I used the web flash website in my previous post and clicked the option to erase first. After I got the board on wifi, I went into the web interface (IP address) and changed device configuration to H801 from the drop-down list.

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I can confirm that the same OTA flashing worked for me. Thanks for your guidance.