[RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb

I have flashed several of the generic Magichome Wi-Fi led controllers with this threads firmware and dh. Works great once on figure out the pin assignments


I have the 2.0 version that looks like i need to get the 4 legs of the chip. Is that what you had to do? Ive flashed the H801s before with no issues, but never these. Thanks!

Arilux controllers from 1-2 years ago were supported fine with the latest firmware, its just that you needed to solder some RX/TX pins in awkward locations.

I dont expect anything has changed, though the Chinese market does constantly evolve, so perhaps take a photo so others can see what new devices look like? Might be better able to guide you then.

Hey guys,

Anyone have instructions for flashing this model?



Thanks all

Have a look in this thread for Arilux and you should find a few posts, one of which is by me. You’ll need to solder to the contact points near the power cables

They appear to be different modules then the ones I can find in this thread.

Here are some better images:

Or if someone knows who I might be able to find someone that knows what it might be?

Thanks guys

I think I found it.

Thanks guys… First time doing this so still figuring it out lol

Good luck! I gave up on those things and bought some Zooz RGBW controllers

Oh Just on your initial post Eric, under,

Arilux Controllers:

You mention that you will be updating the firmware for the “other two” modules.

Im looking for RGB and RGBW

Thanks mate!

Came here looking for an answer for the same problem.

Are there any updates for this app for the new SmartThings app. When I try to control these H801 devices in the new app, the app just crashes. Classic still works fine.

I think the new app is a while off given they dont support custom tiles at all - yet. But for the crashing Im tempted to have a look as thats a curious problem, does it happen on a certain action, or just when opening the device?

@liminal1 - Id suggest you will have most luck if you solder to the pins of the ESP unit itself, just look at the pinout for the ESP-M2 - see here https://github.com/arendst/Tasmota/issues/1810 and https://github.com/SmartArduino/SZDOITWiKi/wiki/ESP8285---ESP-M2 - you may need to ground the flash pin to start flashing.

When you say:


Does that mean you jumper the 100+GND together with one wire and then send a second wire from one of those two points out to the single GND in of the FTDI board? The photos don’t seem to clearly show how this works when there’s only one ground in (not 2 or 3) on the FTDI board to connect the ZXH-2 to.

Yes, IO0 and GND on the Arilux controller that Jabberwoku showed are connected together and then connected to the GND on the FTDI adapter.

I plan to do a full tutorial on flashing one of these newer controllers, but it’s going to take some time. I have a lot on my plate right now.

The new app seems to crash on me when opening certain devices using a custom device handler. It has gotten much better over time though.

I just tested an H801 controller and it seems to be working in the new app with basic RGB functionality, missing the white and custom program controls. No crashing for this one.

My Phillips Hue Bulbs connected through Hue B Smart cause the app to crash when opening a bulb or group device, but not the scenes. And my Fibaro controller is the only other device that I have that still causes the new app to crash. The Hampton Bay Fan controllers I had caused it to crash as well, but I no long use them because those controllers are garbage.


I’m not sure if I missed something but as far as I can see, we cannot usw real RGBW controls?
If I keep the settings to the default, I’m not able to get pure coloring for the RGB channels.
If I change the controls I’m not able to mix colors and white LEDs.
The same behavior happpens in the Alexa app. All of my RGBW devices (LIFX bulbs for example) let me control and mix white and color channels. But the RGBW SmartLife ZJ-MW-RGBW controllers just show the RGB colors.

Is there any way to get it work correctly? Otherwise I don’t see the benefits for a real RGBW controller.

Stay healthy and best regards


Was wondering if someone can give me some advice.

I was able to flash the firmware with little issue, and reconfigure the wireless to connect to my main wifi. I installed the 3 device handlers into IDE

Now i’m not sure what to do next to add the device ? When i try to search for a device with the app it doesn’t find it.

If it helps at all, my wifi is UniFi and my dhcp is running on linux, i haven’t tried to sniff for SSDP packets as yet, as i read thats how this is auto detected. Am i missing something simple here ?

Alternatively, can someone post the steps on how to manually add the various components in IDE ?

Ok never mind, I realized one of those files is not a device handler but a SmartApp…

So far so good, other than i may be a little low on wattage on the power unit, its cutting out at 80%, will order a bigger one

One question, my light strip is W1 and W2 only (CCT), How can I tie the two colours of white into the top part of the colour bar for white temp ? For this controller there is no RGB attached

Unfortunately in the new SmartThings app and in the Alexa integration, it is only going to show up as an RGB controller. The only way to control the white channels is to either use the classic app or Webcore. Even then, it is a bit clunky compared to controllers that are natively supported. I really hope this gets fixed at some point.

Yes. If this would work correctly it would be awesome.
For now it seems to be better keeping the firmware originally and use the Magic Home integration.
I would be so happy if we can use RGBW fully with SmartThings and forget about Magic Home.