[RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb

I am actually using WebCore, when looking more closely at WebCore, i can only specify the light as a colour light and not in the white light objects. Where as other lights i have i can specify in both/either.

Im using WebCore to control it at the moment, but in my case i also tie it to homekit with another controller, but because its still a colour light, i cant control that with homekit either.

Im no expert but i believe that this would need a different config than whats in the 3 files…

The commands for controlling the white channels in WebCore are as follows: setWhite1Level(…), setWhite2Level(…), setWhiteLevel(…), white1Off(…), white1On(…), white2Off(…), and white2On(…).

I think you are right. I just looked at the device handler and it is missing capability "Color Temperature" which tells me that they went about the white level adjustment in a completely different way. I’m still too unfamiliar with coding device handlers to add it myself. We’re just going to have to wait for the experts to add it in.

I have added the color temperature capability to the device handler. There is also a device option that you need to set if you have a CW strip on the W2 channel. If you don’t it will just use the RGB channels to create a CW. You may also want to enable the “mutually exclusive” setting for white and RGB.

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Awesome work! Thanks mate!

For those of you still not seeing the colour temperature setting on existing devices after updating the device handler, try rebooting the SmartThings hub.

To get Alexa to update, first delete the device in the Alexa app, and then say “Alexa, find new devices.” It should announce the device name as added when it is done. You will have to add it back to its room and any routines it was in.

For WebCore, remove the device from “Available devices” in the WebCore SmartApp, then add it back in. Your pistons will remain unaffected. Now “set color temperature…” will be available from the list of commands for that device.

Never mind Apparently this one works. I just had to flash it a few times then it worked. Weird!

I have tried searching and googling with no success
I am looking for origional firmware for Arilux controllers.
Could some one please help me
This is all i could fined https://github.com/iLLiac4/Arilux-AL-LC0X-bin
and when i use it the onboard eps led just blinks like crazy and send geberish to serial monitor.

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Is this compatible with the new app? It works fine in the classic app, but when I try to pull up one of these devices in the new app, the whole app crashes.

Works for me in the new app on Android. Maybe clear cache and data and try again?

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That did it, thank you. Said it needed to download a plug-in, but after that, it came right up.

Has anyone updated the device handler to the most recent. The history says that he changed the way child devices are created to work with the new app on July 15 2020. Do W1 W2 and program buttons now work in the new app?

You have to delete the child devices and update the settings in the preferences of the parent device to re-create them in the new app friendly way.

Thank you sir. I will be updating the device handler soon.

Good to see some activity here. I need to update my firmware and the apps as I recently completed my migration to the new app. It’s been YEARS that these things have worked reliably with really no interventions from me.

Thank you!!! @erocm1231


I’ve customized one H801 controller with @erocm1231 's firmware and using his smartapp.I have noticed that from time to time, the controller drops the wi-fi, and rejoins after some minutes (10 to 30 min to rejoin).

Did any of you experienced this kind of behavior?If yes, how did you fix it?


Hello! This - looks exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have a 3 story house and I’m tired of climbing a ladder many, many times to put up and take down lights.

I want to permanently put up LED strips (RGBW? RGBWW?) and leave them up! I can run some wires from them inside to the H801.

My question is - how does this handle more than one H801? I have the house, I have a detached garage, I have a big shed. If it takes, for example, 4 strips of LEDs for the house, and I need to use two H801s, and (still an example) I want all 4 strips to do the exact same thing, whether it’s color changing, color fading, or chasing around the house, is that possible?

Oh, will this DO that color changing? Fading? Chasing? Etc etc. Red/Green at Christmas? Orange at Halloween?

How about multiple H801s, like… 4? 8? 10?

I appreciate any help/replies!

If you want everything to be perfectly in sync, you will need to use one controller with repeaters as needed to maintain the voltage down the line. Using this method, you will only be able to have one color at a time. If you want more than one color at the same time, then multiple controllers are needed, but the animations won’t be in sync all the time.

Also, the chasing effect is only possible with addressable RGBs (ARGB) and can’t be done with the H801.

Ohhh, ok. Thanks for the reply - I’m going to go with something else.

I am having an issue creating virtual child switches. The option didnt exist in the SmartApp so I found it was commented out in the code. I uncommented it out and they were able to be created, however they didnt show up as child devices, nor did they work. I used the app to delete them but dont know what to do now. The sync app comes up blank when I hit next. Not sure how to get any of these child apps working. I have all the latest code installed from Eric. Both SmartApps and Device Handlers.

The device handler uses child devices now which is why the code is commented out. You can enable the child devices inside of the device preferences.

Thanks Eric! After several times messing around I finally figured it out. I deleted everything in IDE and then recreated them as you suggested. Now I am seeing another strange issue. When I initiate a child switch tied to a program it works fine, but when I turn it off it stays on the last color it was on in that program. Also on my two older setups I don’t see the white color settings where it says 2700-6500. Any thoughts on these few issues? Been using your apps for a couple years and love them. Just having issues with getting the new ones running in the new app. :wink:

I’m completely failing to get my h801 controllers to show up in smart things. I flashed with the latest firmware, installed the latest device handler, and the web interface works (set the pins, can control color fine from the web). When I try and scan for a new device I get nothing. I’ve tried manually adding it as well and still no luck (device shows up but is unresponsive).

Any have any clue what I could be missing?