[RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb

So i have had these devices setup and working for a couple weeks…pretty much no issues…one instance of a device reverting to throwing out its own network which i just set up again and all has been well…today i had to power cycle my router and these 2 devices grabbed new ip’s so i thought i could log into them and statically set them up to there original address. I was able to accomplish this but smartthings wont talk to them anymore…nor can i control them via web interfcae i cannot turn on any of the outputs? i thoughti might have to reflash the firmware but wasnt sure if i could use the original binary firmware with the web interface firmware update? any thoughts? i would hate to have to delete all these and set them up again …not alot but seems like i do this alot…with some other devices an there is not a way to “replace” these devices…Thanks in advance!

Update: when i use the smartlife rgbw ligh connect …it will see the devices but when i slect them they will not stay selected …itt will show them in the found area i will put checks in the boxes then select done it will show them as selected devices and then disappear and just show 2 devices found!

It thinks they are new since the IP changed I guess. I want to say I ran into this and fixed it, but I kind of recall I had to set them up again…memory is fuzzy.

For anyone setting these up in the future, best to set a static DHCP reservation in your router, or set a static IP on them when you first set them up. Then even if the device reset, the DHCP IP it gets can simply be ignored/deleted in the connect app if it shows up.

@erocm1231 - Are all of these the same? Will they work?




Yes, I’ve ordered 12 from Easy Life 365, one was defective and they replaced it after a bit of prodding.

Yes, I believe they will all work. I can’t verify without seeing the inside, but they look exactly like the two different brands I have purchased. Perhaps buy one and verify before making a bulk order. :wink:

@Bones9634 The SmartLife Connect app is supposed to handle any ip address changes. It reads SSDP packets and compares the advertised ip address with the MAC address of the device in its internal state variables. If it sees that the MAC address has a different ip address, then it updates the device. If you want to PM me some logs I will look into. The logs will have IP address information so instead of asking you to post them in a public forum, just shoot me a PM.

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Just wanted to share some of my install pics from my two uses of this wonderful code; one on my kitchen cabinets and another on my front door for animated halloween and christmas lights:
(BTW, these 16 foot LED rolls fit perfectly around a door frame!)


I was about to pull the trigger on the fibaro RGBW controller, so glad @C_Hobbs just linked to this thread as i’d missed it completely!

Got 2 of the H801s on order to test out in the kitchen and under our daughters bed instead of a nightlight :slight_smile:

Oooo I like the under the kids bed night light idea! The first thing that
springs to mind is putting a motion sensor under the bed too to pickup when
her feet go down and not the tossing and turning a sensor in the corner of
the room would normally catch… Just thinking out loud…

Don’t want to be a party poop or anything but I’d be a little cautious about putting cheap Chinese kit under my kids bed.

I think I’d spring for a fibaro and a quality led strip… Just my 2p…

These are actually pretty nice little devices. I’ve left them running, overdriven, for a good long time, and put a temp sensor on them, nothing gets THAT hot, the solder work and board design seems pretty darn good. There are two jumper wires on the back of the board, need to make sure they aren’t pinched and pierced, one of mine was. The enclosure is not a cheap plastic mess, it’s actually very robust PVC. I wouldn’t go putting them in walls and your attic or anything but I have no qualms otherwise.

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I personally would be more concerned about the power source used rather than the device itself. As @michaelahess mentioned, the design seems good.


I understand the possible issues, the PSU & controller will be located closer to the power socket and then RGB extension ran to the bed. I might put the lot in a Hammond enclosure but that might block the Wi-Fi and cause interference issues with the PSU :confused:

For the kitchen I have what is probably a simple query, I currently have just a RGB strip, I want to add a 2nd strip of white ran parallel for task lighting (hook up to W1) I prefer a more daylight white whereas the other half prefers warm white, am I best getting the daylight white strip and setting it to add the yellow through the normal RGB strip?

Yeah that would work, or since there are two white channels, get one warm and one bright white!

I did consider that but running 3 strips (although hidden) seems a little excessive! :astonished:

However then i could run a 2nd RGB extension cable and use all four wires…

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Yeah, I’m just thinking about three strips under the lip, and drooling, soooo many lights! I’m more function over form I guess. :slight_smile:

Just chiming in to also attest to the build of these controllers, they actually don’t get that hot since the MOSFETs they use for each color channel are rated at 20 amps and most strips draw 3-6 amps total across all color channels…


Both of my Smartlife led controllers have ceased to be seen on my network. I Had a power outage for a few minute and now I cannot see any of my controllers. I have unplugged them and powered them back up. I also tried to power on the controller with j3 jumpered, then powered off and removed the jumper. But I still can’t seem them on my router. I’m running Inet Pro on my IOS device and I can see all of my other devices. Just the Smartlife controller are not present.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@suprdave04, are they rebroadcasting their AP? espRGBW.mac. I am wondering what is unique about a power failure vs pulling the plug that occasionally makes them forget their Wifi settings. From what has been reported in the forum, all other settings are being retained. I will take a look at the wifi library and see if I notice anything strange.

good call Eric…i didn’t even think to see if they are rebroadcasting their default. and yes they are!

guess ill log back into them and set the correct info.


Alright, programmed a couple of these and I’m playing with the configuration. I have some questions.

First, after a power outage is there any way to set the default color when working with the light in SmartThings without also specifying a program? My specific application is to install these in each of our porch lights. I am going to have SmartThings turn on the switch in the house then after about 5 minutes activate a program. Can these remember a specified color after power is cut and restored?

When setting up a program on a virtual is there any way to specify a custom color other than the listed colors?

and finally is there any way to set more or less virtual device program? Depending on the device I will have more or less programs. 6 should be more than enough, however for some of the lights 1-3 may suffice.

Again, thank you for developing this!